Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu resigning from his job. His boss says I can’t accept your resignation as you are very competent. Raghu says, I am helpless and I have so work to do. Boss agrees. Raghu thinks he have to take care of Maliksaa’s business and Shivani. Rupesh asks Nishi to eat outside and it is smelly inside the home. They come inside and find the home cleaned by Bella and Gini. Lata tells him that Bella and Gini cleaned the mess. Bella says, some kid had jammed their drain. Rupesh thinks to do some other drama again. Jazz comes to the office and is greeted by the employees. He thinks this office is mine and all the employees will work for me. He thinks what will Raghu do now. He comes inside the cabin and finds someone sitting on Daaju’s chair. He asks, who are you? Raghu turns and Jazz is shocked to see him. Raghu Vir Plays………….Jazz asks, what are you doing here? Raghu eyes him confidently. Jazz asks, how dare you come in this cabin. Raghu says, I came to tell the truth, to change your perception. You didn’t lose hope, it is very strange. Jazz says, this office is mine. Raghu says, your memory is weak. He says, according to Maliksaa’s will, nothing is yours, neither the property nor the office. He says, I am half owner of this company and this is my office. Jazz says, you are crossing the limit now. Raghu says, if you continue your shoutings then I will to call the security. He asks him to leave silently. Jazz fumes. Raghu thanks him as he is leaving.

Raghu looks at Daaju’s photo and asks for forgiveness as he sat on his chair. He says, this office, chair and everything is yours and will be yours only. I have to become strict and strong to protect it. Please bless me. Rupesh is talking to his mom and says he is not a kid. He says, I came here to loot the property. He tells about Raghu and says Raghu is a stupid guy. He blames Lata and Bella as they are supporting Raghu. He says, I will give him a big shock soon.

Jazz comes home and tells Shivani about Raghu getting his hold on the office. Shivani says, he crossed his limits and yells at Raghu. Mahima says, I was happy in the morning but Raghu couldn’t digest our happiness. Aunty asks Mahima to cool down. Shivani says, I will talk to Raghu. Raghu asks, what you want to talk? Shivani eyes him angrily and asks, you started insulting my brother in the office. She says, that company is my Daaju’s and from now onwards Jazz will take care of it. She says, it is my decision. Raghu says, I am half owner of the company and says my decision is that I will take care of the business and not your brother. Shivani says no…..And says, you can’t capture our property. She says, company is mine also. She declares to take care of the business from now on. Shivani says, I will take care of Daaju’s company. Aunty, Mahima and Jazz are shocked while Raghu is happy. Shivani says, you can’t snatch the company. I will take every decision now.

Mahima says, don’t bother about the company. This is not your work. Jazz will take care of the office. Jazz says, yes. I will take care of the office. You never went before, how will you take care of the business. Raghu says, they are right. I agree with them for the first time. He provokes Shivani against her decision. Raghu says, you can’t work there. And says, I will not let your brother enter the office. Raghu says, your bhaiyya and bhabhi gave their opinion that you can’t handle the office. Aunty says, they didn’t mean that. Raghu says, you take care at home and I will handle business. Shivani asks Raghu to keep quiet. She says, I will join the office. If I don’t prove you wrong then my name is not Shivani Rana. She challenges him to protect her company from him. Raghu looks on. Shivani says, you will see me at the office now. Shivani leaves. Raghu thinks, I wanted you to take this decision. He feels happy for her decision.

Some goons tries to misbehave with Gini. Rupesh beats the goons and protect her. Gini tells Lata that jijaji protected her. Maya tells Bella that they shall change the house.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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