Beintehaan 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 30th January 2014 Written Update

Zain looks angrily at Aaliya. Aaliya remembers how she wore Zain’s t-shirt after her choli top got burnt. Shaziya sees Aaliya wearing Zain’s t-shirt, goes and informs Surayya. Surayya sees that and gets angry.

Aaliya is in her room ironing her clothes. Zain comes to her angrily, catches her and asks her why did she agree for valima, he does not like it. Aaliya says it is a must ritual in islam. She critcises him that he does’t know anything about islam, not even how to convey salam. Zain says he does not know, but is she his teacher to teach all this. Aaliya says she is his wife. He then twists her hand and says he knows what she is thinking and what she is doing. She asks him to come and sit on stage wearing mamu’s given clothes, but she can’t be his part of life.

Aaliya says she doesn’t want to be his part of life and throws his t-shirt on him. She says even she doesn’t want to stay with him and it is painful to stay with him. He stares her angrily and goes. He comes with his burning t-shirt in his hands. Aaliya sees it and gets shocked. He says I told you, you don’t have any right on this room’s items. If you touch anything here, it will also be burnt like this dress. He goes outside.

Zain He then starts exercising on the threadmill. He remembers how everybody forced him to marry. How Aaliya betrayed her and agreed for valima. Surayya comes. She says treadmill is kinda weird thing, howmuch ever kilometers you run, you will be on the same spot. She then asks him to speak his mind. He asks what? Surayya says you promised me not to marry Aaliya, but then you married her and even carried her till your bedroom happily. She even came down wearing your t-shirt. You then told you does not want valima. She again asks to tell her what is in her mind. Zain says he burnt that t-shirt.

Zain says you are right mom, whenever I did not listen you, I fell into trouble. I wish I didn’t have gone to Bhopal, didn’t stay there. I didn’t listen to you and suffering for that. He asks her sorry. She says it is ok and hugs him. She says at least now I know what is in your mind, now I can do something regarding it. She says you are same from your childhood, you do things in a hurry. I brought a roadside puppy in your childhood and insisted to keep it. I told you that I will get you a good breed. You didnt listen. Zain says I remeber it now, that puppy ran away and didn’t come back. Surayya says that puppy didn’t run away, I made him run. Now I will handle your problems in my style. Zain goes. Surayya is happy now.

Chandbibi is in kithchen. Aaliya comes to kitchen. Chand bibi asks her what happened, if you need something, you just call me. I will bring whatever you need. Aaliya conveys salaam to her. She says I conveyed salaam to everyone in the morning, but I didnt find you, so I came now to wish you. Chand bibi gets happy and prays for her. She gives her earrings which Zain brought her. She says she told Zain to gift it to his wife. She tells him what Zain told. She says Zain got her wife so soon. Aaliya says she can’t accept it. Chand bibi insists to accept it. Aaliya accepts earrings happily and hugs her. Chand bibi gets emotional and then says your wet clothes are drying on the terrace, I will send them to your room. Aaliya says she will get them herself, she likes doing her own work. Chand bibi gets happy and again prays for her.

Aaliya brings her clothes back to her room, but sees her room door locked.

Aaliya gets worried and remembers Zain’s words of not touching the items in this room. He thinks Zain would have locked it. Surayya and Nafisa watch Aaliya from behind. Surayya goes near Aaliya and asks what happened. She asks why did she lock the room. She says she didn’t. Surayya says Zain must have done it and asks her to go to guest room, she will get the keys by then. She goes to the guest room, but maid says he prepared this room for foreign guests, locks it and goes. Surayya comes and says she forgot to tell her and asks her to go to hall and will let her later what to do. Aaliya goes to the hall with her lugguage. She sees servants cleaning the sofas. Shaziya asks them to clean them thoroughly as her friends will come for kitty party today. She asks Aaliya to go and sit somewhere else. Surayya comes and says Aaliya that she cannot sit here and asks her to go somewhere else until she finds her room keys. Surayya holds her hand and takes her outside home. She gets a call from her friend and tells her that she got exhibition details and will get it. She goes inside leaving Aaliya outside the house. Aaliya calls her, but she goes inside without listening her. She gives evil smile from inside.

Precap: Aaliya is outside the house in a parking area. Surayya tells Nafisa and Shaziya that she wants Aaliya to be thrown out of the house with her suitcase and that day will come very soon. Zain sees Aaliya sitting outside from his room.

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