Qubool Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is highly angered seeing the stranger. As she sees him off, zoya is given a stern lok by asad, who asks that she took a lift from a desolate street, from a stranger and didnt even feel the need to tell this to him. Zoya fumbles but doesnt have an answer. Asad leaves, while zoya is tensed.

Zoya comes to asad and asks him not to give angry looks, and accepts that she didnt tell him, but due to this reaction only. Asad asks what reaction did he expect. Zoya says that the end result is that she is safe. Asad says had this been always with her. Zoya agrees that this isnt so, but this timeher descision was safe. Asad asks how can she take lift from him, as he’s a suspicious guy. Zoya asks how can he decide in one meeting. He doubts

her judgement. She says that he is overracting. Zoya says that she doesnt need protection everytime she steps out of the house. Asad is exasperated. zoya says that he just needs a reason to be angry at her, and that she also wont do anything from now on, and he might think whatever he wants to.

Asad tries to protest his innocence as she’s wrong. Dilshad says that he would be a good husband only when he says sorry, irrespective of who’s at fault. Asad is very angry when she continuously refers to her as Bechari. Dilshad forces him to say sorry to zoya. Asad leaves in desperation.

Nazma tells zoya that there’s a bouquet for her. zoya finds that its from rajveer, who apologises for the awkwardness that he had created by arriving unannounced. she thinks that rajvir is such a good human. Zoya says that asad has a problem in doubting everyone. Then sees asad watching them. Asad asks if he finds this good. Zoya says that she does. Asad says that he wont disturb her, and she can gloat about rajvir, and leaves. zoya and nazma are tensed.

At the dining table, asad and zoya eye each other angrily, while eating. Dilshad is tensed for them. Finally she shows the ring that nazma has selected for imran. She suggets an engagement ceremony. Zoya breaks into poetry

Dil ki baat nazar kahe, to nazar kehlayegi jhoothi
Dil ki baat kahegi jaake, angoothe ki sister angoothi….
Dilshad asks how is it. Asad says that its below average. Dilshad says that she’s talking about the ring. Asad sees it and asks if nazma likes it. she complies. He asks her to also take imran’s opinion. But zoya retaliates saying that she doesnt need his approval all the time. They take the matter of the ring and move on to their own discussion, about who’s right and who’s wrong. Nazma is tensed as to who to agree. Finally dilshad stops them andf tells them tht noone would fight now. They both say that they were talking to nazma. Asad leaves saying that he has some work. Zoya too says that she cant fight with someone who isnt interested even in talking. They both leave, collide and go into their seperate rooms. dilshad is tensed for them.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia serves humaira breakfast, on the pretext that she has to take meds, hence she should eat at the proper timings. Razia leaves asking her to eat healthy. Ayan watches humaira from hidng, and is shocked when she finds her paying out spicy food, as thst prohibited to her. Humaira insistently takes on spicy things, while ayan asks her to stop, reminding her what may happen if she doesnt stop. She says that nothing worse can happen, other than seeing his disgusting face. Ayan is shocked. She asks him to leave her alone, and why would he do that too, as people favour those who they love, and not who are just aquaintances. She leaves. Ayan is disturbed.

He goes out on his bike, but finds the meds lying next to his bike. He is shocked and surprised, seeing it right under humaira’s window. He goes to humaira’s room saying that he hasnt come to take anything, but to give. He takes her hand and hands her the meds. Humaira is scared and tensed. She says that this is her life, and its her descision if she wants to or not, and he is none to take this for her. He holds her by the hand to stop her from leaving. Humaira asks him to leave her hand. She tells him as it is he knows how to do that very easily. She says that she would leave if he doesnt. Ayan says that he wont leave. Humaira says that she doesnt need him. Ayan says that he wont let her do this to herself. She says whats the matter as soon her life is going to be over. The whole family including razia is shocked to hear this. she blurts out that she knows everything. She tells ayan that he is doing this in vain, as she neither has life, nor the will to live. She picks up a knife, and all are shocked and scared. Humaira asks ayan to get away from her, or she would kill herself. Ayan tries to put sense in her but she doesnt listenm. ayan tries to say that her disease isnt curable. Razia too tries to make her understand, but humaira says that what would she do with this life, when she doesnt want to live. razia says that they would do whatever she wants, but asks her to put the knife down. She breaks down saying that ayan should be taken away from here. ayan is taken aback and leaves. Shirin assk her to put the hand down now. Humaira throws it on the floor, and razia hugs her, while she keeps crying that she doesnt want to live. Razia makes her understand that everything would be right, and takes her to the room. Nikhat is tensed to sees this.

Nikhat gives posion to humaira, and she is shocked. Nikhat says that this would be a sure and easy fast way to die. She coaxes her to drink.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya, in her room, is still blabbering about how asad is overreacting and doubting her judgement. She gets Rajvir’s message, and again thinks that he’s a good man. She to sends a messasge asking how is he. He responds by asking her to look herself. She is confused when she gets a message. asking her to look outside the window. She does so, and finds rajvir standing in the verahdah. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Nikhat tells humaira that the person who she is running awya from, due to her short life, is now considering her as his life. She tells her that maybe the engagement was forced, but now ayan is forced by his heart, and loves her dearly. Then why doesnt she want to listen to him. humaira is shocked. At the ceremony in asad’s house, zoya repeatedly gets rajvir’s call, and she cancels it. Asad is tensed to see this.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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