Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 2nd September 2013 Written Update

scene 1
manvi and mahesh are playing chess they’re having a really good time. Manvi asks beeji if she wants to play? Manvi says beeji is the grand champion of her times. Everyone asks beeji to come. Beeji consents. Beeji wins. Mahesh says i knew it nobody can beat her. It’s impossible to beat her. Beeji says you’ve beaten me already this is just a game.

Scene 2
shishank is enjoying the party. Vanshika asks jeevika where is viren. Viren comes in with vidhi. This really hurts jeevika. Viren says to shishank wanted to celebrate the birthday right? Do it. Don’t even dare coming near to vidhi. Viren says to vidhi come on i’ll introduce you to everyone.

Scene 3
dabo asks manvi why has she called everyone. Manvi

says to plan operation beeji. I want to make it successful. Mahesh says this is to difficult. She says major manvi can do anything and i expect this from you all.

Scene 4
vanshika asks viren what is he doing? You’ve jeevika left alone. You’re with vidhi like her body guard. He says i’m doing this for sake of all of us i can’t explain anything. He goes to vidhi again. Jeevika is in tears she’s trying to hide.

Scene 5
dabo says bary papa jets watch tv my favourite show is about to start. pinki bring him tea. The show starts and manvi says look how much she loves her son. Beeji stands us and moves near mahesh she turns the tv off and leaves. Everyone is startled over what she has done.

scene 6
there in the party viren throws some drink on viren and pretends like he has done this unintentionally. He asks him to go and change and so does jeevika. viren goes to change and asks jeevika to stand there with vidhi. When he leaves shishank goes to them and says bhabhi can i talk to vidhi please. She says sure vidhi says no i’m fine here with you jeevika. He urges togo with him. He says nobody can save you from me now, lets wait and watch. He asks Sundar for a mike. He says ladies and gentlemen i am really grateful that you joined me on my birthday. On this eve i want you all to see my wife, i mean my wife to be. Lets have a round of applause for Vidhi. And the one who is responsible for our relationship, Viren. Viren says to Jeevika i asked you to saty with Vidhi, when she is about to answer he moves and get the mike from Shishank. He says my friend is right but he is forgetting that Vidhi has not said yes to him, Shishank say she hasn’t said no either. Silence is the other name of consent.

Scene 7
He cuts the cake and offers the first bite to vidhi. she eats then he offers the cake to viren. Viren gets the cake from his hand and says i have a wish too that you should be the one o eat the cake first. He brings the cake near his mouth and drops it on his suit. He says sorry i did that by mistake.

Scene 8
Manvi is showing the old photos to Mahesh. Beeji brings her the milk. Manvi says until you don’t forget my dad i won’t drink milk. Beeji says this can’t urge me to forgive him. Mahesh says that this is not right you should not force her. I guess she is right i should leave this house. Manvi says i want just a day and i promise you i will make her agree.
Scene 9
Beeji says to bari beeji that i will never forgive him. Pinki says i have told everythingto Matan. He is coming tomorrow.

Scene 10
Shishank asks jeevika that the party is missing music. Can we play? Jeevika agrees. the music he starts dancing with Vidhi. He is getting close to her. Even jeevika is worried the way he is dancing with her. When he is about to kiss her Viren jumps in and starts dancing with vidhi. Everyone claps but
jeevika is about to cry. Swamni and Vanshika are dazed too.

Precap-Viren says i will not let anything happen to you and my child. We will go to some place nobody can annoy us. Jeevika listens this. She creis in her room and thinks that i thought nobody can ever lover viren as much as i did.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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