Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd September 2013 Written Update

epi starts with meena complaining vikram that suraj has been henpecked
some one knocks the door
everyone is eager to know if its suraj

its meenas’s mom

she comes along with a luggage
looks like even bhabho expected suraj

meena’s mom says that when she went to get the nose ring repaired she saw suraj and sandy in a jewellery shop and they purchased 55,000 worth necklace for sandhya

she adds that meena should have given the nose ring to get repaired through them the shop keeper wouldnt demand money for the repair when surya are buying 55,000 worth jewellery
now she takes the job of adding fuel

meena’s mom leaves , everyone are shocked with the news
mohit starts that without bhabho’s permission how could suraj invest such a huge amount

meena says that what she said was true, suraj takes the whole money earned from shop and now invested the earnings in the jewellery

meena adds that when jethji knows that RP is depenedent on his shop’s earnings how could he do this
vikram too gets into this and says that he is no more responsibile
mohit says that is was their fault that bhabho gave permission to leave RM

he says that the shop is in the name of bhahbo
the earnings from the shop belongs to bhabho

if he wished to return to shop then he must give his earning to bhabho

mohits asks bhabho and bhabhasa to say something
bhabhasa says that when youngsters speak about his elder brother he has to keep quite
he says that suraj has been working hard since his childhood

when he spends money for this family you never complained
but now when he does the same to his wife you are all not ble to stand it

he says that sun can rise in the west but suraj cant stay away from responsibility

surya get into lift
suraj says that bhabhasa wouldnt have taken his pills
sandy says that wheerever he goes his heart always in the aangan of RM
suraj says that the necklace will look good on chavi
sandy says that on behalf of all the three bros chavi will get this necklace

meena back to her job of AF( adding fuel)
chavi says that she still expects suraj on the d day

lift gets struck
they shout for help

bhabhasa consoles chavi
not to worry suraj would def come for RB

he reminds her of WTC ,when suraj left a gift for her even though he was far away from her

similarly he will def come

lift scene surya shouting for help

mohit says that he will call suraj bhaiyya

his mobile rings and the call gets disconnected
now suraj tries to call but there is no balance in his sim

sandy says now what can they do
the scene freezes on suraj’s face

precap: suraj says that tomorrow its RB and they have to come out of this lift somehow, but looks like everyone have left and there is no one to help.

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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