Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Naina tells everyone how she used to live with her father and brother in Manor. Megha tries to question Naina again but Vasu shouts at her and asks her to get out of their house. Aai is relieved. Megha hands the letter back to Naina and leaves. Uncle warns Megha not to come between Vasu and Aai again. Megha leaves.

Vasu hugs Aai and apologizes to her.

Megha is walking on the road when Vasu stops her. Naina is with Vasu. Vasu says this is last time he is doing something for her. Vasu tells her that Naina is the person she wanted to meet and hence she is here. Vasu says from this day on their paths are separate. Naina tells Megha that she wants to meet RJ right away. Megha says she needs time to make RJ understand. Megha says she will bring RJ to her asap. Naina says she will wait for them. Vasu thanks Naina for coming.

Megha walks away when Vasu holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Megha hair comes undone. Megha and Vasu stare at each other. Megha pulls her away from Vasu’s shoulder. Vasu pulls Megha closer and asks her if she won’t congratulate him as it is marriage. Vasu asks if she has any more questions. Vasu says he is ready for all her questions. Vasu asks Megha never to show her face again and walks away. While walking away Vasu cries.

Megha wipes her tears and wonders if life is taking her back to tears.

Pooja going on and Aai does aarti for Ruku & Vasu. Vasu does aarti. Throughout the aarti Aai and Naina give sly looks to each other. Through FB we are told that Aai paid Naina to act.

Megha is folding her clothes when RJ asks her why she is folding clothes. Megha tells her that they are going back to Indore. RJ goes outside and starts ringing the bell but Vasu doesn’t hear as the aarti is going on. Megha comes and takes RJ away. Aarti comes to an end at Aai’s house.

Megha and RJ come to Aai’s house but is stopped at the door and refused entry because of Aai’s orders. RJ looks through the window and Sridhar motions to her something. RJ threaten’s the guards with Vasu’s name saying that she would complain to Vasu. RJ leaves and guards go after her. Megha doens’nt know what to do. Sridhar calls out to Megha and asks her to come in. Sridhar asks Megha not to worry as he asked RJ to make the guards go away. Sridhar tells Megha that he has something to tell her. Megha asks him how he is and how it all happened. Sridhar says it is perhaps fate that wants him to tell the truth to her. Sridhar tells Megha that Vasu is her MOHAN!!!

RJ runs into Aai. Aai scolds the guards not to mistreat a kid. Aai asks the guards to leave.

Sridhar tells Megha that Vasu came to the chawl two years back just after Mohan’s death. Sridhar says there is nothing known about Vasu before 2 years back. Sridhar says he has proof that Mohan’s identity has been surpassed to build Vasu’s identity. Megha says she knows that Vasu is Mohan and everything has been done by Aai. Megha says until Vasu remembers everything they cannot do anything as he takes Aai’s word for everything. Sridhar is about to say something when Aai comes in and asks him to be careful while walking. Aai says she got Ruku and her would be SIL. Vasu touches Sridhar’s feet. Ruku asks Sridhar how he met with an accident. Even Vasu asks him to speak up. Aai puts her hands around RJ’s neck, Sridhar and Megha notice it. Aai encourages Sridhar to speak up. Sridhar says that he doesn’t know how it all happened. Aai tells RJ that she has a gift for her. RJ says she wants to stay with Vasu. Vasu asks Aai to let RJ be. Aai asks Vasu if RJ shouldn’t be united with her mother. RJ is shocked.

RJ asks Megha what is happening. Aai tells RJ that maybe Megha doesn’t want her to meet her real mother. Aai asks Megha to come with her. Megha goes with Aai & RJ.

Fake Naina is wondering in what soup Aai has landed her into. Naina says she didn’t even want to get married and now she has to put up with a kid. Naina wonders how to address kids. Naina takes out a bottle of glycerin hoping that would help her. Aai comes with RJ and announces to Naina that she has got her daughter. Megha wonders what to tell RJ as she is not sure that this is the real Naina Bhonsle. Aai introduce Naina to RJ as her real mother. RJ is bewildered.

Precap: Uncle wonders to Sridhar how to kill him. Uncle says that perhaps he ought to slit his throat but that would land suspicion on. Uncle says that the easiest thing to do would be to stifle him with a pillow. Uncle takes a pillow and proceeds to stifle Sridhar. Sridhar tries to call out for help. Suddenly the door opens and it is Vasu with Ruku. Uncle is shocked.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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