Qubool Hai 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil reminds sanam’s past attempts, at murdering tanveer. rehaan says that its just tanveer’s scare, and that ahil’s impatience is justified as any son would think like this for a mother. tanveer asks if she is mad, and asks ahil if she would wrongly blame her. Ahil complies. rehaan asks if she has any evidence that proves sanam is guilty. When she denies, he says that he has evidence that sanam is innocent. tanveer says that sanam gave her the milk. Rehaan says that sanam didnt get the milk from the market. Rehaan comes and asks tanveer why are they blaming sanam, as she didnt do anything. Ahil asks how can he still advocate for her. tanveer is tensed. Then rehaan says that he has evidence, and shows the milk carton, which tells that the milk had expired, when tanveer took it. Ahil and tanveer are boggled. Ahil is surprised. rrehaan says that market shopping is done by razaak, and he does anything to save money for himself, and asks her to give punishment to razaak and not sanam. she gets irritated and says that this is all a well covered trap, and that she is very shrewd, and she feels so instinctively. Rehaan says that sanam cant feel or want wrong for anyone, and ahil’s heart knows this, and if anyone has been wronged, its sanam herself. ahil is emotional. tanveer gets upset, asking how can he stay quiet and how can he doubt her, the mother who has sacrificed everything for him. He says that he believes her, and that he can never believe that she can mean any harm to him, but rehaan has a point, and that sanam might actually not be guilty, and till they dont have evidence to prove otherwise, they cant give her to the police. tanveer is upset, while ahil leaves. rehaan faces her. tanveer asks why did he do this, as he ruined her game. rehaan says that she cant ruin anyone’s life. tanveer says that she shall win only when sanam loses, and that she is doing this for him. He says that he doesnt want the dreams, and the fame and money, that is at someone else’s cost. she gets frustrated. he asks how low would she step down now, and says that there’s still a chance, and beg for forgiveness. she starts guffawing loudly, as that person asks for apology, who is at fault, and she hasnt made any, as she just wants fame and money for her son, and that the only mission in her life is to win, and she can give small sacrifices for that. rehaan says that every crime has a punishment, and that god would give her a punishment, that would leave her dead, and that he can only feel sympathy for her. He leaves. Tanveer says that she maybe wrong in his eyes today, but one day she wont be mistaken again in the future by him.

In her room, Tanveer vents out her frustration at gazalla and razaak, saying that she is going through a tough time, as all deals are falling flat. razaak asks what more can she do, than killing herself, to win ahil’s trust. she is furious, and asks if she wants to concede defeat now, as she has never done so. She says that now she knows, there’s someone who is with sanam, a very shrewd mind, or else she wouldnt have been so daring. She wonders who is it. They all decide that they shall have to find out. Gazalla says that they shall risk their life, in trying to find out. tanveer says that there’s just one thing, that can help them, and she knows what that is. She smiles evilly. Razaak and gazalla are boggled.

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Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
Haya and faiz get ready for the new year party. He hugs her. she turns around, asking what has he worn, and says that she got a surprise for him, and gives him a suit. She says that she wants to see him in this, as love shall win tonight, and she doesnt want any shortcomings. He leaves, while she stands determined. In the garden area, faiz dreams of having a new year and a new beginning of a new life with haya, while everyone bids the old year goodbye. haya joins him, while he smiles. He starts romantisicing her, asking if she liked the arrangement. she says that she liked immensely, the decor as well as him. She flirtatiously takes him to the table. She pours out drink for him, and mixes a powder in it stealthily, avoiding faiz’s gaze. Haya gives the drink to faiz, seductively, and he drinks and starts gyrating sensually with her, while she cringes at every touch of his, but happy that her plan worked. She remembers her romantic moments with rahat, and their pure love, and for its sake, she plays along, even though she realises the stark contrast between her proximity with rahat, and with his brother. He is ecstatic, while she plays along, as he carries her in his arms.

Faiz gets haya on the bed, to finalluy consummate their relationship. as he bends down to kiss her, she stealthily grabs a knife, hidden under the bed covers, and remembering the torment that he put her through, she stabs him on the back, trembling with fear mixed with rage, taking him by surprise. she throws him off herself, and he falls flat on the bed, with the knife stuck in his back. Haya is distraught to see what she had to do to free herself. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Haya lights the whole bed, afire by the sides, while faiz lies on it, helplessly, writhing in pain, screaming out to her. she ignores him, and runs off to escape. Tanveer evilly thinks that the new year shal forever pull sanma into darkness, and begins to get ready for an operation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Nice job haya,but now what will be going to happen by tanveer?please unite ahil and sanam early ,otherwise it will be so late.

  2. I don’t think faiz would die that easily. He may escape and come back to hayas life again to vow his revenge on both for betraying him, especially haya. But writer, who is the father of rehaan? Does haya have an indirect link to rehaan? Plz, let aahil get to no the entire truth of tanveer as fast aas it is shown that he is going thorough lot of pain just between the truth and lie, true love and fake love.sanam position is too weak like before.wat operation tan veer is doing? If the turn is get back her eyes, it is better that she never comes to no of sanams secret. It is so ridiculous that haya and sanams doesn’t no each others life.haya don’t no anything about their family massacre and even about her twin sis and badiami. Wenwill haya come to play noing the entire ttruth of her family . writers Plz end up soon as it is getting complicated too much.

  3. A mother can never do what tanveer doing is doing

  4. It is high time to get rid of Tanveer.She is nothing but evil and bad example for a mother.

  5. good serial for now I hope that it is for real that haya got rid of mad man faiz because if he is live he will not give her and rahatt an easy chance to live in peace he will always be a bother to them so I hope this is not a dream for haya please writers good script just let it be for real and writers do something better with the script for ahil sanam and seher let all of them be united with each other and let tanveer ass be put into jail where she deserves to be for all the murders she has committed for haya I am glad that she will get to escape from faiz but I am sorry that faiz was so obsessed with her and that it had to end this way. faiz came into the picture on his motor cycle a wild carefree young boy no one ever thought that he would turn against his brother rahatt who always sacrificed everything for him even his love for haya at first until thank god he got some sense into him and decided it was wrong to do so giving up the love of his life and that is when his brother faiz changed and went beserk on him anyway please let rahatt find haya before it is toooooooooo late.

  6. Tedious episode!I realy disgused of haya and faiz’s story!The writer!pls quicken the story!!

  7. I hope what Haya did is for real and not her imagination!

  8. Operation????wat is it??????

    1. Tanveer gets her eyes back through that operation

  9. I agree

  10. Haya should be careful with faiz,he is dangerous

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