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Hum Hain Na 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma telling Dad that she has accepted his condition of accepting Sagarika as her bahu and now she wants him to accept her condition. He asks what. She says she wants Satya to be allowed back in this house. Bunty pleads her not to let Satya in. Amma says Satya is a parentless child and nobody is there to correct her, she is repenting on her mistake, so it is our duty to forgive her. Sagarika says if Amma wants Satya here, she does not have any objection. Rani says she also does not have any problem and asks Pappu. He says even he does not have. Daadi also says same and asks dad if he agrees. He says if Amma has agreed to accept Sagarika, then he does not have any objection. Swara says she will call Satya. Amma says Sagarika that Satya left this house because of her, so she should call Satya back.
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Ratna calls Satya and informs about the whole drama. Satya says she will not go easily and will trouble Sagarika. She hears Sagarika come in and sits back on bed. Sagarika says Amma has asked her to come home. Satya starts her drama and says Amma must be pitying her for being an orphan. Her daadi says she should go. Satya says she will go and asks Sagarika to go while she comes later. She thinks she knew Amma is afraid that Bunty and Sagarika will unite, so she needs her help and she is her first choice.

Pappu goes to his friend’s press and asks him to make a big poster of a big politician. He gives photo in envelope and leaves. Friend sees it and thinks who is this politician.

Dad looks at his and amma’s pic. Amma comes and gives him tea. Once amma leaves, he enjoys tea. Amma comes back and asks how is it and says she knows he cannot live without her tea. He asks her to get 1 more cup tea and acts as scolding Pappu. Once amma leves, he smiles again.

Bunty sees Sagarika in bedroom and tries to get intimate with her. She asks what is he doing. He says what husband and wife does, love. She says he has to wait for that. He says there is no particular time for romance and drags her over her. Swara comes there and they both separate. Swara asks Sagarika to help her in her assignment. Bunty asks her to go and watch movie first and then come. Swara leaves. Sagarika asks why did not he let her help Swara. Bunty says he wants to romance her and challenges that without touching her, he will kiss her, else he will give 100 rs. She opens her eyes. He goes near her lips but kisses her cheek. She says he broke his promise, so he should give 100 rs. He gives 100 rs. He gets Mahav’s call and asks him to hurry up.

Satya meets Amma and says she was worried hearing about her illness and did prays whole night. Amma says with her prayers, she got well. Sagarika brings tea for Amma. Amma says even Parvathi/Sagarika took care of her well. Bunty signals her to come out. She says amma that she will feed roti to crow and come back. Amma says okay. Sagarika goes out and Bunty drags her. She pushes him, comes back in again. Amma asks her to go and prepare lunch, says Satya that she has given house’s responsibility and keys to Sagarika. Satya gets irked, but acts as getting happy.

Phubali calls Sagarika and asks her how is her romance going. Sagarika asks her to stop taunting and asks her what to prepare for lunch. She suggests a bengali reciepe. Bunty comes there. Sagarika says she wants to prove herself to Amma. He says he is sure she will. She gets on chair and asks him to help her. He touches her waist. She asks what is he doing. He says she asked him to help. She says she asked him to get dabba. He gets flour dabba for her. She gets busy kneeding flour. He again touches her. She asks what is he doing. He says he is helping. She says Ratna came, he runs from there.

Pappu brings big hoarding and says he is Daada’s heir and has made his big hoarding. He removes cloth from it and everyone are suprised to see Amma’s hoarding instead of Daada. Pappu realizes his mistake.

Precap: Bunty tries to get intimate with Sagarika. She looks at Amma’s cutout, says she is feeling shy and asks him to remove cutout from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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