Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir asking Ssandhya will she go to Chotu’s PTM. She says don’t know why Sooraj called me and thinks. Vikram tells the loan manager that he will repay the loan. The manager says fine and Vikram thankfully leaves. Ankur hides there and hears everything, He talks to the man and says I have a small work with you. The man says tell me how much loan you want. Ankur says I don’t want loan, I want Rathi family’s peace and self esteem, whose key you have. The man asks him to explain, ad Ankur bribes the man. He says its 2 lakhs and I think the deal is good. The man says its great dela, tell me what I have to do. Ankur smiles.

Its morning, Emily works in kitchen. Bhabho sees everyone busy in work. Sooraj goes to freshen up and leaves his phone. Bhabho thinks did Sandhya reply or not. She takes his phone and hides it. She asks Sooraj not to shave today. He asks why. She says its already good. He says fine. Chavi comes and asks why is she working, when she has two bahus. She asks Meenakshi to work. Bhabho says I m fine, and asks Meenakshi to make laddoo for Chavi, and asks Emily to make breakfast for Chavi, She asks Sooraj to leave Chavi at home, as Pushpa is managing alone, and she has just one bahu. Meenakshi and Emily smile. Meenakshi says I will make laddoo for Chavi.

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Chavi says Pushpa asked me to be here till you get fine. Bhabho says I m fine, and I have two bahus with me, but what about Pushpa, you go back. Chavi says Dilip will come to meet you, and I will go with him, I want to be here for more days. Bhabho says I don’t have any objection but Pushpa will be worried. Babasa asks Chavi to go. Chavi thinks to leave but where will she go, as Pushpa has kicked her out of home. Chotu comes and talks to Sooraj. Sooraj asks Chotu is he worried for result. Bhabho asks Chotu to come and shows the mobile, asking him to check did Sandhya’s message came.

Chotu checks and says no, don’t know she will come or not. Bhabho says I know she will come. Emily does facial to a customer, who says I will pay next time, as Meenakshi said if I shop at her shop, I can get facial free here. Emily gets angry and goes home to scold Meenakshi. Meenakshi brings Bhabho. Emily scolds Meenakshi for amking her rs 500 facial free for her rs 5000 saree. She says what did I get after working. Meenakshi does not care. Meenakshi says what about the money you have made me pay for medicines. They argue and Bhabho asks whats happening. Meenakshi tells about Emily’s scheme, and I believe in working and getting earning. She sees the loan manager there and is stunned.

Sooraj comes to Chotu’s school and meets his teacher. He says I m sorry, we got late. Sandhya’s dupatta falls on his face. He moves it and sees her, recalling their first meeting in temple. Music plays…………. The teacher compliments Sooraj and Sandhya as couple, and ask do they wear clothes by deciding color. They see they are wearing black. She says I called you for some imp matter, and shows Chotu’s report card. They hold it together and move hands away. It falls and they bend to take it. Diya aur baati………….plays……………..

The man says I want to meet Vikram. Meenakshi says he is not at home. The man asks them to call someone else. Emily says even Mohit went out, who are you. Babasa comes and says I m Vikram’s dad, you can talk to me. The man says I have some imp work, so I came. He says Vikram took 9 lakhs loan from me for his mum’s treatment. Meenakshi says but he went to meet you and said we will give money in 2-3 days, why did you come. The man says yes, we spoke but I have some imp work, so I need money and I want it today. They are shocked. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. He thinks who called Sandhya here. She thinks he called me and is looking shocked.

Chotu asks Sooraj does he not have anything to say Sandhya. Sooraj says something and Sandhya says she is ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohh godd….
    After long day there was a good scene…..really thanks to the director

  2. Hope it comes back to right path!!

  3. superb title card……i like very much the title card sandhya sooraj and the greatest bhabu…..this is the real DABH…this one we like…good come back…dont give an end to this show

  4. you also change the title card

  5. This is the real diya aur baati hum and this is the real dabh title song i like this way diya aur baati hum thanks to director

  6. By looking at ankur action and Sooraj behavior diya and baati becomes diya aur baati at least after 200 episodes only 🙂

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