Qubool Hai 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 26th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Hasena arrives at dilshad’s place, and she gives them many gifts. Haseena is amrvelled at this and asks chandbi to get the demand list out. Zoya asks imran to go with nazma to see the house around. Dilshad leaves fro the kitchen. Haseenma asks asad how is his business booming, as he would be spending a lot on nazma’s mariage. Asad says that this reminds her that he has already given her much, and she remembers the property deal. She says that she remembers. Asad says that he still hates blackmail as much. She tries to compose saying that she doesnt need anything. When she is served tea by dilshad, the demand list falls, and dilshad asks about it, but she says that its just rough paper. Dilshad says that they can have a combined wedding with asad-zoya, by the end of september, so that she is relieved of her responsibilities. haseena is tensed but agrees, saying that this would save on expenditure and this one would be twice as lavish. But asad says that it would be a simple wedding. Haseena has no option but to agree. dilshad asks if she has any demand. haseena says that they only need nazma. Dilshad agrees on a double wedding. They hug each other.

All are having a hearty laugh at the dining table, where imran tells nazma’s secret about bunking college. He also gets on asad too in teasing. dilshad tells that he never regularly attended college, as he had work too, but still topped. Asad teases zoya of never going to college, and she says that she too topped. Haseena intentionally asks nazma if she has finished her college. She says that she wants to do her post graduation. Haseena asks whats the need, but imran stands up for nazma saying that she would do it if she wants to. Asad asks how is haseena’s reaction to this. She has no option but to agree, saying that it would make him feel proud.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Humaira is in tears, thinking about ayan’s anger. Mamujaan sees her like that. She composes herself. Mamu asks why is she sad. Humira tries to avert the topic, but her insists saying that he knows that she is sad, as after all he’s her father. He reminds her of the accident and says that he thought he had lost her, but she was returned, and that she has returned as happiness and cant see her sad. He asks her to tell him what she wants. She grows sad, saying that its not nece ssary that people get what they want in life. Mamu asks her to name one thing. But humaira asks him to elet go. She asks him about the music box, as to where is it. Mamu remembers leaving it at the eid function. he apologises saying that he hasnt seen it. she says that she would find out. He himself wonders why he left it there and hopes that whoever got it, must keep it nicely. Meanwhile zoya has it safely with her, growing emotional seeing it. Asad comes to her and asks what is she thinking. she says that she thinks that she should find her father before her marriage, as they now know that he’s nearby. she says that they wont do anything, as noone gets more than time, and when the right time comes, without any effort she would find him, and her receiving this doll is a sign of the fact that she would get her father very soon. Meanwhile Mamu consoles humaira saying that he’s with her and would fight with anything to see her happy.

Humaira is working on the laptop, when it doesnt work, and ayan, passing by offers to help. But she doesnt respond back. She asks him to let be, as she can do it himself. He asks her why is she behaving like this with him. She asks what was he doing when he lied to her, when she was confessing her love, and he too made her believe that he loved her. While ayan tries to compose humaira, she tells him that she doesnt care as he has already rejected her, and she doesnt want to remember the past. She leaves angrily but he stops her saying, that he wants to start afresh so that she can forget the past. She asks him not to pin hopes on her as she wont be able to bear betrayal again, and says that she doesnt want to listen to him anymore. She runs away from there, while ayan is distraught. She is distraught and in tears. She says that he has always been her first love, and hence it pains so much, and she doesnt want to live with this pain and remember it. Ayan thinks that its true that he didnt love her before, but this is true too that he loves her too much now, but didnt know that it would be so difficult to make her understand.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
A nurse calls zoya up from Holy Child Maternity Home, that someone has left his phone and that the last dialled number was theirs. she is shocked to hear about the maternity home. She asks if the nurse knows about any identification and is given that info. When imran comes to asad’s residence for the phone, zoya tells that they could trace the phone through the last dialled number which was theirs. She could find that its imran’s phone when it meets the spcification that the nurse gave. Imran asks where did they find it from. Zoya sternly says that it came from Holy Child Maternity Home. Imran gets very serious and zoya too is tensed to see his reaction. She asks if he went there. Imran denies. She teases saying that his phone is without him at the maternity home. imran grows angry, and zoya is tensed at such a reaction. Imran leaves in haste to get the phone. Zoya wonders why he went so defensive. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Zoya asks nazma about asad’s particular likings. Nazma tells that he had a huge crush on sridevi. Zoya goes on to do an imitation of Sridevi, on the song Hawa hawaii. Asad is pleased to the core at this gesture.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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