Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th August 2013 Written Update

Aai tells Vasu that she thought he might have ditched them. Aai tells Vasu that guests came and left waiting for him. Aai asks him to get dressed as Ruku and family are waiting. Vasu asks Aai if she is happy that e is getting married to Ruku. Vasu says if she is happy then he is happy.

Bala is talking to a statue when Megha comes and says that she wants to meet Aai. Bala points her to the right direction.

Vasu & Ruku engagement going on when Megha arrives there. Vasu spots Megha and has many FB’s. Uncle shows Vasu his wedding card and asks him to read it to everyone. Vasu says the card is in Marathi and says he doesn’t know how to read Marathi. Vasu gives it to Aai and asks her to read it. Aai reads it and it says

that Ruku-Vasu wedding is on 10th Sept. Ring ceremony starts and Vasu continues looking at Megha (Du from Shanghai playing in BG). Megha has FB of Mohan during her’s and Manav’s engagement & Mohan falling from the cliff. Megha cries. Bala is in tears as well. Ruku looks at him and forces a smile.

Ruku tries to make Vasu wear the ring but it is too tight. Aai asks Ruku what happened? Vasu asks Ruku to put it in the other finger. Aai tries to object but Vasu says that he has promised to be engaged and married and once he has given his word he doesn’t back out.

Uncle spots Megha and walks up to her. Uncle rudely asks Megha why she is here on such an auspicious ocassion. Megha says she is there to meet Aai and it is important that she meet her.

Aai comes and asks Megha why she came here. Aai tells Megha why she came and warns her that she doesn’t want any problems. Aai tells Megha that she told her many times that Vasu is her son and not her husband Mohan. Megha says when did she is say Vasu is Mohan. Megha tells Aai that there is no need for her to keep repeating the same thing over and over again. Megha tells her that only people who have something to hide in their hearts do that. Megha asks Aai if she knows a Naina. Aai says she doesn’t know anyone by that name. Megha asks Aai again and Aai tells her she doesn’t know. Megha leaves. Aai wonders why Megha is looking for Naina Bhonsle. Uncle tries to instigate and add fuel to fire by saying that Mohan dies and Vasu came here. Aai thinks that Megha is going to spoil everything.

Megha goes to Naina’s house and thinks that this is last resort to find something. Aai is shown being driven someplace.

Megha searches Nanina’s house when she spots a file. She opens it just then Aai arrives at the house. Aai displaces a glass. Megha decides to leave and comes to the door. Just then she notices a letter addressed to Naina Bhonsle.

Aai meanwhile opens up a box and gets out the clothes & watch which Mohan was wearing. Aai looks at everything in anger. Aai takes out the picture of real Vasu and asks him how he is.

Megha reads the letter and is shocked to see that it has been signed by someone named Vasu.

Aai lights up everything connected to Mohan.

Megha is shocked and has FB of Vasu saying that he doesn’t know how to read or write marathi. Megha wonders how Vasu wrote this letter.

Aai says everything related to Mohan is now finished.

Megha has FB of Vasu saying that he doesn’t know any Naina and wonders how he could write this letter. Megha has FB of the bell Vasu tied for RJ. Megha thinks that she has to find out the truth behind this entire thing.

Aai says that MB is now dead forever.

Vasu asks Bala if he is mad at him. Bala says he is not mad at him but at his loss. Bala thinks that all his life he ran from love but now that he has fallen he cannot get the woman. Vasu says Aai is his mother and he can give his life for her and love is very small in front of all that. Suddenly the bell starts ringing. Vasu gets up and goes out. Vasu wonders where RJ is. Megha comes there and Vasu asks her what she wants. Vasu asks what game she is playing now.

Aai asks Vasu’s picture how he liked her game.

Vasu tells Megha that he is now belongs to someone else. Megha says it is no longer about her but about his identity. Megha gives the letter to Vasu. Vasu says how many times does he have to tell her that he doesn’t know how to read or write marathi. Megha asks him if he doesn’t know how to read or write marathi then how did he write this to Naina 10 years ago. Vasu asks Bala to read the letter.

Aai continues her rant against the real Vasu.

Bala reads and the letter says that “he(real Vasu) has no relation with someone like Aai anymore”. Vasu is shocked to hear it.

Precap: Vasu asks Megha where she got the letter from. Aai throws real Vasu’s picture and says that she made another Vasu for herself. Vasu tells Megha that if she is playing a game then he would not leave her.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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