Chanchan 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 26th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben telling everyone that she is going on a Yatra. she says why are all of you sad. I have planned it earlier, and now I have to go. She says if you all look sad, I won’t be able to go. Matilal says we will take care, you go peacefully. Umaben says yes I know. Umaben meets everyone and starts leaving. Umaben speaks to Chhan Chhan and praises her saying only you can take my place in this house. She asks her to take care of everyone. Umaben leaves. Chhan Chhan tries to talk to Manav. Manav is seeing his college photos. He shows her Rupali’s photo. Chhan Chhan says its good, she can help you. Chhan Chhan and Manav have a romantic talk.

The next morning, the women are working in the kitchen. Chhan Chhan tells them that she will help them. Ranjana thinks something else by help. Chhan Chhan says Manav’s friend is coming on dinner, so I will help in cooking tonight. Chhan Chhan says his friend is his client too. Kaumudi wishes Chhan Chhan for her first day in office. Chhan Chhan leaves. Chhan Chhan comes to her office and starts working.
Some guy in her office thinks Chhan Chhan likes him. Chhan Chhan hides the fact that she is married. Chhan Chhan talks with the guy and advices him to keep a puppy with him so that he can keep his Bp normal. Chhan Chhan says dogs are sweet and I will tell you how to be friends with them. Rupali comes to Manav’s house and hugs him. He introduces her to Chhan Chhan. Everyone have a laugh at dinner. Rupali shares something about their college life. Rupali says I wished Manav was my boyfriend. Chhan Chhan feels bad. Gomuti says its old thing, forget it. Rupali tells Chhan Chhan about Manav’s likes. Chhan Chhan gets worried. Manthan was their senior, so he also shares few things about Manav. Rupali says now I should leave and thanks everyone for the dinner. She says Manav is a lucky man to get a wife like Chhan Chhan.

Rupali leaves. Manav sees Rupali’s hanky left on the table. He says she forgot it. Manek says maybe she kept it purposely to meet you again. Manav says maybe she really forgot. Mokut says I think Rupali still loves you. Manthan says you will get the order as Rupali is your friend. Manthan says meet her daily, you are lucky. Chhan Chhan is tensed. Manav stops Chhan Chhan and says today was a good day. He flirts with her but she is upset. She says I m tired, I don’t want to go anywhere. Manav thinks what happened to her. The next morning, Chhan Chhan meets that guy again. He shows her pet puppy soft toy. Chhan chhan laughs. Matilal comes home with his dad after walking. Dada calls everyone and ask them to work together. Everyone ask Matilal to rest.

Ranjana brings sweets for Matilal. He asks the reason. She says we got Rs. 6 lakhs order for pickles. They get happy. Manek says Ranjana and Sanjana’s dad gave them the order. Ranjana says whats bad in this. We are following Umaben. Matilal says they are right. Matilal says keep informing me about the orders, then I will decide. Chhan Chhan sees Manav sad and says we will win the competition. Manav says I m worried that why can’t I become like my brothers, I m unable to do anything good. He says I feel I m useless and I won’t get respect. Chhan Chhan says don’t think like this. Manav says I can’t even equate myself with bhabhis. Manav says we don’t have anyone to help me. Chhan Chhan says you mean my family should help you financially. Chhan Chhan is shocked.

Mokut comes to Chhan Chhan’s office. Chhan Chhan hides.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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