Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with cchotu entering RM with the box. But meena notices that & asks him about the same. Out of fear he drops the box from which the samosas & the chutney spill on the ground. Everyone gets shocked on seeing the same. He quickly arranges the same. Meena thinks that he took it for the neighbors. Bhabo comes him & inquires about the same. She asks him to keep calm & no need to panic. Chotu tells that he took it for SurYa. Adds that they have not taken food from the morning & moreover Suraj likes it very much. Bhabho & bhabasa is shocked. Bhabo with a calm temper asks him to go & get ready for his school. Asks him to wash his hands. Meena is surprised as bhabo didn’t scold him. Bhabo then silently asks chotu why he got back the

samosas. Chotu replies that SurYa didn’t take & returned back. Bhabo is worried… Babasa hears this…

Suraj gets tea from nearby shop & shares it with Sandy. They have it along with samosas. He tells her that it is not like bhabo’s ones. Adds that he would eat samosas made by her when they return back to RM. He tells sandy that he will go to the shop after this & asks her to buy the necessary items. Sandy nods.

Bhabo dictates chavi one by one 5 kgs of moong daal, 5 kgs of channa, 15kgs of Ghee… Chavi asks her why so much ghee. Bhabo replies that it is going to be her marriage soon so they need that as teej is nearing & have to make laddoos for everyone…
Meena tells vikram that bhabo will make good laddoos etc etc.
Bhabo asks meena to tell what she wants. Meena tells vikram that she is getting the place of badi beendani. Vikram asks her not to talk about food…
Meena tells bhabo that badam kaju is missing in the list. Bhabo adds it & then gives the list to vikram. Meena asks why vikram should bring all these as it is the work of Jethji Suraj. Bhabo tells that if she is the badi bahu then Vikram is the jethji… Vikram taunts meena for trapping him in hell. Meena takes the list from him & goes near bhabo & tells that these days they have to concentrate on the shop & if they leave they will loose profit…
Bhabo tells that she would buy & asks vikram to give money. If not now atleast after the day’s sale.

Bhabo leaves the place. Meena is shocked. Vikram tells that she made a loss of 8000 Rs. Bhabo asks chavi the list as she is leaving for the main market. Suraj hears that who stands on the entrance. & wonders bhabo is going to the main market… Meena thinks that god has sent him & plans to drop all expense on him. Vikram doesn’t agree. Bhabo gets shocked to see Suraj

Break: Suraj asks sandy to go to the main market only main market as she can get everything there…

Chavi hugs suraj but bhabo asks her to take the bag.. Suraj tells her that he came to get the shop’s key. Bhabo nods & suraj takes the key from the hall. Meena urges vikram to get money. Suraj takes the blessings of bhabo & leaves without any further word. Bhabo looks at him with a sad face. Meena makes faces on suraj as he left Bhabo tells vikram that she is leaving & will get the money later.

Suraj tells that he will not come with her. Sandy panics telling that she can’t handle all these alone. Suraj encourages her by saying that she has won everything & adds that she did collect groceries for uttrakhand people. Sandy tells that it is right but she has never bought the full grocery without any list. Adds that she bought whatever bhabo gave as a list. Suraj tells that she must have seen bhabo buying all these. So she must do it. Adds that she must consider this as a challenge in which she is the participant as well as the judge.
Suraj asks sandy to go to the main market only main market as she can get everything there…Asks her to take rickshaw. He stresses on main market… He gives his mobile saying that she can use it in case of need.

He helps her to catch rickshaw. Sandy asks suraj whether he has confidence on her. He nods & asks her to buy 5kg of vessel. Sandy leaves…

Break: Bhabo lists out the items one by one… Sandy who is behind her listens to her with care

Suraj in his shop. Babasa comes to him .. Suraj asks him to have samosas. Babasa tells that he has taken already. Suraj tells that he knows about him & asks him to take care of him. Assures him that everything will be alright. abasa tells that he is not feeling so. Adds that she has never took his name too after his departure. Suraj tells that he knows about bhabo & adds that she remembers him so much & it is difficult to understand bhabo. He assures him that they would be under one roof soon. Babasa sits to have samosas…

In the market:
Bhabo asks the seller to show her the daal… Sandy comes & wonders what to do. She notices bhabo & gets happy. Quickly covers her forehead with veil/
Bhabo lists out the items one by one… Sandy who is behind her listens to her with care 5 kgs moong dal, 3 kgs of channa, 3 packets of salt, 10kgs of rice, 20kgs of sugar, 15 kgs of ghee, kaju badam of 1/2 kgs each…Bhabo’s list goes on like this.

Precap: Sandy repeats the list of Bhabo. Bhabo gets shocked & irritated to listen the same & thinks that this supaatra beendani buys the same amount of groceries like her for a family of two while she bought for one large family


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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