Qubool Hai 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher is tensed to hear ahil’s comment about her not being sanam, but is relieved when he adds that she is in fact an angel, who brings happiness to everyone, and who chamnged the meaning of his life. She is frustrated with his display of romance. he says that his liife begins and ends with her. she says that she isnt this good, and he is overexaggerating. he says that she definitely is. She leaves on the excuse of making laddoos. she leaves. Ahil wonders whats wrong with her, and she has been behaving strange, since the kohinoor hotel Party, and fells as if he doesnt know sanam. She meets rehaan on the way, who greets her happy diwali and wisahes her all the happiness. she too wishes him non resignedly. He asks why is she sad, and she says that its nothing like that. She begins to leave, when he says that he knows her truly, and can tell from her face how tensed she is, and asks if ahil said anything. she thinks that she isnt tensed for ahil but for rehaan, and that the future that he is wishing her, is with him and not with ahil. He says that he knows ahil doesnt like or want him to talk to her, and hence he had to go, but till tanveer gets better, he cant leave. she says that he wont have any problems atleast not due to her. He is tensed, and then adds that he wants to tell her something, that he should have long back. SAhe asks what. he tells her about her lookalike, Sunehri, oblivious that he is talking to sunehri himself. He says that she was very different than her. she asks if in the good or the bad sense. He gets tensed remembering his confession of love, and then how she broke his heart, but was pleading for another chance. She waits, while he adds that he wishes god had given her the same heart, that she has, and then adds that her lookalike cant think of anyone else than herself, and she is hurt. She comments that it feels she hurt him real bad, but it maybe that she was helpless, and if he cant forgive her. he says that this is what separates sanam from everyone else, as she finds good in every bad, but there are people, who take your trust and then break it. He says that he is happy that the girl is nomore in his lfie, and doesnt mean anything to him. He leaves, while she is apalled.

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In her room, Dilshad prays to the lord, that on diwali, everyone celebrates with the family, and that she is unfortunate not to be able to be with her family, and that she is so helpless that she canmt help even though she knows, and wonders how are her daughters. she is tensed. She is taken back to her past memories, and the happiness, and is tensed for sanam, and how seher doesnt even know her connection to the house. she prays to the Lord to be shown a way, so that she can tell the right way to seher, and that she just wants her family to be together. just then, latif comes in, and starts searching for her dupatta. She starts ranting about her beauty yet again, till she finds the dupatta. she dons it, and then goes out without shutting the door, through the slits of which, Dilshad finds seher walking past. Dilshad thinks that she would havr to use this oppurtunity to tell seher that something is wrong here. She wheels her wheelchair out, and starts looking for seher, who is deeply lost in rehaan’s hurtful words, that he told her. She thinks that she cant believe that he forgot her so easily, and that she was his life yesterday, and today he doesnt even want to keep her in his memories. Dilshad desperately tries to reach out to her, while she is walking absent mindedly in the lobby, trying to grab her attention, but in vain. she continues to wheel in, as seher walks ahead. From the balcony, razia too comes down with clothes, oblivious of whats happening underneath. Seher thinks that she wont let her past ruin her prsent, and that if god wishes her to do her work, in his presence then so shall it be. She asks from God the strength to let her carry on with it. Finally unable to keep pace with seher, dilshad breaks a vase to get her attention, and seher finally turns around. Seher looks at her in amazement.

In her room, tanveer wishes rehaan Happy dsiwaly and then gives him Nawab’s shawl, and then tells rehaan how extravagant it is, and compliments that it must be looking nice on him. He is tensed and sad though. He takes it off, and thanking her, he says that he doesnt need it. she says that this is insult. He says that he is not interested in looking like nawab, and that he just sees the stains of blood on it, instead of expensive handicraft. She asks him to patch up atleast on Diwali. Rehaan angrily tells tanveer, that Diwali is the festival of winning good over evil, and that she cant do that, till she keeps plotting against ahil. she is irritated.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya finds a letter and a packet from Rahat, as a gift. She excitedly reads it, that he knows she should have been with him, but since he cant come, it doesnt mean that she wont get a gift, and hopes that she likes fireworks. She kisses the letters and then excitedly finds firecrackers inside, and gets emotional. she says that he loves her unconditionally, and hence understands even when he is away from her. She misses sanam and dilshad badly, and hopes that they were with her.

While haya is playing with the kids, happily burning firecrackers, she is oblivious, that an unburnt sparkler, catches the end of her lehenga and catches fire. The girl finally brings it to haya’s notice. Haya’s dupatta is alight in the fire, and she distraughtedly tries to douse it. faiz sees it, and finds haya struggling to take off the dupatta. He rushes to help her, and then helps her take the dupatta off. He succeeds and then douses it frantically. haya watches shocked. He rushes to her asking if she is okay, and she faints and collapses in his arms, while he gets very scared and tries to wake her up but in vain. He carries her inside.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher notices Dilshad and she immediately recognises her, and asks how come she too stays here, and if she lives here or came to meet anyone. Dilshad tries to convey to seher, through signals that she is her child, and that sanam is her sister. she tells seher that there’s danger here and that she should leave immediately. seher is puzzled and surprised. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps all of her ardent wishes come true today. He leaves. Tanveer says that when rehaan gets extravagant and lives a luxurious life, he would forget everything, and thats a promise of a mother to her child. Meanwhile, an agitated razia wheels Dilshad away, while she continues to look back at seher, and reaches out to her with her hand. Seher wonders why does she feel that she knows this woman. She is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  10. writers we the fans are getting frustrated now with what is going on it is about time that seher, sanam and haya find dilshad it is running on tooooooooo long and so we the fans are starting to loose all interest in the soap. there is no meaning to it anymore it is toooooo long and drawn out every time it comes to a climax and we the fans think well yes things are going to change it is because something comes and interferes we are fed up fed up fedup even with haya and rahat oh gosh please get rid of crazy faiz and let him accept that haya does not love him and let faiz get some sense and see that haya loves rahat please end this stupid storyline let rahat come back and save haya and please throw faiz in the looney bin.

    1. I personally don’t like the way in which haya is treated… She’s unmarried and should be staying with sanam, after all she’s married to ahil and is a family member and haya should be with her family and not abandoned and staying with strangers.Because of haya’s situation she should be taken care of not be ill-treated and passing from hand to hand … gosh

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