Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara coming home. Naksh cries saying no one loves me. She asks what happened. He says he lost Riya’s gift and Naitik cheated by giving ordinary firecrackers. Payal and Akshara win the Rangoli competition and Rukmani gets annoyed. Akshara says we will talk to Naitik when he comes home. Naitik comes and says he came as Naksh called him, whats the matter. Naksh says he won’t talk to him. Naitik asks why, I don’t know about gift. Akshara says he is annoyed for crackers matter. He asks whats it. She says you did not get the good ones. Naitik says his mood is off as you went in Rangoli competition and you did not find his gift.

She says you don’t know, I went to help someone. They start arguing. Bhabhimaa says its all of us mistake. Akshara gets Payal’s call. Payal thanks her as they have won. Akshara says I m happy, congrats, friends help in bad times, and blesses her. She tells Bhabhimaa about Rangoli competition. Rukmani comes there and says Akshara might be happy that she won and I lost. Everyone is puzzled. Naksh hugs Dadda ji and asks him to scold Naitik. Dadda ji says yes, I will scold him. Naksh says don’t talk to him. Dadda ji laughs and says how will I scold him then.

Naksh says he learnt the Raja’s line and he will tell everyone he is angry. Varsha and everyone prepare for Diwali diyas. Ananya says for what. Rajshri says we feel things are less if diyas are not there. Jasmeet comes to Varsha and says so many diyas. Varsha says our house is big. Jasmeet says so much oil will be wasted in this, I think we should light candles. Varsha gets upset. Devyaani asks Rukmani whats the matter. Rukmani says I m cheated, Akshara supported her friend and made her win, why did she support her to make me lose, I did not want money, it would have been for Nandini.

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Bhabhimaa says you are mistaken, Akshara can’t do this. Rukmani says am I lying, ask her. Akshara says I did not talk to Rukmani about this. Rukmani says she is lying, why to talk now, fine she is right, I m wrong, I was mad to come here. She leaves angrily. Devyaani asks Akshara whats the matter. Akshara tells everything. The ladies come and greet Jasmeet asking their clothes are ready or not. Jasmeet says don’t worry, it will be ready. I will give it tomorrow. They say fine, give it on time.

Everyone look on. Dadi asks why did she take so much work when she can’t complete on time. Jasmeet says I m not balancing home and boutique work. Varsha says maid is helping you, then why not, it does not look good when people visit to get clothes. Anshu says she is right. Jasmeet says she will shut the boutique. Anshu says I did not say this, keep someone for help, but don’t blame the household work. Bhabhimaa tells Devyaani that when auspicious day comes, everything will be fine. We have puja tomorrow, invite Nandini, Rashmi and Karishma. Devyaani says I will call her.

Naman helps Karishma in setting the new place. He hugs her and they smile. Devyaani calls her and she does not take the call. Bhabhimaa says call Naman and see, don’t be angry, Dadda ji came home fine, so forget it. Devyaani calls Naman and Naman’s hand falls on it. The call starts and Devyaani says Naman……………. Naman sees her call and lies to her. She says tell Karishma to come in Diwali puja at home tomorrow. He says sure and gives the message to Karishma. She says I won’t come, I want to celebrate it here with you and friends. He gets into a dilemma.

Naitik gives Riya’s gift to Naksh and he gets happy seeing the clock. Naksh says its not Riya’s gift. Naitik says no, its Riya’s gift. Naksh says she told me that she sent a card, a letter and two chocs. Naitik says maybe she forgot to keep it. Naksh says the handwriting is not hers. I know you have sent this to me. He says I don’t want this, I want Riya’s gift. Akshara asks Naitik did he get this. Naitik says I could not see him sad. She says you made him more sad. He says atleast I tried, you did not even try. She gets upset.

The elders ask Anshu not to discourage Jasmeet. Dadi asks her to work well. Jasmeet thanks them. Nandini asks Rukmani why is she worried. Rukmani says nothing. Nandini says don’t worry, the baby will bring his fate. Rukmani says yes, but I wished to do something for him. Nandini says you love him, and he can’t have any problem. Yash asks any problem, I will take care till dad comes and hugs Nandini. Rukmani moves him and asks him not to hug Nandini. Yash says I don’t like her, she is scolding me. He leaves annoyed. Rukmani says no, no one will make up to you now. Nandini sneezes and says she has cold. Rukmani says go and rest, I will see Yash. Rukmani says Yash will not let Nandini rest, I have to do something.

Akshara tries to make Naksh happy and makes jelly. Naksh leaves. Naman comes and eats it. Devyaani asks did he tell Karishma. Naman says yes, she said she will try, she is busy. Devyaani says everyone has holiday on Diwali. Naman says I don’t know how she is busy, I just gave message. Devyaani says fine, ask her to come in puja for some time. Akshara says its hard to lie to mum, did she say no. Naman says she shifted in rented home. Akshara says what, we did not know this. Naman says uncle aunty were posing problem. She says you know the problems Muskaan faced. Naman says I will tell mum later. She says what if Jasmeet’s parents tell her. He says they won’t come. She asks him not to do mistakes.

Naitik asks Akshara about Naksh. She says he is with Bau ji. He says you should have tried. She says I tried, you try now. They rest to sleep. Jane waqt ne hame kaise mod pe laya hai…………………………plays…………. Naitik goes to her and says sorry. She says you don’t think before saying anything. He says sorry, I will be careful next time. She sees him sleeping and it was her imagination. They look at each other and not talk. Its morning, Akshara makes the rangoli. Naitik looks on. Naksh is upset. Naman looks at Devyaani. Bhabhimaa says everyone is upset today. The parcel comes and Girja gives Naksh the gift sent by Riya. He gets glad and sees it. He says yes, this is the one. Devyaani thanks Lord. Everyone smile. Naksh gets happy. Bhabhimaa says now it looks like Diwali.

Naksh and Yash burn firecrackers and it does not blast. Yash goes to see and it blasts. Naksh shouts Yash and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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