Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Disha having chaat at the stall. Disha gives him a trolley bag. He says whats the need. She thinks foolish man, the arms will go in this bag. He says we are going for seven days. She says yes, I want everything to get over in 7 days. He says I told Sandhya that I will be back in 7 days. The man greets Sooraj, and says congrats, did your not wife not tell you that RK is being hanged tomorrow. Disha is shocked. Everyone see the news that RK will be given death tomorrow.

Babasa asks Bhabho to call Sandhya fast. They see Sandhya on the tv news and Sandhya says sorry, I can’t tell anything about this. The man says Sandhya’s silence is saying the rumor is true. Bhabho says Sandhya did not tell anything. Babasa says he is happy, its good news after what happened with Zakir. Prema thinks what to do, don’t know Maya knows this or not. Maya sees this news and is shocked. She thinks to meet Disha and Prema now.

Prema thinks she has to meet Maya anyhow now. She says she has to deliver the saree to Agarwal’s wife. Vikram says can’t you see the customers, how will I manage all of them alone. Prema fails to leave form the shop. She gets the call and is busy, unable to take it. Vikram asks Prema to shut the phone and focus on customers. Maya says why is Prema not taking call. Disha says what if RK gets hanged tomorrow, whats the use of plane hijack. Maya says Sandhya changed the game, it does not mean we are out, we will play it in other way, we will go close to RK. She punches the pin on Sandhya’s pic.

Sandhya tells Zakir that RK did not say the plan, but now the network will come to us. She says what she planned. She says don’t know what is this 2310. He winks the eyes. She says you know it right, what do you know, tell something, give any hint. She says I m sorry Zakir, relax, don’t take tension. She says she has a plan to know the 2310. She says she has made the rumor spread that RK will be hanged tomorrow, and they will run now and make any mistake, which can help us catch them.

Disha comes to meet Vikram and Prema. She says I want a pure Rajasthani saree for Dubai cooking festival and Vikram asks Prema to show her the sarees. Sandhya says RK’s team did not get the arms, so its decided they won’t do this soon, I will use it and they will worry for RK and they will change the plan now. Prema asks Disha why did she come here. Maya comes there as customer and asks Vikram to show sarees. Vikrram asls her to come. Maya sits there and gives them message. Vikram shows some sarees. Maya says its not good, its light, show me heavy work saree. Prema asks Vikram to get sarees new stock from store room. She says I will get it, but Meenakshi’s inlaws will be there, its fine I will go. Vikram says I will go, I don’t care about them. He leaves.

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Prema talks to Maya and Disha. Maya says we have one way now. Sandhya says they will try to make RK ill to save him from hanging, as the law says the ill man can’t get hanged, and they will get time for their plan 2310. Maya says we have to make RK ill to get his hanging delayed, and we have to go close to him, if we do this, then Sandhya will fail. Sandhya says they will get caught in our trap and they will fall. Maya says Sandhya will take RK to hospital for checkup, we have to find out the ward number. She says we have to be safe, as we three are needed for plane hijack.

Disha says I know what to send RK to eat to make him ill. Prema says she has plan B. Maya says I will go to hospital as nurse, if this also fails, we will go to Plan C and Prema will do it, by shooting at RK’s foot, it should just hurt him. Sandhya will not hang wounded RK. Sandhya says she needs a friend today, she will make them stand infornt of him, this is her promise. Vikram comes home and Sooraj tells everyone to do acting well. They all start laughing and talking, praising Meenakshi.

Amit’s mum says Amit has praised Meenakshi a lot. Vikram looks on and gets jealous. Amit says he designed the engagement ring with their names. Bhabho says Meenakshi is getting ready on her room. Vikram says I should also see. Sooraj says Vikram went to the room. They all go to see what Vikram does. Sandhya tells RK that his death is close, any last wish, she will fulfill. He says you can’t, but I will tell you, its same today, I want to have Bhabho’s handmade ffood. He says he will get peace if he gets this.

She says its humanity and she will give him this food and fulfill his wish, he is lucky to have Bhabho’s hand made food before dying. He asks what. She says it means your death is very close, I did not tell you, the new rules have come and your hanging is tomorrow. RK is shocked. She says lets prepare to take him for last medical checkup. She says I will arrange the food till then. RK gets worried. Vikram sees Meenakshi and asks is she anxious to meet Amit. She says yes, he made 10 tola gold ring for me. He says you want the engagement, you want the ring. She says yes, move. He holds her hand and says I will see how you get engaged, sit in the room. He locks her in the room. Everyone hide and smile seeing this.

Meenakshi smiles and asks everyone to come and see Vikram locked her. Sooraj asks Vikram what is he doing and why, open the door. Mohit says yes, bring her out. Meenakshi says Bhabho get me out, he locked me. Bhabho asks Vikram to open the door. Babasa says you will be rid of Meenakshi, you can be with Prema. Amit says please open the door, its out engagement mahurat. Vikram holds his collar and says shut up. He says I will not let this engagement happen. He says see his face. Bhabho asks what happened, he is handsome. Vikram says he is selfish, he won’t keep Meenakshi happy. Amit says I will keep her happy, she is my Meenu.

Vikram twists his hand and says don’t call her Meenu, say Meenakshi ji. Babasa says they both like each other, why are you interfering. Vikram says its about her life, I love Meena. Babasa says what did you say. Vikram says she is of this house, ours, yours. Amit says what, you love her, why did you leave her then. Meenakshi and everyone get happy and smile.

Sandhya reaches the hospital and tells SP that she won’t have RK get much security, as police force will be in civil clothes. She signs the men in civil clothes. RK is brought there and Maya stands there as the nurse. RK thinks Maya would have known about my hanging, she has to be here for my help. Maya looks at him in a new getup.

Sandhya takes RK inside the hospital. Maya walks to him with some medical tray.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Please do not insult the Police. 1 person is fooling and Sandhya, now it is the correct time to react. Why still she did not suspect Prema and Disha? Please bring some confidence thru this on police force.

  2. when a high alerted criminal u r taking, do not you check the basic security. How do u allow anyone to get close to him. Where is the protocol? Director of this is ok with his ideas? What do u want to convey to the people?

  3. The makers of this serial are of the opinion that the viewers are stupid like their serial characters. We have an ASP Sandhya who is at best doing the job of a Head Constable.
    Prisoners in Death Row awaiting death sentence are never taken outside but regular check up by medical team is done in solitary confinement. Whom are the makers of the serial trying to fool by showing a criminal awaiting death sentence being taken to a hospital.


  4. Jeyam Ramachandran

    As it has been cited by the viewer above, the story outgoes all the common sense and criminal procedures and the director who does not know any about criminal law legal procedures should have consulted any appropriate person concerned. In matters regarding the criminal laws the director should be well-versed in the subject. Moreover Sandya is fooled again and again by three women and the spectators get irritated upon viewing this comedy. Please put an end to the serial as soon as possible.As otherwise you will be charged for depreciating the reputation of Indian police force .

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