Gustakh Dil 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakhi seeing the home and being amazed. Nikhil comes to her and shows her the water rainfall. He puts his hand in water and laughs. She laughs. He says come, touch the water. She plays with water. He comes to the room. Lajjo thinks about Jasmine’s words and asks Nikhil how did he come to Agra, on his own and did someone else decide. He says no Lajjo, the decision was not mine. She says then whose. He says Jasmine’s idea, she had some work with you. Lajjo is shocked and says she had some work and she came with you at night to Agra. He says yes, she wanted celebrity quote from you, and she did not know to catch the celebrity in action, its good I came there and I was a fool to think no one can come between our love, thanks to Jasmine, I came to know the truth.

Lajjo thinks how Jasmine manipulated and maybe she did it, as she loves Nikhil. She says she wanted to plant misunderstandings between us, she did this. She asks Nikhil who told him about Sagar’s rumors. He says Jasmine told me, so what, does it matter, Jasmine is not responsible. She is just a friend and was helping me, she was warning me against Sagar for you, don’t forget I saw this, anyways I m going to sleep. He sleeps. Lajjo thinks Jasmine is behind all this.

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Lajjo comes to Saraswati and says Lakhi slept, what happened, you could not sleep. Saraswati says its new place. Lajjo says is water there, do you need anything. Saraswati says no, everything is here, Nikhil came many times to ask about us. She says she does not feel good to stay in daughter’s inlaws house. Lajjo says why are you lying, you are missing dad. They think about him and talk what he used to say. They cry. The new housekeeper talks to Chaya. Saraswati says she can help them. She says you are guest, take care, we will cook what you want, tell me what you want to have.

Saraswati says she can’t stay without working, it does not look good. She will cook, as its her work. Chaya says we are here for work, you sit and talk about Sonbarsa. Saraswati helps Chaya in cooking, Everyone sit to have food. Inder says he is tired of having tasteless food in the house. Inder likes the food and says I will have much food today. Saraswati serves him. Nikhil comes and greets them. Saraswati asks him to sit and she will serve him food. Nikhil sits to have food and its very spicy. Inder and Rishi laugh on him.

Saraswati gives him water. Nikhil says its very good, but spicy, your hands have magic. Inder says you cook from today, we like it really. She smiles. Lajjo meets Sagar and he talks about the new show theme. He sees her lost in thoughts and asks did she hear what he said. He says I can understand you can’t focus on work, your dad died, trust me, you can still put your heart in work. She says she has to tell something. She says Jasmine was with Nikhil, she got him there by some excuse, I doubt on her, she is the one who created misunderstanding between us. Sagar thinks what Nikhil told him that Jasmine blamed him of molestation.Lajjo asks why is he quiet, am I wrong to doubt her. He says no, your doubt can be right, Jasmine is the one, she told Nikhil that I molested her. Lajjo is shocked.

She says what, when did she meet you. He says we had the show, I was in pub, she came and introduced herself, she praised and acted strange, I left from there, she called Nikhil here and convinced him that I molested her. She says how can she do this with you, no, she can do this, she wants Nikhil. She says now I get it, Nikhil was questioning me about you, he got blind, he believed her lies. Sagar says its not Nikhil’s mistake, if any girl blames someone, anyone will believe her, its normal, I m sure Jasmine is trying to create misunderstandings between you and Nikhil. Lajjo thinks she won’t let Jasmine win.

Jasmine tells Lajjo that Nikhil is mine. Lajjo smiles and says he can’t be yours in seven births. Jasmine holds her hand to hurt her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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