Qubool Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Asad desperately searches for Zoya,he is in tears,calls her name again and finally finds her.Zoya is in tears, Asad shouts her name & she looks at him. Mitwaa in BG.Zoya comes running to him, Asad fights the cops, DB catches zoya, asad on floor trying to reach her crawling, Zoya also on the floor,DB pulls her off,both stretching hands to hold,a lady cop holds Zoya. DB scolds them for violating rules.

DB also tells Asad how much he lied to him fooled him but now he wont listen, engagement ring falls from his pocket, AsYa look in tears.

BB tells all that Ayan has left, Rasia worried, Rasia says BB sent him off as she doesnt wanna this sagaai to happen.Rasia says BB is behind everything black magic, bringing zoya home poisoning Humeira everything is done by BB. Rashid asks her to shutup.Rasia then holds her by shoulder and accuses BB of being a low class and doing low class things, All look in shock when BB slaps Rasia right in front of all. BB dares Rasia to speak ill of her family or family blood, BB says now is the time to pray for humeira and she is responsible for this not anyone becoz she always does bad with others so facing it now.Rasia is stunned and in tears.BB says Ayan went to mosque to pray for humeira. Doctor says Humeira is sinking & critical.

Asad looks at the fallen ring, bends on his knees picks the ring all watch mitwaa in BG Zoya in shock Asad looks at the ring, Zoya in tears Asad holds her hand and puts the ring. Both get emotional and Zoya is very surprised all clap & whistle in the airport. Asad presses her hand and holds it while all are clapping and smiling at them, AsYa share eyelock & smile.

All in the airport say they are so romantic and proposed in such a nice way. Asad says from now on she is my fiance and I have all the rights to stop her. DB accepts defeat and says he is very happy for them. DB asks Zoya to be careful as some girl is behind her to spoil hher life but Zoya doesnt pay attention.AsYa hold hand while DB leaves. AsYa just stare at each other while others stare at them.

Doctor says Humeira not gaining conscious so this is very dangerous, Rasia gets desperate and runs to ICU and cuddles her & tries to wake her up.Humeira’s body is cold & she is not responding.Rasia cries desperately.

Break Zoya says we got engaged, asad says it was a drama, zoya shocked..Asad says I did it to stop her it doesnt mean we are engaged, Dilshad says how can you back out, Asad says … Zoya pls tell it was a drama. Zoya stammers and say yes it was a drama only to stop me Asad did all this. Asad says yes it was all a drama to extend her visa. Tanu super happy & Dilshad, najma shocked and Zoya shattered looks at the ring

Precap : Zoya questions him as to why he did all this getting engaged when he is least bothered .

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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