Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Madhu and aaru enter dadi’s room where dadi, rahul and pallo are waiting for them. Rahul makes them sit and madhu enquire why they are called here. Rahul tells them to wait and in a few seconds, pallo switches on the radio and another show from the Jhankar radio station. Aaru is disgusted to hear the name jhankar. The rj tells about ehsaas and aaru’s marriage and how the first met and the show I dedicated to them. Both of them are shocked to hear this. The rj then plays the recordings of ehsaas and aaru’s phone convos. It starts with aaru asking him what is love and he describes that it’s a beautiful ehsaas which cannot be seen but only felt. He says many things and aaru gets emotional. However she gets back to senses and switches of the radio

much to everyone’s disappointment. She comes and asks madhu if this was his idea but pallo says it was rahul’s idea. Rahul tells that this was his wedding gift to them. Dadi tells aaru to play it again and let her listen how both of the fell in luv.

Aaru switches on the radio and now its aaru who was speaking. She says that she will fall in luv only once and she cannot forget him ever in her life. She keeps looking at rahul and madhu sees her staring at him (is he thinking that aaru loves rahul)Actually aaru is thinking that how can such an innocent looking rahul turn to be such cunning that he succeeded in getting her married to madhu? She thinks that it’s hard to find who si the bigger culprit of her-madhu or rahul. Bharti is worried thinking abt how aaru was behaving to madhu while she was in their room. She says that she will not allow her son to be ill-treated by aaru. Everyone is enjoying the show except aaru and madhu. Madhu decides to leave when dadi stops him. However, amid these, bharti storms into the room and tells pallo and aaru to study for their coming exams. She orders aaru to move to pallo’s room for the same. Aaru says she studies just b4 the exam and passes.

Bharti taunts that just passing is equal to failing and she should aim for 1st class. Aaru taunts back that if she would score 1st class she would have been studying for medicine or engineering not been married. Dadi laughs at it while Bharti is angry and tells pallo to leave to her room instantly. She orders aaru also to study as its better for her and tells madhu and rahul to leave for radio station and storms out of the room. Madhu is getting ready to leave when rahul stops him. He tells that he should take a week’s leave and spend time with his wife. Saying this he leaves. Pallo comes back to call madhu as bharti wanted to talk to him. Lalit speaks to lawyer abt divorce and says that he will convince aaru soon. Menka comes and asks what did lawyer say and he says that aaru staying at madhu’s place will be a drawback for them when the divorce case is filed. He tells that they should somehow convince and bring aaru home or it will change her life forever.

Menka says she is abt to give aaru her books as per bharti’s instructions. Suddenly menka gets the idea of bring aaru home with the excuse of study preparations. Lalit agrees and decides to go himself to get aaru. Madhu goes to meet bharti and she tells that she wanted to tell him abt aaru and how she was behaving with him. She says that aaru’s intentions are not good. She is abt to tell further when brij welcomes lalit. Everyone gathers to welcome him and he doesn’t look happy to meet him so tells them to call aaru. Dadi and aaru comes out and lalit hugs aaru. Bharti tells aaru to start studying when lalit suggests to take her home for better study atmosphere.

Bharti agrees while dadi objects. She asks if bharti is lost her senses as a newly wedded bahu shouldn’t go to maayka like this so soon. She says that aaru can have better study conditions now coze bharti will be here to help her. Lalit is disappointed. However, madhu tells aaru to take Lalit to the room for some private talks. They leave. Bharti advices madhu to speak to aaru and convince her to score really well in her exams. Madhu is hesitant but agrees as he cannot disappoint his mom. Lalit tries various ways to convince aaru but she says that fate has been deciding things in her life for past few days so she is leaving everything to fate. Dadi tells madhu to meet lalit as its good to keep good terms with his father-in-law. Madhu agrees and goes to his room only to hear lalit and aaru’s convo. He is disappointed to her aaru’s depressed sentences towards her life.

Bharti is in college and a teacher comes to her and congratulates her for madhu and aaru’s wedding. She appreciates aaru and how beautiful she is and how madhu is. Bharti interrupts that madhu is intelligent unlike aaru. She shouts at her to leave and work rather than wasting time. While walking she hears aaru’s friends talking to her in phone and they ask how come she went to that house. They suggest her to come out and they will go for movie. Bharti calls madhu and asks if he spoke to aaru abt the first class she had to score. Madhu says he hasn’t yet and bharti tells him to speak as aaru is going out with her friends for movie. She tells in this way she will never score well. Madhu is thoughtful

Madhu asks what kinda girl rahul wants to marry. Rahul says the girl should be intelligent, smart, and beautiful with long hair and big eyes. Madhu asks in short a girl like aaradhya? And Rahul is completely shocked to what madhu is intending to?

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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