Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The man says Addu was happy and lived with the other boy like brother. Mohana sks if he was so happy then why did he leave? He asks the man if he is lying. The man says if he was lying then why would he contact them. The man says one day Addu was watching match and I slapped him in anger. Megha is mad at him and asks him why he did that. The man apologizes to Megha and says your son had a lot of anger and arrogance on him. The man says Addu left with his friend. Navi chides the man and asks him how did he let Addu go. The man says he did as much as he could and asks her to go ask Addu’s step father. Navi is mad but Mohan stops her and thanks the man. The man says Addu must have looked around for another job and they should ask around. MMN leave. Beera ask the man if he is lying. The man says he is not lying.

Mohan asks Megha not to worry and they will ask everyone in the street about Addu,

Munna look at MMNB and decides that he will let them search around for Addu a bit more as he wants them to understand how it is die every second. MMN go around asking people about Addu.

NB arrive at a cycle repair shop and asks the man if he has seen Addu as he was lost 12 years back. The man jokes and NB are disgusted. and start to leave.

MM with a man who tells them that Addu used to deliver newspapers for him and then work in a cycle shop.

The cycle repair man tells them that Addu used to work in the shop and he was a good worker. Navi asks him why did he not inform the police.

The other man tells MM that Addu and his friend used to sleep here itself.

The cycle repair guy tells NB that Addu used to sleep at some newspaper guys shop.

The newspaper guy (Subash) tells them that Addu was unwell. He asked Addu to return to his house but Addu told him that his step father was cruel and used to hit him a lot. The man tells them that Addu was very afraid of his step father. Mohan looks guilty but Megha puts her hand on his hand to reassure him. Subash tells them that Addu was unwell and had caught pneumonia. He tells them that he was admitted in a nearby and asks them to inquire there.

Jiji cooking malpua for Addu and says when Addu returns she would distribute malpua to the entire mohalla. Renu asks Jiji to hold on till there is some confirmed news of Addu.

MMNB in a hospital.Navi wonders how Addu survived in the hospital as he used to hate medicines. Guru calls up Mohan to check on Addu.

Mohan asks Megha if she is all right. Megha says she is scared and Mohan says he is scared as well. Megha says she is a terrible mother but stops her and says that he is to blame. Mohan asks Megha what does her mother’s instinct say? Megha says she feels that Addu would be fine.

The hospital dean tells MM that they usually do not divulge patient information but considering their situation he will help them. Mohan says he would like to talk to their old staff. The dean agree.

MMNB go to meet a nurse who has been working in the hospital for over 10 years. MM show Addu’s picture to her and she recognizes him as Cheeku. Nurse ssays they all loved him very much as he was special. Nurse says the other kid used to look after Addu. Megha asks her where Addu is? Nurse asks if she is Addu’s mother. Megha asks her where Addu went after getting cured. The nurse tells Megha that they worked very ahrd on Addu but he suffered a lot. Nanhi talks to the sister and the sister recognizes her as Nanhi Didi. The nurse points at Mohan and asks who he is. Nanhi says he is Spiderman Addu’s father. The nurse frowns and says Step Father. Mohan looks hurt and Megha & Nanhi try to pacify him by shaking their heads. The nurse says she kept asking Addu about where he came from but Addu never told them as he might have been scared of his step father. The nurse says he once said something in his sleep but they could fathom anything. The nurse says then one day… Megha asks if he left and why did they let him go when he was so unwell. The nurse says he slipped into a coma. MMN are shocked.

Precap: The dean MMNB that Aditya Vyas was 9 years old when he was admitted in the hospital. He tells them that he was in the hospital for 20 days and in spite of giving all possible treatment…

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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