Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with purvi and onir walking on the streets in search of a house.Suddenly a cycle runs into purvi and onir catches her and she feels awkward.Then they thought to have some thing to eat.Onir asks purvi to go in a restuarant and lois up his wallet.Purvi says that she would have vada pao in order to save money.They go to a stall and have tea and vada pao.

Onir and purvi have nice conversations.Purvi talks about her school and college days.Purvi then misses her aai and says if she was there she would have been angry but at the same time would understand her and she could have shared all her emotions.Onir then misses his mother how he can’t even remember her as she is not alive.Onir shares with purvi his school days and his masti with friends.Onir assures purvi that he would always be her side and will be there when she needs her family..Onir reassures how he will fill up purvi’s life with lots of happiness and makes that there is no place for sorrows.

Purvi then says that they both will work for their living.They further go on in search of house.But to their disappointment no one helps them due to onir’s swapping of babies.They go in searching for house to house in extreme hot conditions.Suddenly purvi thirsty and goes to a roadside tap for water.Onir feels extremely sad for purvi’s this condition.but purvi smilingly ignores all.

sulochana is buying vegetables where varsha meets her and tells her how onir and purvi have left her house and wandering here and there.she tells her that everyone is blaming her though she has done so much sacrifices for her family.purvi even gave her daughter for ovi’s happiness.she pleads to forgive her.sulochana leaves without saying anything , but somewhere in her heart feels sad and worried for purvi.

Suddenly while walking purvi got hurt in the foot and onir makes her sit somewhere on the street itself and runs for her aid.Sulochana further calls manav to inform her about purvi and onir leaving chawl.manav says he doesn’t care whatever happens with purvi as she has ruined life of everyone.She lives in whatever condition it’s her luck now.Arjun overhears the call and gets worried.he calls purvi to ask about her whereabouts and why onir and she had not informed him .purvi tells him that it’s onir and her struggle and she does not need any help.All she wants that arjun should take care of pari.

Meanwhile someone steals Purvi’s bags, though she runs after him but could not catch due to hurt in her leg.She takes help from people and goes to police station.Arjun is there in a meeting but all worried .Suddenly his phone recieves message of hari kaka regarding ill health of pari.he immediately runs leaving the meeting, making manav angry.Onir when returns back after findind a house finds Purvi missing and gets worried.He enquires people about missing purvi.


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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