Qubool Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
rajni asks vikram to gte those creams, and he curtly says that he would. ayan and nikhat are wondering where is badi bi, when ayan asks about humaira, and is told that they are together in the guest house, vikram and

The imposter eyes the jewellery, and asks if its true. humaira says that its nikhat’s and she had given it to her to wear. Rajni asks about her mangalsutra and is told that he would bring it very soon. As he begins to eat at the sight of food, and asks rajni to join, she says that he has kept the roza for him, for his well being. As the imposter is busy eating away, rajni is concerned

ayan wonders what kind of a man is he, one side he wants to take her home, and on the other side he doesnt even listen to what she’s saying. suddenly rajni finds ayan at the door, and rushes out to see, but ayan is gone by then. however nikhat sees rajni’s concern and anxiety for ayan, and is tensed.

razia is shocked to see the imposter on the gate, while she is fixing Badi bi. razia asks how he stepped inside, as she had locked it. He says that he’s a thief and he knows how to open locks. Razia is angry, and asks him to leave the house right away, or else. He taunts her that she looks like a filmy vamp, but she forgets that he knows the secret, and he can stay as her daughter’s husband, as long as he wants. Hence she should keep

He tells about humaira’s wish for a mangalsutra. He says that she should give him some money for her daughter too. razia is shocked. She gives him soem money, and he leaves happily. Razia is frustrated at this new problem in her life. Before he leaves, she comes to him and says that the money fopr free isnt digested easily, and hence he would have to do something for her, and that is to get rid of badi bi, as humaira is sleeping here only, and she cant take the risk. He evilly says that he can keep humaira with him for the night. razia is in a rage, and says that she would kill him. She warns him that badi bi is related to her, and she did this to her, then what should become of him. She says that she would manage humaira, and she wouldRazia thinks that after she gets rid of badi bi, she would have to do soemthing about this imposter, otherwise she’s going to be endlessly threatened.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad calls zoya, and gives the keys to the safe, telling hr the combination, and also the papers of the house, insurance and the factory. zoya is boggled and asks why is she told about this. Dilshad says that one who can handle asad can handle these things too, and she would. She says that now she can die in peace, and zoya is angry at this. dilshad says that she would live to see her grandkids, and also get nazma married. She says that she’s concerned for nazma, as she has always been pampered by

nazma hears this from a distance and is tensed. Thinking about her prospective marriage, nazma is shocked. Dilshad decides to find for guys. zoya says that they should ask

dilshad says that there’s nothing like it, as had there been, she would have told them herself. nazma is tensed.

while working in the kitchen, she hears the sound of a motorbike zooming, and wonders what noise is it. she goes out to see but cant find anything, and resigns back to work. But just then asad vrooms in on the bike, full salman style, and she is shocked beyond her wits, and excited with pleasure. Asad goes on an impersonation of Salman khan and his style of romancing, along with singing and dancing, just to please zoya, and fulfill her second wish, while zoya is shocked beyond belief that he’s capable of doing that. She is overwhelmed at asad’s gesture. The screen freezes on her ‘over the moon’ happy face.

Precap: razia and the imposter together take badi bi out of the room, assuming humaira to be asleep. After they wheel her out, humaira gets up and goes after them stealthily.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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