Chanchan 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 1st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan bringing kids to the hospital for the vaccinations. Umaben reaches the Mandir and starts preparing for the puja. The pandit asks where are the kids. Umaben says there are not here. The pandit asks her to call the kids soon, as the puja is for them and they should be there. Chhan Chhan is returning with the kids. Umaben calls Manav. Chhan Chhan receives the call. Umaben scolds her and asks her to give the phone to Manav. Umaben tells Manav whats all this, you took the kids without informing me, we are in Mandir. She asks him to come to the Mandir soon. Manav says we are coming, I will talk to you later. The inspector stops him and Manav talks with them. Manav pays the challan and leaves.
Manav’s car bumps into another car. A woman is driving the other car, she gets hurt. Chhan Chhan and Manav asks her what happened. The people blame Manav for it. The woman says it was my mistake, the accident happened because of me. I can take care of myself as I m a doctor.

Chhan Chhan thanks her. She sees the time and thinks they have to reach the Mandir soon. Manav and Chhan Chhan drop the woman to the hospital. She says my boyfriend will come soon, you can go. Manav asks Chhan Chhan to wait there, as he will go and pay the bill. Umaben is waiting for the kids in the Mandir. She wonders where they are. Ranjana is worried. Umaben is angry. Ranjana speaks against Chhan Chhan. Gomuti takes Chhan Chhan’s side. Umaben scolds Gomuti for sending the kids. Sanjana says the time has passed. The pandit says the time is over, now we cannot do the puja. Umaben gets angry and leaves. Chhan Chhan and Manav are still in the hospital. Chhan Chhan brings fruits for her. Mokut is her boyfriend. Manav and Chhan Chhan are shocked to see Mokut.

The woman thanks them and introduces them to Mokut as her boyfriend. Mokut asks what they are doing here. The woman is shocked to know that they know each other. Manav asks what are you doing here. Chhan Chhan questions Mokut. Mokut is caught. Chhan Chhan says you are caring for her. Manav asks who is this girl, is this a joke. They confront Mokut. Mokut says what you have seen and heard is true. She is Mayuri and I like her, so I care for her. They are shocked. Mokut says is it a crime to like anyone, I don’t regret this. Chhan Chhan asks what about Gomuti. Mokut speaks against Gomuti. Manav says she takes care of you a lot, and you are saying this. Mokut says she is a good bahu, not a good wife, she is illiterate. She does not spend time with me. She does not know anything, I m ruined to spend my life with her. Manav reminds him about his children. He says you are a father too. Mokut says I know, but you are saying this because you love Chhan Chhan, your mentality is same. But Gomuti is different. Mokut does not understand. Mayuri listens. Mokut says Mayuri gives me happiness.

Manav says lets go home. Mokut says no, not now. I will go and drop Mayuri, I will come later, you may leave. Chhan Chhan and Manav leave. Mayuri looks on. The kids see Mokut and shout Papa. Sakshi says I have seen Papa but he did not hear me. Chhan Chhan says he is not your dad, and gives chocolates to them. Chhan Chhan tells Manav to think what to do next. Manthan is playing with Dada ji and cheats in the chess game. Umaben and her bahus come home. Manthan asks them why they came so early. Manthan asks about the puja. Ranjana says we could not do the puja, as the kids were not there. Chhan Chhan did not bring the kids. Umaben says call Manav and ask him when can he come. The kids come home with Chhan Chhan and Manav. Umaben asks Manav where they were, as she asked them to come to the Mandir. Umaben scolds them.

Manav says we stopped somewhere, and it was tough to come back. Chhan Chhan asks Manav not to say. The kids say about the accident. Everyone are shocked and ask Chhan Chhan. Chhan Chhan tells them everything. Dada ji supports Chhan Chhan and goes to Manav. Umaben stops Chhan Chhan and says you knew this about my plan, then why did you take the kids to the hospital. If you wanted to take them, you would have taken them later, you wanted to go against me. Chhan Chhan says no, its not like that. Umaben creates a rift and leaves. Chhan Chhan says how can I tell you why we waited in the hospital.

Chhan Chhan comes to Manav. Manav is thinking about Mokut. He is worried about Gomuti. He says how can Mokut do this. Chhan Chhan says even I am thinking about this. Manav says he cannot understand why he is doing this. Gomuti comes there and hears them.

Mokut and Mayuri are together. Mokut gets a call from Gomuti.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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