Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st August 2013 Written Update
Abhi praises Sandy for her deeds. Everyone claps. Abhi thanks her too & says that they will inform the next day. Ashutosh asks about the date of semi finals so that they can prepare. Abhi says that they want their contestants to be ever ready. Abhi tells sandy that she has all the qualities to win the SBC. Bhabo thinks that Sandy is very intelligent & found everything about suraj’s shop vandalism & wonders why she hide the truth & led to MP. Babasa thinks that bhabo is on ire with sandy’s success

Meena inquires about the competition. Chaturi explains how sandy trapped the wrong doer. Meena tells that it is not new & it is in her blood. Bhabo warns her to be careful or else sandy would get her too. Meena gulps.

Everyone enter the RM. Bhabo

looks at something & says ek langdo ek kaani after long time (Ami’s wish fulfilled). Bhabo taunts for leaving the bulb on & adds that no one cares for electricity bill. Meena tells that it is the mistake of chavi as she left to temple along with her & adds that bhabo asked chavi to turn it off. Chavi tells that meena is lying. Suraj asks her to keep quiet. Chavi tells that meena is used to this & lies everytime. Meena tells that chavi lies every time out of the fear of bhabo & adds that she lied last time she passed & the DSP wife brought out the truth & also 3ooo rs for the fake paper & also the latest exam for which she shifted the blame on sandy…

Bhabo remembers how she asked her to tell the truth & bhabo thinks that whether she lied of out her fear. Babasa asks them to keep quiet & they always be ready for blaming others. Adds that it is family where one tries to help the other & make them happy.

Bhabo looks at some vessel & akss sandy to make vadiya in the terrace. Sandy leaves. Bhabo decides something.

BreaK: Bhabo stretches the vadiya sheet & calls chavi to take the dried clothes from the terrace…

Mohit counts money in his purse. Emily tells that she wonders how manoj denied taking their name. Mohit tells that it is all becoz of money. He adds that what would she do in the next round as she has been through all the rounds with the help of Manoj. Asks her to learn something from Sandy & Emily replies that she will win the competition at any cost. Mohit tells that how can a person who never knows to differentiate between a rope & roll win. Adds that she shd follow sandy at any cost & copy her. Emily tells that sandy is sharp & she would find this. Mohit warns that she will become Emily d souzsa from Emily Rathi & asks her to follow him blindly. emily is sad..

Sandy finishes spreading vadiyas. Bhabo come there & stretches the vadiya sheet near the footsteps door. She then calls chavi to take the dried clothes from the terrace…

Chavi asks chaturi to go. Chaturi tells that bhabo asked her to. Babasa tells chavi that already bhabo is on ire. As expected Chavi steps on the vadiya sheet & fears that bhabo would taunt her. She quickly strecthes back the sheet

Break: Bhabo looks at chavi removing the messed up vadiya back on the vessel.

Cahvi brings back the vessel .
Bhabo looks at chavi removing the messed up vadiya back on the vessel & wonders what is she doing… Chavi looks that the sheet is too shabby with the paste & wipes off with some board. Bhabo gets shocked. Chavi keeps everything intact & makes a scene as if sandy has not yet made vadiya.

Bhabo thinks to self that she never thought her daughter would be so criminal minded. Bhabo keeps the hair band of chavi aside the window…

Bhabo asks sandy whether she made vadiyas… Sandy nods. Bhabo sends chaturi to bring back those vadiyas as the sun has gone. Bhabo leaves for some work. Chaturi too leaves.

Chaturi finds the vadiya mix on the vessel intact. Chaturi informs sandy about the same. Sandy wonders how???? Chavi tells that she might have missed as she is tensed these days bcoz of the competition. Sandy leaves to check out. Bhabo hides in another side of the terrace. Sandy wonders who does that & finds vadiya filled footsteps…

PrecaP: Bhabo tells babasa that sandy hide both the matter & when she had proof too. She adds that what made her do that when she knows that taking blame would make her dream weak. Babasa is shocked & in thinking mode

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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