Qubool Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Sanam is angered at knwoing the real mntive behind ahil saving dilshad, and that his effort to save dilshad was just to get him to be a slave. He starts taunting her. Ahil tauntingly asks her if she wants to be free from his slavery forever. When she eyes him questioningly, he says that she just has to bend on her knees, and with her head bowed, and her nose with her self respect touching the ground, she would have to ask for an apology and beg for forgiveness, and not bother then about repaying the money. sanam says that the head should always bows in front of the lord, and not the devil. She defiantly says that her shoulders dont support a head that bows down for sympathy. she faces ahil with consternation, while ahil is tensed. ahil reminds her that with an apology the story would end, but if she doesnt accept then she would have to be a slave for the coming six months, and he says that he shall ensure that every minute of those 6 months are torturous for her. He moves past but turns back to remind her, that she has to be ready with her answer before he returns. he leaves, while sanam is frustrated.

From her room, nazia calls for latif, to give her meds, when shazia comes in discussing on the phone, about a pyjama party which gets nazia tensed. When she tries to advise her, shazia jerks off her advise. Nazia asks her to be scared of ahil atleast, who would be furious if he gets to know this. shazia reminds her that she doesnt care about ahil or their mother, who has never botherted to be with them. Nazoa says thgat she didnt do it out of her will. Shazia says that she didnt, but she herself would do what she wants. nazia asks her to stop or else she would tell ahil. shazia agrees finally not to go and walks out in a puff.

Later, when nazia has a terrible headache, latif mixes one tablet in the water, and tells her that she cant take more than one as it would act like a sedative. Shazia hears this. when latif leaves, and nazia goes to the washroom, shazia mixes many tablets. She hides when she hears nazia coming out. Nazia drinks it and doses off much to shazia’s pleasure, as she thinks that now she can go to the party.

In the foyer, sanam wonders what to do. rehaan calls out to her. Sanam again asks him how can he tolerate ahil, and why, with ahil being such a lowlife. He says that he is a servant here, and knows that he hasd to stay in his limits. Sanam says that he has the right to tell ahil whats right or wrong. He tells her that ahil isnt really wrong. sanam says that she isnt surprised to hear him talk like that. Rehaan says that he is a good man in the garb of evil, and that he cant tell her what to do, but ensure that ahil wont do anything wrong. sanam says that he doesnt have any idea of what all she has borne due to him, and reminds him of the current bet. Sanam says that she hasnt done anything wrong. rehaan says that she has done something wrong, and that is to insult ahil’s mother talking about all the things that she has done for her son and him too. He says that even he wont hear anything against the lady. he tells her that she wont become small in stature if she apologises. as he leaves, she is tensed.

Latif is ogling over ahil, while he is beside the swimming pool, ahil casts a glance at her, and she hasdtens off. sanam comes in and finds him beside the pool. sanam apologises for having insulted his mother, and his upbringing. Ahil is surprised. She apologised for having had preconceived notions about his mother, as her own mother never taught this. ahil asks that she thought she qas apologising. sanam says that she was doing that only. Ahil again reminds her how he ewants her apology, and asks her to never look up ever again to him, or his mother too. sanam says that she apologised for having insulted his mother and not him, and that she was right in understanding him. She says that she would never apologise for this, as his motive was wrong. Ahil is tensed. He tells her that her debt is due, and that if she apologises for his mother’s insult, she would be free off.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s haveli
While dilshad is attending to calls, when munisa is bathing, she hear a certain sound and thinks that its coming from the house only. She finds the same silhouette that sanam saw in one of the rooms. she wonmders who could it be. she stealthily approcahes the door, and is about to unclasp it, when she is alarmed by munisa standing behind her, asking her to let it be closed. dilshad asks who stays here. Munisa says that its her brother, rahat. dilshad is surprised and asks why does he stay likwe this, as he was a very amiable person. Munisa says that she isnt now, and has distanced himself from the family and everyone, and doesnt even talk to her. Dilshad asks what happened. munisa says that she doesnt know and he doesnt like it too, and asks dilshad not to go near there as he already is dirtubed and she doesnt want to disturb him any longer. dilshad complies, but is still tensed, wondering what happened to rahat. munisa leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam tells him that she doesnt want him to give concession for her debt, but wants to repay it back. she says that she would work here till she pays it off. he says that she wont manage four days even. She asks him to try as her self respect would outrule his ego. Ahil says that they shall see if she manages to be here. He starts telling her the rules, that she would have to report him and only him, and do what he says. He tells her that if he fails in one task, he would break one bopttle, and if these 4 bottles break, then she would have to fulfill her part of the bet, and apologise. sanam says that day wont ever come. She says that she has full faith on herself and her Lord, andf he may make her do anything, and she wont complain, or ever accept defeat, as she isnt scared of anything. Both enter into a steely eyegaze. the screen freezes on Sanam’s face, as they both look awy with awkwardness.

Precap: Ahil gives sanam the first task. she asks him what does she have to do. He asks her if she knows swimming. When she says that she doesnt, he says that its perfect, and then taking off his wrist watch, shocks her by throwing it in the water, and asks her to retrieve it. Seeing her hesitate, Ahil taunts her that she would be defeated in her first attempt, and that he would have to break one bottle. To his shock, sanam jumps in to save the watch. He finds that she is beginning to drown and grasping for breath, and as he starts calculating time on his stopwatch, he gets increasingly tensed, as there’s no trace of sanam anywhere.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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