Rang Rasiya 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
paro says you said you don’t love her, Laila says he said that you accepted it, cant you see truth that when I am with with rudra, his breath stops, Laila says if you didn’t have doubt on him then you wouldn’t have asked this question, paro says I didn’t ask him this question as I doubt on him but for that we can start our life afresh, Laila says come in senses paro, there is no freshness, rudra was always of me. Laila says to paro that you are like insect who can go near flame but cant jump in it but I am fire which reside in flame and flame is incomplete without me. she ask rudra to tell paro truth, rudra looks at paro and says paro… it turns out to be paro’s dream and she gets up with started. she is tensed. she comes out and sees rudra sleeping on swing, she runs to him, rudra’s hand is about to fall from swing but someone holds it, its not paro but Laila, rudra gets up and says you, he looks at paro also standing there, he ignores Laila and says paro, paro runs from there, rudra angrily ask Laila what were you doing here, she sasy I just gave your hand support, rudra sternly says I don’t need your support or pity. lail says as you wish. he goes from there, dilsher sees all this from behind wall,

Scene 2
dilsher calls samrat and danveer, dilsher gives some envelope to samrat, he opens it and its money, he says whats this? dilsher says I know about embroidery much that I know about this house’s kitchen, look I am your father’s big brother and don’t say no to older, I am most sensible person here in this haveli so I will say truth and right, you take this money and use it wisely, samrat touches his feet and goes after thanking him. dilsher says now I have to act like old and says after giving senses to your mad son its time to give senses to my mad son.

Scene 3
paro is working in kitchen, Maithili ask did something happened why you are silent, paro says nothing, rudra comes there, Maithili says do you need anything? rudra looks at paro and says tea, paro tea. Maithili says you didn’t give him tea till now, go give him tea, paro makes tea, Maithili says to rudra that I listened in Jaipur you made tea for paro so you must know what kind of tea she likes, rudra says yes without milk and with lots of sugar, Maithili says you are very lucky paro that rudra knows about your likes, samrat never know my likes of tea. paro says will you make tea jija, Maithili pours tea in cup and turns but rudra is gone, she tell this to paro, she ask paro whats happening, why your face swelled like cabbage, tell me what happened, paro doesn’t say anything and takes tea from maithii, Maithili says good throw your anger and give him tea, paro mixes sugar in tea and says this is for dilsher and goes from there.

Scene 4
dilsher talks to rudra and says why you told everything to paro about you and Laila, rudra sasy I told her everything but paro.. dilsher says what paro, you are angry on her that she didn’t accept your story, rudra says so you want me to hide all this from her, dilsher says no but you should have given her time to understand things, what you thought it will be easy for her to live with your truth of colorful nights.
paro is taking tea, Laila bumps in her, Laila sasy should I help you in some work, paro says you are our guest, take rest and become fine, Laila says sorry I know its paining you that I am here and now that when you know about me and rudra. paro looks at her.
dilsher says to rudra to rudra that paro must be hurt, cant you thought that your mistakes can snatch your only happiness from you, your marriage, your wife, tell me one thing do you want to live with her whole life, did you tell her everything to live whole life with her, dilsher says there is still time, you can save your life, your marriage.. rudra says enough don’t teach me I am not kid, he leaves, dilsher says wish you were wise enough.

Scene 5
paro ask Laila how she know that paro knows about their truth, Laila sasy you hubby wife can be seen by blind too, rudra told truth that I should leave, rudra comes there and says so go, its good that you go, paro says why she should leave, rudra says I have to talk to my wife alone, he takes her in room. paro says why you brought me here you could have said there itself, rudra sasy infront of that girl, paro sasy Laila and why you want to throw her out, if she stay here then what will happen or you want to throw her out because you have something in heart for her, rudra sasy nothing I have nothing fro her, paro sasy then why she means to you? rudra sasy not her but you means to me, I can see from morning there is no smile on your face, you are angry, have tears, paro says so, rudra holds her face and says so you are in pain and I cant see you in pain, paro looks at him and says I have no problem with Laila staying here. rudra takes off his hand from her face, they share eyelock, paro says but I feel pain thinking that I am attached to you with only this thread, wife but for namesake not in real sense, do I have any right on you? and if I have no right on my husband then whoever stay here how can I decide, she leaves, rudra thinks.

Scene 6
paro brings tea for dilsher, he looks at paro and says I can only see one mourn face, rudra, I cant see your face like this. he says sorry I cant make people laugh, Maithili comes there and ask paro to help her in coloring dupattas. paro tells Maithili about rudra and Laila, Maithili says listen, throw Laila out, its not good if she stay here, paro says we should not drag people’ past, whatever happened between them happened before our marriage, he didn’t even meet me then so on which think I should be angry that Laila is beautiful, or she loved rudra or because they had.. she says no I cant do that, Laila’s life is in danger, I cant ask her to go fro saving our relation, its wrong, Maithili says so you will make her stay and will make your relation bitter, paro sasy what relation? when Laila will be fine, she will go from here but what will change between me and rudra? to change our relation I need to know what in rudra’s heart for me, will he give me his heart today, tomorrow or anytime.

PRECAP- sunehri shows puppets show ad and says to paro and Maithili that we will go. she ask Laila to accompany also, she says me apro Maithili all are going, Laila thinks then o should stay at home, how can I leave the chance to stay alone with my rudra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. paros thinking and the role was very nice. Good to see a charecter like paro after many days on the screen. Hope she will sort out this lilas issue soon. Here rudra should open up atleast now what he feels about paro.

  2. Kya bakwass story hai .. Why this Paro wants to become MAHAAAN….by keeping her husband’s ex at home … this is not the story of real life …

    Rang raisya is so fictitious… Yeh hai Mohobatein and bade achhe lagte hai is based on real life story .. what is all this stupid in Rang rasiya????????

    This is insulting for a wife to behave just because his husband married her in odd phase …ridiculous …

    I am the wife of my husband .. I have a relation to this family .. I dont have to know .. what is there in my husband’s mind about me … what matter’s to me is to keep my husband and

    my family safe from these kinds of women ….

    What is stupid story .. who is the writer of rang rasiya … this is really going dragging

  3. Its so obvious. The plot of the story. I m sorry, but this could be a heartbreaking truth for people who want to enjoy paro and rudra’s love story.
    Obviously, paro will forgive rudra. And the day rudra would confess his love, his hand would be alright. Paro would be delighted to hear his confession and then get sad becoz she has to leave him. Next day rudra won’t find paro and would conclude that, ‘sunder aurat kisi ki nahi hoti’. Then he’ll again become a devil and swear vengence on paro. Then again a cycle of hatred will start.

  4. well damn it to stop all the hatred in rudra for once writers should change the track and not make paro leave but stand by her man which will stop his hatred inside him. then laila has her eyes on Sumar dont forget to stay she will use him or even gets married to sumar OMG!!!! can u imagine kakisa’s face haaaa!!!!

  5. Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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