Ek Boond Ishq 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala points gun at mj, mj says don’t do this with me, kala ask her servant to take off his shirt, they take off his shirt, kala sees tattoo on mj’s hand and ask about it, mj sasy I used to watch movies, I wanted to become hero so made this tattoo but I couldn’t become hero, kala ask him to shut up, she ask servant to find bullet mark on his hand, eunuch flirts with mj saying you have good muscles, mj ask kala to save him, kala says don’t do that, kala checks mark on his hand, presses hi tattoo and says there is no mark so he cant be leader of gang, so we will make him mj, bablu/mj says I don’t want to do that, I am going, kala sasy think you will get 1 lakh per day, bablu says I will become mj, kala sasy from now on we will train you as mj, you go now, bablu runs.

Scene 2
tara is worried for mj. tara is tensed in her room that mj didn’t call me, don’t know how is he, don’t know what kala is doing with mj, if something bad happens.. she says no now everything will be fine, she says he should be fine, mj comes from window, tara sasy are you fine, she kala do something, cant you do one call to me, mj says you look good while questioning, tara says tell me, mj says kala is very clever, she doubted me that I am leader of gang, mj says this tattoo saved me, he recalls how he and tara made tattoo, tara sasy I will put medicine, she takes of tattoo, it pains mj, tara does hi bandage, tara says is ti paining, mj says you touched me and it started paining, tara says when I used to touch earlier your pain used to go away, mj says now I am bablu, tara says I am loving bablu, bablu says my susela will mind, tara says I am your susela, they look in each others eyes, mj sasy some poetic lines, mj kisses her hand.
otherside adi and meethi are looking at each other, meethi sasy don’t look at me like this my heart beats, adi says its his work to beat, meethi sasy you are expert in heart things as you are always with nandu, adi says are you feeling jealous? meethi says my foot, adi calls nandu to bring fruits, meethi says what you are doing she will come, adi says you said you are not jealous, nandu comes there with juice, methi says he asked fro fruits. nandu says why will he do work by chewing fruits so brought juice, adi says look how much she cares, nandu makes him drink, meethi acts to fume, nandu deliberately falls on floor, she says meethi made me fall, meethi says I didn’t, adi scolds meethi and ask nandu to come, adi takes nandu in his arms and goes away, meethi is not feeling good, nimmo and tara comes there and says you look cute when you feel jealous, meethi says what should I do, tara say answer her with your game, tara tells her some game which is muted.

Scene 3
inspector is angry that they didn’t got leader, he says leader didn’t go to any clinic to take out his bullet so there house must here in this city, inspector gets call from guruji and says If you want to catch govind then come to bus stand.
nimmo, meethi and tara comes to nandu and says you got sprain, nandu sasy its because of meethi, tara scolds her and says I brought remedy for you and meethi will apply it, meethi denies, tara says if you want to stay here then apply, meethi sits to apply, nandu ask adi to be with her, adi places hand on her shoulder, meethi applies remedy on her foot and nandu shouts that it is very hot, tara says it should be applied hot, she ask meethi to apply, meethi applies and nandu shouts again and says this is not doing anything take it away, tara says we will find another way to remove your sprain, tara ask nimmo to remove her sprain if you know, she says yes I will do, nimmo sits, nandu says don’t touch my foot, nimmo says you have sprain and I know how to remove it, I will do, she catches her foot and pulls it very much, nandu shouts in pain and sasy its alright now, she runs from there, they all laugh.

Scene 4
police comes at bus stand and catches gurji/govind.
at den, bablu is getting make over of mj, they cut his hairs and removes his clothes, they make him wear clothes like mj and he looks exactly like old mj, he says I have habit to hold my dhoti, kala says I am giving you lakh to hold so shut up, kala’s eunuch says that we made him like mj but when he speaks he speak in so illiterate manner that everybody will know he is not mj, kala says bablu don’t talk and if you have to then say that you are hurt on head. bablu says okay. kala listens news that govind is caught by police, she is happy, news says that govind said that his leader is eunuch and her name is kalavati and rudra is in her custody, kala is stunned. mj thinks what will you do now kala.

PRECAP- kala ask mj what will you do going to susela, kala says you cant go away from here only your body will go but not you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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