Ek Hasina Thi 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dayal asking Shaurya to stay away from his daughter Durga. He says I don’t like this. Durga has told me that you are coming closer to her. You have shared your feelings with her many times, am I right. Shaurya looks at Durga. Dayal says Rajnath you know this, I told you before too that I m seeing good proposals for Durga, I don’t want Shaurya to create any trouble for us. Sakshi says yes we understand, don’t take this seriously, our relationship will be profession. Dayal says good and takes Durga. Shaurya gets angry and says who is this Dayal Thakur, he came in my office and insulted me, do you know who am I, I m Shaurya Goenka, the most eligible bachelor, he thinks I m not fit for his daughter, why. Sakshi says as you have raped a girl. She leaves with Rajnath.

Shaurya says no……….. Durga comes home and smiles seeing Payal’s pics. She thinks about her and Payal. Payal was upset knowing Nitya will get married and leave their house soon. Nitya says we will first find someone for you, promise. Payal and Nitya had a hug. Durga cries missing Payal. She gets Shaurya’s call and she does not answer. Shaurya thinks about Dayal’s words and gets angry. He shouts Durga and breaks a glass. He says Durga you can’t this, how did you cut my call. Rajnath comes and hears him. Shaurya’s hand gets hurt and Rajnath ties his hanky.

He asks Shaurya is there any reason, don’t give me filmi line that you love her and can’t live without her. Shaurya says I had a bet with my friends for Rs 5 crores, that I will get Durga on my bed. Rajnath is shocked and laughs. He says if you had the bet, then you have to win, sometimes ask me what to do, your problem is Durga knows you are desperate. He says hurt Durga that she gets much pain. He says then see she will come running to you to share her pain. Shaurya smiles. Rajnath says today’s tuition is over here. He says I have a request. This deal should not be cancelled. I don’t want Dayal to backup from this deal, later on you can do what you want. Shaurya says love you dad. Raj says love you too son.

Shaurya says I promise you dad, the deal will be yours and Durga will be mine. Shaurya messages Durga. He says run Durga now, you ignored my calls now. Durga gets his message and is shocked reading he is going to meet Payal. She runs being worried for Payal. She calls him. Shaurya smiles and says not you got time to call me, sorry I m busy now. He leaves. Shaurya and Durga both leave to meet Payal. Durga says I have to stop Shaurya from meeting Payal.

Shaurya reaches first and whistles. Durga comes there and meets him. He says what a surprise, you came on right time, its good you came, now lets go. Shaurya thinks he knows her weakness, you will do what I want, you are totally under my control, you are my puppet now. Durga asks him not to meet Payal as she will react seeing him. He says yes, she shouts, so is she the victim, I will prove you I m the victim, you don’t know what is the reality. He says come with me and shows her some documents.

He says I will show you the truth today. He says this is Payal’s college principal’s statement. Durga thinks about him who spoke against Payal’s character wrongly. He shows her Payal’s best friend Monika’s statement. Durga thinks about it. Shaurya says hear my answer, this is it. This is Pandit ji’s statement who knew Payal. Durga reads it and thinks he also supported Shaurya. Shaurya says the list is very long, you can’t call everyone liars. He says this is doctor Anandita’s statement. Even she lied that Payal was not raped at all. He shows her inspector’s statement who said Payal was not raped. He says it happened by their mutual consent.

He says you don’t trust me now, fine, see this, its Payal’s statement who accused me of rape. Durga thinks about the court hearing. Payal said Shaurya did not rape her. We love each other. It all happened by my wish. Payal apologized to everyone and said she wants to marry Shaurya. Durga looks at the papers.

Raima says there is eye witness Divya in Payal’s rape case. Sakshi says maybe Durga is Babjee’s relative. Sakshi comes to meet Babjee and Durga hides. Sakshi is shocked to see Babjee reading a book as he claimed he is blind. Durga gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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