Qubool Hai 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
Azhar comes out to meet a goon like fellow, demanding for his money. Azhar is undaunted, and says that if he doesnt leave in two seconds, he would ruin him so bad. But when he turns around after his heroic speech, he finds that the goon is with a much bigger fellow, way beyond his stature. He instantly changes his tone, as the man threatens him to insult him in front of his would be wife. His mother who follows him, is shocked to see his son with goons. Meanwhile, asma gets tensed and leaves to check on azhar. Azhar’s mom finds her approaching and is shocked, as to how to prevent asma from seeing this. azhar pleads with them to keephis identity a secret and stop asma from knowing that he isnt a doctor, and save his true identity and asks for one last chance. the man lets him go one last chance, and leaves. meanwhile, asma is stopped by his mother by intentionally colliding with her, and distracting her. Asma leaves to call the physiotherapist friend, and says that her pressing the leg would be painful to her. Azhar’s mother thinks that she has too much of an ego to press her legs and decides to have her way after she comes in this house.

Sanam reaches outside, and wonders what to do and whether rehaan is outside. she finds someone coming outside, and asks her if rehaan is there, and is told that he isnt. Sanam decides to wait for him for sometime. She thinks that rehaan has helped her a lot, and should thank him, but she cant wait for long, as she has to go back to the hospital, and wonders what to do.

Inside, asma’s parents begin to leave after waiting for long for ahil. Azhar expresses his desire to keep asma back for a little longer, so that ahil can see her, and then after the selection of the ring, he would himself drop her back. Her parents agree and ask him to leave asma home on time.

Hearing a car approach, and seeing rehaan getting out, sanam is happy from her hiding, but gets angry seeing that ahil also got out along with him. she watches them both go inside. she wonders how to thank rehaan now and what to do. she then decides that when rehaan comes outside, after having left ahil, she would thank him.

Inside, asma is told by her would be mother in law, who talks about her family history. Asma asks about begum sahiba. Nazia tells her that begum is lonely after her husband’s death, and stays in solitude. Asma asks for a pic of her, and is told that she doesnt like to get clicked and stays away from the world. But shazia is unable to control herself any longer and showing a pic, she vents out her frustration at her mother, Begum who left her for being brought up by others. Ahil comes and screams at her to be quiet. Shazia asks why is he favouring her, as she is his stepmother, and is slammed shut by ahil, saying that he may not be her real son, but he respects her more than anything else in this world. He talks about how much he is connecetd to her, since she stepped in. shazia leaves in disgust. All are tensed. asma comes and asks ahil to forgive shazia for her mistake. Ahil smiles and lets go. asma says that she is very proud of him and it would be her honour, to have her engagement ring selected by him. Azhar’s parents think that she is too smart. They start showing ahil various rings. but his eyes fall on a particular piece that noone picked up. Ahil tells them that there would never be a time when he would have a to select a ring for a special girl, but then starts looking at the ring. Ahil says that even if he had to select one ring, he would have selected this one, and picks up a certain one. Asma says that its was her choice too, and asks why doesnt he feel this need. ahil says that he doesnt believe in love. Asma gives him the same advise that rehaan had given him in the car. but ahil says that its only in stories but not in real life. Ahil excuses himself. But in latif’s ovcerexcitement, she almost collides into ahil and the ring is thrown in the air, by mistake. While the ring falls on the floor, and starts rolling towards the main gate, ahil is surprised and others are tensed too. As fate would have it, the ring finally lands on Sanam’s feet, who has just entered the compound, so that she could have thanked rehaan for his help. she picks up the ring, and looks at it surprisingly. Ahil gets busy on phone, while sanam eyes the ring, both oblivious of the other’s presence and how fate is intertwining their lives in its own unique way. Her smile at eyeing the ring vanishes, when she finds ahil on the phone and leaves in anger, hiding behind apillar, so as not to be seen by ahil, who too is suspicious of someone’s prresence. rehaan comes and takes him inside, while sanam breathes a sigh of relief.

Inside, all are searching around for it, while asma asks them to calm down and search in the daytime. Asma excuses herself for the night, while azhar says that he would just come with the car keyss. Outside, sanam wonders who se ring it is. as asma comes out, sanam exchanges greetings, and then shows her the ring, much to asma’s pleasaure and tells about her engagement with azhar. She also asks sanam about her relative’s health now. Before azhar’s lie can be exposed to asma, he comes in and distracts them from talking and asks sanam about dilshad’s health. Asma asks whats she doing here. Sanam says that she was going to rehaan. But azhar throws around his weight as a doctor and gets her to go, so that she isnt able to to talk to asma and his truth be exposed. He is relieved when she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
The doctor tells sanam that she is okay and can be taken home, but needs rest and concern, and that there should strictly be no travlleing or exertion, or else her next attck would be fatal. sanam thinks that this means they would have to stay in bhopal only and wonders where would they stay. Sanam comes in dilshad’s ward, and dilshad immediately finds her tensed, as sanam seems distracted. Dilshad asks her whats the matter. sanam tells dilshad that the doctor was saying that she is right and okay but not suited to travel yet and wonders where would she stay now. Dilshad tells her that she would obviously stay wherever she stays. Sanam is distraught as to what to answer. Sanam says that she does stay there. dilshad assumes that she wont be permitted to stay there. sanam is fumbling around for words. dilshad asks her not to worry as this is her city where she spent half of her life. sanam asks what she means. Dilshad says that she had told haya that she would get her here soon, and manage things easily, now that sanam has a job. sanam remembers her conflict with ahil, and wonders how to tell dilshad that she doesnt have a job anymore. Sanam thinks that had dilshad been okay, she would have taken her back now but wonders what to do now. the screen freezes on Sanam’s tensed face.

Precap: Ahil tells sanam that when people meet him, they always do so with bowed heads, but she had the guts and daring to go against the wind and face him boldly. He says that he decided her fate right there and then, that he would break her ego bit by bit. He reminds her that she had said that she cant be bought, but now by his one gesture, he only bought her and her self respect, but the fact of the matter is that now he owns her. Sanam is apalled to hear him talk like that and helpless thinking that she doesnt have any other option, but to hear him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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