Mahabharat 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna explains the importance of hardwork n practice , he says hardwork n practice can help us eradicate adharma but at times u may have to face death at the end but that doesn’t mean that ur hardwork is wasted but it enhances ur sacrifice n u will be remembered for years , abhimanyu requests artist to narrate some more incidents.the artist begins , wen Krishna would play his basuri along with all the gopiyas n his friend radha all the animals n birds also would be mesmerised by the melody of his basuri. Nand says Brahmans (saints) that the village can give only 100 animals ,

Brahmans say if u don’t give animals n gold u will have to face curse of lord indra after all he saved us Krishna says do we donate all this pooja due to fear or as thankfulness Brahmans says ur small u now all have to face curse now n go away. Krishna says we have to pray to mount gowardhan n not lord indra after all gowardhan helps in fulfilling our basic needs. Pinac(villages head) decide to pray lord indra but nand and his followers decide to pray to lord gowardhan Krishna n his friends rob ghee from the pooja of lord indra n take it to pooja of gowardhan pinac arrive their n yell at nand saying u have upset lord indra now face his curse n it starts raining heavily Brahmans say this curse we all have to face is all bcoz of Krishna but Krishna ignores this n walks towards mount gowardhan n prays mount asking to protect them from curse n lifts mount gowardhan by his liitle finger all people run beneath the mountain including all the cattles n animals , looking at this lord indra arrives their , indra tries to destroy the mountain but fails Krishna begins to play his basuri , lord indra tries all his powers but couldn’t destroy mount gowardhan , indra realises his mistake n the rain stops n indra arrives in front of Krishna n says u have helped me overcome my pride im thankful for that ask for a wish n i will fulfil it Krishna says help me put this heavy mount down ,lord indra says i will help u put this down but never put the mount of dharma u have lifted.

Kansa invites Krishna to Mathura

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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