Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gini telling Maya that Raghu didn’t think about babyji. Maya says, timing was wrong. Babyji realized her love lately. She asks her to confess her feelings to Karan. Gini says, if he refuses then. Maya asks her how was the day with him and asks her to propose to him fast. She goes to decorate Raghu’s room. Gini thinks to propose to Karan. Maya decorates the room and tells Shivani that she thought to made their night special. Shivani feels bad and packs her stuff. Maya says, we have to give the new weds some privacy.

Bella comes and asks what is the need of all this. Maya says, it should be done by you. Raghu and Sumitra come in the room. Sumitra gets happy and hugs Maya. Sumitra says, I always wanted to be the bahu of this house, you doubled my happiness. Shivani takes her stuff and is leaving from the room. Raghu stops her. He asks Maya to remove the decoration. He tells Shivani to give him the bag. Shivani says, don’t spoil your suhaagraat’s decoration. Raghu says, you will stay in this room. Maya says, how can she stay with you both. It will be wrong.

Raghu says, I will sleep outside. Maya says, Shivani will sleep with Bella. Bella asks Shivani to come. Maya asks Shivani to take the teddies. Shivani asks her to throw the teddies. Bella bitterly congrats Raghu. Maya leaves. Sumitra smirks. Shivani and Raghu look at each other. Shivani cries. Sumitra holds Raghu’s hand tightly and signs him. Shivani leaves. Sumitra closes the room. Raghu says, I don’t know how I am doing this. He thanks Sumitra for agreeing to act as married to him.

Gini rehearses to propose Karan in hindi. Maya comes and asks her to propose Karan in English. Gini tries in English. She says, I will write a letter.

Raghu says, life is playing game with me. I want to keep her happy somehow, but I am making her cry every moment. I am giving her pain. I am dying inside. I don’t know what to do? Sumitra comes to him and says don’t be sad. I can understand babyji and your pain. It was necessary for babyji’s good life. Babyji will be happy once she agrees to marry Karan. Raghu leaves. Sumitra thinks this marriage might be fake, but shivani’s tears is the real one. I am relieved to see her in pain.

Shivani cries and looks at the stars. She demands death from the God and looks at Raghu’s room. Chhan Se Toote Jo Sapna plays………………………………Raghu comes outside his room and sees her crying. He feels her pain. Shivani turns. Raghu hides. He thinks, I wish I could make you smile. Please forgive me. He closes the door.

Next morning, Shivani is drying her clothes. Sumitra wipes her sindoor and opens her hairs. She collides with Shivani intentionally. She says, I couldn’t see entire night as it was our suhaag raat. Sumitra tells her that she didn’t know Raghu is so naughty. He didn’t allow me to sleep. She says, I don’t know Raghu loves me so much. She smiles. Shivani gets hurt. Sumitra says, your husband is now mine.

Raghu calls Shivani and asks her to start her new life. He says, I fulfilled the promise and now it is your turn. Get marry to Karan. He shows her wedding dress.

Raghu asks, where is babyji. Bella asks, who are you to ask about her. I can’t eat the gulab jamuns made by Sumitra then how can she eat it. Anyways she is not at home.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Raghu is d stupidiest man alive…..i pray shivani neva takes her back…hes a pain in d ass

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