Kumkum Bhagya 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Suresh finishing breakfast and saying he will go to Akash’s house now. Pragya say she will accompany him. Sarla asks Suresh to take Pragya with him. Suresh says he cannot believe Akash’s family, so cannot take her there. Pragya agrees. Suresh then looks at Rachna and then leaves for Akash’s house. Rachna starts crying. Pragya tries to console her and says Suresh went to get her justice, and once reports is in her favour, Suresh himelf will reject Akash.

Abhi and his family wait for DNA report. Suresh reaches there and greets Akash’s mom, but she does not say anthing. Daadi greets Suresh and asks him to sit. Suresh says he is waiting for the report. Daadi says if the report is positive, then she will let Rachna marry Akash as she cannot see her children lie to her. Lab tech gives report to Abhi. Abhi reads the report and hugs him, he says he knew Akash would not lie. Abhi says Suresh’s child’s mother is not Akash. Suresh says it cannot be. Daadi says his sister lied to her and says report is negative. She asks him to get Rachna married to someone she loves. Suresh says report cannot be wrong as Rachna cannot lie to her. He says Akash and his mom must have tampered the report. Abhi says Suresh that he cannot tolerate anyone troubling his family and says he did it for publicity. Suresh says he does not care about his money. Suresh kicks him out and asks him not to come again. Suresh says he does not care if he is rockstar. Abhi starts beating him and says he cannot tolerate anyone eying his family. He asks security guards to throw him out. Purab asks Abhi why did he beat Suresh. Abhi says he will screw Suresh. Purab then asks daadi to console Abhi, but daadi says he knows how Abhi is, he will not tolerate this.

Akash thanks his mom for saving him and says he is so relaxed, he says he dreamt about Abhi kicking him and she also scolding him. He asks mom how did she do it. Mom says she convinced Abhi to send blood sample to their doctor and changed the blood sample before it reached lab. She asks him to get ready for the marriage.

Suresh comes home limping and injured. Pragya asks what happened to him. Sarla also sees him and gets worried.

Suresh says he went to Abhi’s house and tells them the whole incident happened. Sarla says it is good Madhavi is not here, else she would have cried seeing Suresh in this condition. She goes in to bring turmeric milk for him. Pragya cleans Suresh’s wounds and applies bandagem, scolds Abhi saying he must be rockstar, but he cannot ruin someone’s life like this. Suresh says he will get justice to Rachna.

Aunty/secretary informs Purab that Bulbul came back to office. Purab asks her to massage his head as he is having severe headache. Aunty gets a call and goes out. She gives Bulbul tablets and asks her to give it to him. Bulbul goes to his cabin. He thinks her as aunty and asks her to massage his head. Bulbul thinks he does not deserve him but starts massaging his head. He touches her hand and asks why are her hands so soft. He realizes she is Bulbul and asks why is she here, he thougth she is aunty. Bulbul says he always scolds her and says she will send aunty in to do massage. Purab hbolds her hand and thanks her. She gives him tablets and goes out of his cabin. Bulbul thinks she knows what kind of person he is, but she does not understand what happens to her when she goes in front of him. Purab touches his head and gets happy.

Abhi threatens Suresh’s college management to kick Suresh out, else he will not perform on their college annual function. Management say they cannot sack any professor for their personal issues. Abhi says he wants him out somehow. He goes out of management cabin. Students surround him for a photograph. Pragya sees Abhi and thinks what is he doing here.

Suresh asks lab tech how can the report be negative. Lab tech says someone came from Akash’s house and took blood sample to their family doctor before the sample it. Suresh thinks Akash’s family tampered the report. Pragya calls him and asks him to come to college as principal is asking about him.

Suresh reaches college and goes to principal’s cabin with Pragya following him. Principal asks Suresh to sit and says it is very disturbing to hear about his sister and he going and troubling Abhi’s family. He says Abhi is performing on college annual day and he cannot lose him. He asks Suresh to resign, else he will terminate him. Pragya asks principal how can he do that as Suresh is one of best professors and Abhi is a bad influence on students, Suresh is a role model for students and he cannot do that. Suresh gives his resignation and says these people are different from me, he wanted to teach students morales and reality, but these people to be fake like Abhi.

Precap: Rachna asks Pragya what she wants to do now. Pragya says she will do the same what Akash did to her and will create another fake report..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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