Qubool Hai 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher is excitedly taking breakfast for sanam in the kitchen, when the new bride walks in, and seher notices the weird toenail. Before she can react, the bride hides it, and then latif comes and is surprised to find sanam packing so much food. Seher asks her to mind her own business and walks off.the new bride is tensed, while latif is boggled. Stealthily, seher takes off the painting, and then gets inside, oblivious that the same silhouette is watching her again. Sanam recieves her, with relif as she was getting tensed for her. Seher asks her not to worry, as the hardships and turmoil have made her very strong. sanam says that she gets really scared when she even imagines how she must have spent her childhood. Seher says that its all over now, and that what matters is that they both are together, and feeds sanam. She says that she is reminded of haya, and tells her about her being dumb and deaf. Seher apologises for not having told her before, and then tells that hay got her voice back the day she married rahat. sanam is overjoyed. They happily banter.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya prays that whenever the heart is in dilemma, dilshad always told them to turn to the lord, and hence she has come to him, to be shown a way, as she seems directionless right now. Haya pleads to the lord to show her one way so that she can believe that rahat is innocent, and then she can be assured of the right destination. she reads the quran, that states that forgiveness and true penance, can resolve all sins, and begins to deduce, that rahat can definitely be resolved of this. She decides that if anyone who’s speaking the truth, its rahat and not faiz, and she desperately asks the lord to help him.

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Scene 3:
Location: On the road
On the road, rahat is tensed that haya may have told, but his heart is unwilling to believe this, and thinks that there’s definitely some trap that haya has befallen into. rahat finds that same girl who haya had caught him with, walking on the road. he instantly gets down the car, and follows her. He finds her going to faiz, asking if he has brought the money, and is shocked. He asks what she needs money for, as she wont get money. she says that he paid only half the amount, and that if he doesnt pay full, she would expose him in front of everyone. faiz smiles and asks would he say to everyone, that nothing happened between her and rahat, or that she was planted by him. rahat is shocked. faiz says that rahat already knows it, and he can make haya believe in an instant, that she has been sent by rahat. He says that her efforts shall be in vain. He begins to leave. She says that she would add one more truth, that the masked stranger that day was he himself, and that she also has a copy of the DVD, that shows that he attacked haya, and that he lied to her, as nothing happened between them that night. Faiz is shocked. Rahat is stunned. Faiz says that she would get the remaining money. she says that she would give the DVD too tomorrow. faiz leaves. she begins to leave too, but is surprised when rahat confronts her, saying that he would pay her double the amount, and adds that he doesnt know how she fell in thbis trap, but he knows that god has given her another chance, and asks her to help him, save his relation and his marriage with haya. the girl is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Meanwhille, Azhar’s parents tell tanveer that the work is done. tanveer says that some more time, and then they shall enjoy the drama. Meanwhile, Sanam and seher start having convulsions and fits and then fall unconscious, their faces having gone pale, white foam coming from their mouths. Tanveer asks them go and see that sanam must be lying somewhere breathing her last. Tanveer starts getting impatient when they dont return. When they inform her, that sanam couldnt be found, she is boggled and angered too. tanveer is imaptient and asks them to go and search again, before ahil or anyone else finds her. They leave. Meanwhile, the same silhouette that saw seher going inside, stands on the door, and enters inside, eyeing both of them. The screen freezes on Sanam’s face.

Precap: The stranger drags sanam across the hallway, on the first floor, while tanveer downstairs, in the hall, tells azhar’s parents to find the girl, before ahil comes back. They see a hand from the hallway, and rush to find out. Tanveer is shocked. Meanwhile, Rahat gets the DVD from the girl, who says that this is the one both the brothers desperately want. rahat says that if this DVD can save haya and his relation, then the money that he gives is too small a price to pay.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Looks like writers are going to kill Seher. Noooo wayyyyy, please don’t do this. I want to see Good winning over evil. This is getting very very frustrating. Please Rehan abd Aahil come back and save your love 🙁

  2. is seher going to die

  3. Who is that silhouette??

  4. things are now taking a turn I hope it is for the best please save both sisters and bring tanveer and her accomplices down please unite haya and rahat and let rahatt destroy faiz throw his ass out of the house let him leave just as he came in on his motor cycle faiz is a mad evil person do not let him get away with what he has done another thing I think he will be better off in jail and throw away the keys

  5. i think the silhouette is the new bride
    just guessing

  6. Ya guys.. Seher Should Be Saved. . Or else it would be point less watching This Drama. .
    Btw did u nötice something??? The bond we people share as a Fan group together?? 🙂

  7. the silhoulette is the new bride, who will do everything to spoil sanam and seher plan because she will get to know they are twins…..later down aahil is going to romance her to make the real sanam jealous and she will eventually falls in love with aahil and u know the rest…

  8. Instead what you should do is that make the new sanam die. But to tanveer it should look like new sanam is still alive by seher acting as new sanam and sanam pretending to be dead

  9. You should make it as seher slaps tanveer saying that you killed sanam’s parents she then should say you want to know who I am? (But she should have the voice of new sanam) her voice changes and she says I’m none other than seher khan.everyone should be like your sanam.seher says that you didn’t know asad aur zoya ka pas do batche thai.she says you want to know the truth sanam died. Everyone asks her why are you so happy she says that my sister didn’t die it was new sanam.they ask where sanam is she comes in a blue dress just like the one seher wore on December 15 episode.

  10. Tanveer is blind but sure can play the field with her own stupid goons. Seher and Sanam should win the battle. Truth shall prevail, it’s just taking little longer. Razia got what she deserve and TAnveer will too. I just hope it is not the death but slow suffering by both sisters. The new bride should be paid for her services and be on her way for good.

  11. what is up with the long nail of new sanam ?

  12. Can someone pliz tell me de name of the film the song played in the back ground while faiz looked at hayas photo…..

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