Dil Dosti Dance 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam comes to the rehearsal hall to find Ishika crying. Swayam asks her the problem, so that they can solve it. Sharon asks if she doesn’t want to dance. Ishika says the man who took her to her passion is far from all this. They ask about Raghv. Ishika continues to cry. Karma asks her to calm down. Ishika asks will they help when Raghv won’t be able to dance, she tells them he has brain tumour. He won’t be with them in the musical. Sharon and everyone get gloomy.
Raghv looks up at everyone standing on his bed side, he asks them all the relax as he is alive right now. Simmi asks why he didn’t tell them about it. Raghv says had he come first in class, or had got a hot life, he must have told him. Nil asks him to get serious. Raghv says who can be more serious than getting brain tumour. Karma teases him to be attention seeker, and hands him love letters from the girls in college. Swayam asks what the doctor said. Ishika says he will get treated in US. Raghv says there is a team in US who handled a case like this. Simmi asks if Ishika is going there too. Ishika says she can’t say anything.
Rey and Sara dance. The sponsor appreciates them, and says he was thinking about being some amateur dancers. He says there is something lacking, there is nothing new. What will people come to watch. The sponsor says they aren’t famous, had it been a star he must have considered them. Rey’s mobile tune interfere. The sponsor says he will talk the team, and someone from his team will contact him.
Raghv asks about Rey and Sara, as he wants to meet everyone. The nurse says he will be discharged in the evening, as the visiting hours have ended. Karma says they will give a farewell party to him.
In the corridor, Seema and Sharon discuss about a plan to find out the stalker. Nil tells Swayam that he must meet the girl and find out who she exactly is. They discuss about where Rey is.

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In the car, Sara plays the music. Rey asks if she can stop doing that. He was frustrated, where they will get the sponsors. Sara says she knows, he must first keep his mind cold. She switch the AC on, and says if he smiles he will find the solution to everyone problem just like that. Rey gets Nil’s call, and is shocked. He tells Sara Raghv has last stage brain tumour.
Sharon and Seema come to the café, in changed get ups. Simmi asks Sharon to keep worn her glasses, else she will be recognized. Sharon was determined to know who that guy is. A guy comes on bike, Simmi and Sharon stare on him. He comes to sit on the other table. Sharon says in disgust, she hopes it’s not him. The guy was Swayam. Sharon is worried, and hopes this isn’t him. Simmi says they have come to get him. Simmi says she is sure he is the stalker.
Swayam thinks he must be looking stupid, and must have brought Rey along. He looks at Sharon and Simmi, thinking they aren’t from the college. The girls say he is pointing. He asks the waiter for a paper and pen, and sends them a letter. The girls read he only knows to talk on phone only. Simmi asks her to call on the table, they will break his legs. She writes back to him, that why he is sitting so away. Swayam wonders what he will do there, he hasn’t told anyone about him.
Rey cries, that he can’t believe it. Sara says they have no option. Rey says Raghv is too young, and they don’t know what happens in US. Sara says they can believe in destiny, who knows what happens in life. We have to take the decision, how we have to spend this life. We must live the life happily. She tells him to have faith, he hugs her.
Swayam comes to the girls, shakes hand with them and sit. Simmi call shim hero. Swayam wonders where he has seen them. The drinks come. Swayam drinks without straw. He rubs his moustache, and it gets removed. Simmi points at it. Sharon looks at him, Swayam laughs but Sharon removes it with a jerk. They are shocked to see Swayam, he asks how they know his name. They laugh, saying he is so famous. But he takes Sharon’s glasses off, and is shocked.

PRECAP: Sharon looks at Swayam in anger, Nil warns him about the danger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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