Hamari Sister Didi 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita comes to sit on the outside benches, Karan asks to join her. She allows. Karan says he is sorry, he shouldn’t have cancelled her shift. He says he was thinking she can take a loan. She asks what kind of loan. He says he is sorry, he heard what she and Babay were talking. He says it isn’t a big problem, she must take loan from a friend. Amrita says she never took money, and knows how to manage her budgets. She will manage in future, the way she is managing till today.
In the office, Karan thinks about Amrita’s tension. He thinks he is also head doctor, he will transfer money into her account. She may keep on fighting with him, later.
Mrs. Kapoor talks to the lawyer in worry, and says she will see the entire data base. Amrita asks what is it about, she says is about some property matter. Amrita asks her to have dinner, but she denies. Khushi asks if she must talk to her, but Amrita says she must have some tension, they must leave her alone.
Dimple comes to Karan’s office, he was smiling. She thinks that was he thinking about, and says she wants to talk about Amrita. She says Amrita again broke the rule, and brought a cancer patient in. The treatment is really expensive. Karan says the patient is serious. He asks if they can increase Amrita’s salary. Dimple argues that she is a minor nurse, not the owner. Karan says she is just taking it the wrong way, and says she will take care of Neha’s treatment.
Neha watches her pictures with husband, crying that he left her alone. Amrita comes to her, and asks why she is crying. She looks at the photo, and says she is missing her husband. Neha hides the phone. Amrita says she knows it all, as she can read her face. She says her husband loves her a lot, but mother in law is a bit rude. Neha asks how she knows. Amrita says she even knows, that the husband listens to her saas, but loves her. Neha holds her hand, and says she only sees the dark in her life to come. Amrita says there is dark, but she can bring the light in it by thinking positive. She can also change her life, she wants to think how she wants her life to be; and her life will be like that. Neha asks is it possible. Amrita says it is possible, and gives her medicine.

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Karan meets Amrita in the corridor, he stops her and asks if everything is alright. He asks about Khushi’s admission, she says it will get done. She leaves him, avoiding. He wonders why is she giving some attitude. He comes behind her, and asks if she wants to go back home he can change her shift. She says is he very free these days, that he is going to children’s school and changing his shifts. He must take care about his duties as head doctor. Karan wonders if she knows the money has been transferred.
Neha calls her husband. He gets up to pick it up, the mother in law comes and says that the witch is calling again. She scolds her, but the mother in law tells her that she is getting calls from hospital. The lady says she spent all her earnings, Vikram asks her to leave it. His mother tells him to stay quiet. She scolds Neha, while Neha gets a spark listening to his voice. Neha cries.
Babay says to Amrita to ask her mother in law. Amrita says how she can take money when Avinash never took the money. Amrita says she is already tensed, about some legal matter. Neha comes asking who called her home. Amrita says she did. Neha asks why. What was the emergency, did she die; who is she to talk in her house matters. If they cannot treat her, they must ask her to leave but let some peace be in her house. The whole staff and Karan hears this. Dimple smiles at this.
Neha comes to her room, Dimple comes behind. She says that she is ready to compensate her for a nurse’s mistake; she just has to write a complaint against sister Amrita. She is ready to write off all her bills, in return worth 20,000. Neha says she will write the complaint, this is her punishment. Dimple smiles and leaves. Neha is angry, and thinks she must not have done this. Dimple gets a paper and pen to her. Dimple thinks that someone has dared to write a written complaint against Amrita in years.

PRECAP: Amrita says to Babay she can’t let her alone. Babay says she is angry, when Karan doesn’t leave her alone. Dimple comes to Karan’s cabin, the letter drops. Karan picks it up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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