Bigg Boss 8 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 84 (continued)
Gautam says to Ali that I accept that I am coward, I denied things, I like her as friend, Ali says clippings doesn’t matter, you both had good time, she is grown up women, Gautam says to Ali that I don’t know why she reacted by seeing those clips, I did say things about her, I am not God, I was confused as her friends were Upen and Karishma.
Upen in bedroom says how Diandra couldn’t be saved, she was confident, strong, I have to play now, I have to open up now, I have to entertain more, Karishma comes there, Upen says now we have to play more smartly, Karishma says my head is blasting.

Praneet says Salman is down to earth, he can joke, Sonali says most people doesn’t understand joke, Puneet says Karishma started this joke, she said that I will date and marry Pritham then when Salman joked about it, then why you are taking it wrongly, are you blaming Salman, you don’t find it bad that a boy can lift you by holding you legs, Pritham says It was joke, Puneet says you took it sportingly, Puneet says Karishma made Salman look like he was teasing a girl, Pritham says when she can laugh on Dimppy and Ali then why not joke on her.
Ali says to Dimpy that why Puneet have so much poison for a girl Karishma, even Salman took on Puneet for calling a girl duffer, he abused her for more than 45mins, how will he even show his face to his family, Salman every week warn Puneet, he doesn’t stop when he started talking negative, Dimpy says he speak against women infront of me too, Ali says just speak a word against him, just stop your loyalty for him for a minute and the you see what opinion he will have for you, if you oppose him, he will abuse you as its in his DNA.

Day 85
Nomination Special
Song Halkat Jawani starts playing. all inmates wake up. inmates dance.

Upen says to camera that see what is happening in house, captain called everyone in meeting but not me, I think I am not inmate. Pritham ask to call Upen, dimpy says he doesn’t accept me as captain so how can I call him, Upen says I am not inmate, right? Upen sings Yeh captain bara baimaan hai.. Dimpy says he commented on me that he doesn’t accept me as captain so I have no right on him, Karishma says its captain’s duty to handle everyone, Dimpy tell everyone their duty, KArishma says I will not make food now, I want Diandra’s duty, Dimpy says you have to make food, nobody else can made it, Karishma says I don’t wanna make food anymore, Dimpy says ok then go and sit with Upen too, Upen starts hitting stool on ground and makes huge noise, Dimpy says let him do, I am used to loud noise, Upen says she is worst captain, Praneet says to Dimpu that its your duty to bring whole home together, just call him once, Dimpy says I have nothing against him. Upen says to Pritham that how can she isolate one inmate. Puneet ask dimpy that Karishma denied to make food? Dimpy says she will make it for me. Karishma calls her in kitchen and says change my duty as its with Puneet, I don’t wanna work with him, I don’t wanna see his negative face in morning, exchange Sonali, dimpy says have patience, Karishma says he doesn’t know how to talk, Dimpy says did he talked to you badly, Karishma says he abuse me behind my back, KArishma says this old man has gone mad, Dimpy sys that young man (Upen) has gone mad too, I didn’t know Upen was like this, Karishma says I will not make breakfast with Puneet that’s it, help as captain.

Gautam takes dumbbell to exercise, Upen comes and says I want it, he starts taking it from Gautam’s hand, Gautam ask what you are doing? do you wanna fight? Upen says no I don’t wanna fight with, take it, I am sorry, he hugs Gautam, he leaves the dumbbell, Gautam starts leaving, Upen ask should I hold it for you? he again starts taking Dumbbells from Gautam, Gautam ask Upen what you are trying to do, have you gone mad? Upen says fine, he hugs him again. Gautam ask to not joke with him, Upen says I am just doing fun, Gautam says its not looking funny at all, when I joke, it looks like joke.

Dimpy brings food for Upen, he says thank you captain, did you mixed poison in it? dimpy says I am not that bad as you think, Upen says thank you captain, Dimpy says are you taunting me as you don’t accept me as captain, Upen says who am I to not accept you as captain, bigg boss have made you captain so you, Dimpy says that my point was. Upen starts eating food, Gautam comes there and holds his hand, he says see now, yopu were you doing this kind of joke with me by holding dumbbells, Upen says don’t bully, Gautam says I came to understand you, this is not joke, Upen says you are right, I have gone out of limit, sorry, Dimpy says the Upen we have seen is not you right, its sudden change in you, Upen says you bully me, I am alone and I will fight, I will alone fight, Dimpy says whole day you are reacting differently, you used to say that I am nice but now you are calling me manipulative. Dimpy ask do you wanna work, Upen says you want me to work then I will, Dimpy says okay clean garden, Upen says I cant do garden, dimpy says ok leave it, Upen says garden is hard to do, I will do any work, but not garden, Dimpy says I will not change duty of anyone, all duties have been assigned, you are left only, Upen says if you are trying to bully me that I wont be bullied. Dimpy says oh yes Upen go for it.

Bigg boss says to inmates that now its time for nominations, he says Sonali and Praneet are already nominated, Dimpy is safe as she is captain. Bigg boss calls Sonali and Pritham in confession room.

PRitham and SOnali: they come in, bigg boss says you both mutually decide one name to nominate him or her. Pritham says to Sonali that I will tell names you tell your opinion, Sonali says fine, he says Upen, Sonali says no, Pritham says me also no, he ask Ali, Puneet, she says no, he ask Karishma, she says yes, he ask about Gautam, she says know, Sonali says I want to nominate Karishma as she is self centered and what she did last day with Salman was not right, Pritham says we both think that the way Karishma reacted last day was wrong so they NOMINATE KARISHMA.

Puneet and Karishma: they are in confession room, Karishma ask him to speak, Puneet says I got to know that Upen planned nominations earlier to vote out me, so for me It was Upen, Karishma says this is not strong reason, Puneet says Upen told Sonali that he want to start business and he need money so she never nominated him, Karishma says I have strong reasons to nominate you and Gautam, Puneet says I have reason against you, Karishma says if someone call your daughter bimbette what will you, Puneet says bimbette is for foolish person, you all started it, you called me evil first, Karishma says let me tell you my captaincy was difficult too, Puneet says you wee partial in your captaincy, Karishma says I don’t think so, Puneet says you cant understand anything, he says we cant reach to conclusion, he says I can nominate Pritham, reason is that he is influenced, Karishma says I don’t think he is influenced, but when dimpy was given task to take my captaincy, he said that no, I am fine as captain but yesterday when Salman ased so he said he would have chose Dimpy, so he is changing statements, THEY NOMINATE PRITHAM.

Praneet and ALi: Praneet says Upen has become snappy and Karishma was bad in captaincy, she was partial, Ali says all Karishma did n captaincy was barking, I don’t want to nominate Upen as I think Karishma is strong contender and she should go, also she never accept that she was wrong in captaincy, THEY DECIDE TO NOMINATE KARISHMA.

UPen and Gautam: Gautam ask him, Upen says I think Puneet should be nominated, he is aggressive and force his decisions, Gautam says I don’t think it is correct reason, I think you are more aggressive, Upen says you are aggressive more, Gautam stares him, Upen says do you think I am sacred of you, I have seen many like you, you are nothing for me, Gautam laughs, Gautam says ok lets nominate Karishma, Upen says I wont, she is nice girl, she is selfless, Gautam touches his feet, Gautam says what she did last bight was right? Upen ask was you right last day, Upen says you are safe even after what you did with diandra, Gautam ask him to not go there,, Gautam says salman said I am wrong and I am wrong, he says I know how much big actor you are, he sings aa ashiqui main teri, Upen says you wanna talk about career, what have you done, you are jealous with my contacts, Gautam says I have done nothing. Upen says you are very bad man, Upen says I don’t want to nominate with him, bigg boss punish me, he leaves the confession room., Gautam says do something about hindi, he doesn’t understand thing, Bigg boss calls Upen in confession room, Upen says I don’t wanna come, dimpy ask him to go, its bigg boss’s order, Upen says I don’t wanna go, I don’t accept this rule.

Upen says Gautam make fun of me, a nice man cant live in this house, Karishma comes there, he is sad, Karishma says I and Puneet was not agreeing too but eventually we did, Upen says he was making fun of me, why did he come on career, I don’t wanna nominate, I am telling you there will be physical violence, bigg boss take me out of house.

on bigg boss’s order, Upen and Gautam come in confession room, Upen says I want to nominate Praneet, Upen says I want to nominate Pritham, Gautam lets nominate Ali, they both give reason that Ali is strong contender, THEY NOMINATE ALi.

bigg boss says on voting, KARISHMA is NOMINATED, dimpy have authority to nominate one person, Dimpy says I want to nominate UPEN as he is not compatible at all, he is not cooperating with me, bigg boss says SONALI, PRANEET, KARISHMA and UPEN are NOMINATED this week.

Karishma says I don’t understand the logic, how I am nominated? Ali is saying that he didn’t nominate me, Sonali says you must have got more votes, its majority voting, Karishma says then I understand. Ali is lying, they nominated me.

Karishma tells Pritham about Puneet and her discussion in confession room, she says we couldn’t come to conclusion, he said that Pritham is influenced, Pritham says I am playing alone, KArishma says Ali said many things about Pritham too, Karishma says then Puneet said to me that sonali told him that Upen told her that he wants to do business so he needs money and requested to not nominate him, he said that Upen hide behind girls, but Upen himself nominated Sonali 4 times, Upen says he is lair.
Puneet tells dimpy and Gautam about business thing of Upen.
Karishma ask Ali that why you lie that you didn’t nominate me, Ali says we decided to not tell you, Karishma says why cant you say truth like a man. this makes you bad person, Pritham says when all were taking Puneet’s name last week to nominate why did you say to Puneet that me and Upen are making plans, Puneet comes there and says Sonali told me this, not Ali. Upen ask Sonali why did you say to Puneet that I hide behind girls.
Sonali comes to Puneet and says why did you lie that I said to you that Upen hide behind girls, Puneet says I didn’t say your name, Sonali says then why karishma is lying to Upen, go and clear it, Puneet says call him, Sonali says he is saying weird things to me, Sonali says come outside.
Upen says its hurtful thing to me that Sonali said that about me. Karishma says to Praneet that you always nominate me, I don’t understand you, Praneet says I am playing a fair game. you were partial in your captaincy.
sonali says I don’t know why Karishma is lying to Upen.

sonali comes to Karishma and says lie less, you have given right title of being vamp, Sonali says I didn’t say anything like this, I asked Puneet too, Karishma says ok come in.
Karishma comes to Puneet, Puneet says Sonali told me about his need for money so I said that he is hiding behind girls, this girl thing was said by me, Sonali says I cant say anything like this for Upen, Karishma says Puneet said that she has done charity by not nominating him, sonali says why you are using word like that, Praneet says Sonali didn’t say it, Puneet said this girl thing, he is accepting it, Karishma ask him to stay out of it, Sonali says now you understood Karishma, I didn’t say anything like this for Upen, Sonali says Upen can say anything, his tongue is not in control, Pritham says my name is dragged that we should plan to eliminate Puneet, Puneet says Karishma said that they can plan things to nominate as Salman said that you all have one day, Karishma says you are quoting me wrong, Puneet says Karishma you don’t understand anything, Karishma says your problem is you are potty mouth, Puneet says and you eat that potty, Karishma says you are 55 year old child, she leaves.

Upen says to Praneet that I am feeling hurt, Praneet says we have cleared things, Sonali didn’t say anything like this for you, don’t believe Karishma, she was clapping when you and Sonali were fighting, do you think Sonali have that much brains to plan all this, she said fifteen times to me that why Upen don’t talk to me, Upen says I will say sorry to her.

PRECAP- Gautam ask Upen to not say a word, he comes to him and says you didn’t got a Punjabi slap, Upen says you didn’t taste London slap, you love you face, I will smack it, they get closer to fight but other inmates hold them back. later Gautam says did anyone supported all this while, I am alone fighting, how can he finish my face. later Praneet says Gautam is irritating man, ignore him, Pritham says he have some mental problem, he is ill. Gautam says I wanna go home. luxury task is sometime yes sometime no., the one who win will get immunity for next, dimpy drinks chili soup, Sonali ask Gautam to get bald, he agrees

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeh upen main wat sudden change…has he gone mad???

  2. ali s saved. statin d majority f votes ws against KT foolin d viewers ! so nw upen dis week. karishma nxt week.thn p3gd ka biggboss strts. wat a biased show by colors ! hate it to d core wen puneet s safe evryweek n diandra eliminated. ws dis a stunt to keep gautams image clear on d show. makin viewers fool.hate colors !

    1. that wouldn’t happen then there wouldn’t be any drama in bigg boss if p3g grp is saved at the end puneet would make everyone his puppets

  3. All he( upen) wants is now footage…bcoz he is next in evictions… dis season is worst of all… no standard…

  4. UPEN u really are PAIN have you gone mad??
    man!! you dont even know how to entertain !! it was just a weird behaviour!!

    1. Agree 100%. He know only one thing , hiding behind girls back.

  5. I think upen and Gautam really need to see a psychiatrist after bigg boss

    1. Trust me !so true lol

  6. upen & karishma r playing so disgustingly.

  7. Stupid scripted show. Duffers like P3G will stay inside. Dimpy too is cunning. No wonder she won Rahul ki dulhaniya or whatever that show was…boring this season. Stupid show!!!

  8. i like upen’s attitude atleast usne gautam ko uski actual place(i.e. Guttar) toh batayi. Faltu mein logo se pange leta hai footage ke liye blo*dy puneet’s slave. Upen ko 2-4 punch lagane the usko khud ba khud aukaat mein jata gadha kahi ka.

  9. diandra ka toh nikal dia ab is hafte karishma or upen ko sath mein nikal do phir aram se salman k favourites p3g,stupid dumb dimpy,dimbo sonali ko direct final bhej do fir gautam or potty puneet ko combine final declare karke is biased bakwas show ko band karo.plz plz plz for god sake ye har hafte ka atyachar band karo salman ko bula ke

  10. @sami i want to suggest you that please stop watching the show when you have so much of problem to watch it

  11. Seriously @sami stol watching d show if u have problem wid it!!!?

    1. Yea seriously ?stop watchin bigg boss den!

  12. Upen cdnt even entertain he’s such a loser but still love BB8✌️✌️✌️

  13. Ppl who were saying yest “change ur mentality”; “they didnt kiss”- (WHAT?! R u kidding me? Both of them themselves hv accepted that “it was just a kiss”); “diandra took him to washroom”- (R u nuts? Is he a kid? Hez saying this itself makes him a BIG COWARD); Pls go get a life! Ofcourse dats d reason grls get abused emotionally and psychologically becoz grls themselves BLINDLY FOLLOW JERKS AND BLAME OTHER GIRLS! Some of d comments prove it. Gautam gulati is worse than d worst, deserves no sympathy! Immensely Unlucky wl b d grl who wl come in his life! REFERING TO D COMMENTS MADE IN D LAST EPI (WEEKDND KA VAAR- SUNDAY EPI) IN COMMENTS SECTION:

  14. Nishi sami ritika i agree wth u ppl..the worst person is puneet i swear.potty puneet ..upen dnw wot hapnd became a psycho ..karishma is not disgustng itz potty puneet who makes her disgusting…

  15. This week upen will get evicted if he continues to b like this..may b upen doesnt want to stay nymore thtz y he is behaving wierdly

  16. Next eviction Ll b praneet’s……

  17. But praneet has got many fans

  18. If upen goes then thanna wil b all alone

  19. Its good that diandra is evicted i hate her I support u gautam and upen you are such a fool and a stupid guy

  20. I think next week dimpy will be eliminated and it will be good

  21. All wanna say is Gautama WASNT a coward BUT NOW HE EVN ADDMITTED THT HE IS 1 SO ALL THE GAUTSM FANS CONTINUE BUT ON THE RIGHT PATH or else you might get hurt

  22. Puneet gautam dimpy damn irritating…..Puneet is a real life Duryodhan

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