Qubool Hai 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Razia telling Ayan that she will bring file for him. She has to do that much for her future son-in-law. Ayan says, there is no need for that. Razia gets shocked and asks what do you mean? Ayan says, I don’t need these papers anymore.. because my answer is NO. I can’t marry your daughter.

Dilshad is desperately waiting for maali. Her daugher comes and says, there’s still time in maali to come. Dilshad says, I know but I feel maali must know about gudiya. Her daughter asks her to relax saying he will be here soon.

Zoya is cooking something for Asad. Tanveer says, I knew you would listen to me. Zoya says, I want to make something different. Zoya decides to make a Thai dish. She now says a shayri:

Jab problem ho gayi hai solve.. to phir kyun hai maathe pe sikhand
aao sab milke banate hai Zoy ki daal .. chicken.

They both laugh. Tanveer says that she has to call some client urgently and she won’t be able to help Zoya out. She asks, you will do alone, right? Zoya says, of course.. you helped me so much already.. and there is nothing in this world that Zoya cannot do. And I am expert at cooking. She says, I have recipe with me as well.. and I will make delicious dish. Tanveer leaves. Zoya starts cooking.

Razia tells Ayan, think one more time.. this decision won’t be good for your dad’s health.. Ayan says, life and death are in God’s hand.. who you are to decide it? You’re just a selfish woman. You kept my dad under your control his entire life.. but I won’t make same mistake as my dad. He leaves. Razia speaks in her mind, I will see how you don’t get married.

Zoya comes to Dilshad. Dilshan thinks it’s Najma and asks if maali came. Zoya asks if everything okay. Zoya asks Dilshad to taste the dish that she made for Asad. Dilshad says, you made so it must be good. Zoya requests her to taste as Asad is JaaPanah.

Here Tanveer brings same dish for Asad. She says, Zoya is so sweet.. she made this for you. Asad says, whenever she does something for me.. always messes up. Tanveer says, why you’re thinking like that? Nothing like that will happen.

Dilshad tastes and asks Zoya, did you add peanut in this? Zoya says, yes.. Dilshad asks, you didn’t give to Asad right? Zoya says, why.. isn’t it good? Dilshad says, it’s good.. but Asad has an allergy from peanut.. and it can be risky to his life too.. they run outside.

Dilshad tells Tanveer not to give that to Asad. Tanveer asks what happened? She says, Asad already ate it. Asad starts coughing and falls on the ground. Everyone gets worried. Asad’s condition is getting worse. Zoya asks, is there no medicine in home? Dilshad says, no. Tanveer says, we will have to take him to the hospital. Zoya says, we will have to do something now. She goes to his room to search for the medicine. Outside, Tanveer and Dilshad are taking him to the hospital. Zoya comes out and asks them to wait. Zoya says, I researched on the internet and he will be fine with this injection. Tanveer asks, are you sure? Dilshad says, we don’t have any other option.. we should to do Zoya is saying. Zoya gives an injection to Asad. Asad is unconscious as of now.

Dilshad says there is no effect. Zoya says, I researched and found that people who have an allergy from peanut always keep this injection with them. And Mr. Khan is not irresponsible that he wouldn’t keep this injection with him. Asad opens his eyes and his breathing is getting normal. read full updates with pics daily only at desitvbox.com Zoya has a relief and is happy. Billo is hiding and looking at them. Asad asks Dilshad, when you know I have an allergy with peanuts, then why did you give me food with peanuts. He then remembers Tanveer telling him that Zoya made that dish. He looks at Zoya and asks, you made that dish right? Zoya says, I didn’t do this purposely.. I didn’t even know that you have an allergy. Asad says, why did you choose this dish? Tanveer takes blame on herself and says, I told Zoya to make that dish.. and in fact, Zoya saved your life.. if she didn’t bring the injection, then God knows what would have happened. Dilshad says to him, we were taking you the hospital, but it would take a lot of time. I think we should thank Zoya. Asad apologizes to Zoya for all that he said to her and thanks for saving his life. Zoya runs away from there crying. Dilshad asks Najma to take Asad inside. Tanveer and Najma take him to his room. Dilshad comes outside.

She wonders why maali still didn’t come. If he found Gudiya, then he must have kept safe. But what if he threw it out? She then sees some stuff is messed up there and goes there.

We then see gudiya’s hand, but Dilshad doesn’t notice it. Billo comes outside and says, there is a call for you. Dilshad tells her, if maali comes, then don’t let him go. I have urgent work. Billo says, he won’t come.. he went to his village.. don’t know when he will come again. Dilshad goes inside. Billo looks at the stuff that Dilshad was looking at, then goes there.
It is Shirin who called Dilshad. She tells Dilshad that Rashid is in very bad situation.. they are punishing him bad in the jail.. and if Rashid doesn’t win the case, then they won’t let him come out alive. She requests her to stop Asad. Dilshad says, years ago, I couldn’t stop his father.. how will I be able to stop him? Shirin says, there’s another way.. if you want, then you can help Rashid. End of conversation.

Tanveer comes to Dilshad. Tanveer finds her upset. she asks what happened. Dilshad says, I was thinking to go out. She asks about Najma and Zoya. Tanveer says, they went out.. maybe because there is court hearing. I would have gone with them too, but my leg. Dilshad says, no problem.. I will be right back. Tanveer says, should I come with you? Dilshad says, no.. it’s okay.. I will go alone. She leaves.

Asad comes now and asks Tanveer, where is ammi? Tanveer says, don’t know.. she just went outside and seemed upset. Asad looks at his watch and says to himself, 2 hours to go in the hearing, where would mum have gone?

Some lady telling Shirin hope we get money before the hearing.
Asad asks Tanveer if Dilshad said anything like when she will be back. Tanveer asks, why you seem tensed? She will come back. Asad says, actually her health is not good.. and thank God you’re here so I don’t have to worry much. Asad then gets a call from bank manager who tells him that we inform both account holders, when there is a joint account and big amount is withdrawn. Asad says, big amount? We didn’t withdraw any big amount. Manager says, maybe it’s not big amount for you..but for us, it’s a huge amount. Your mother just withdrew 1 crore from here. Asad wonders why Dilshad needed so much money.

Episode ends.

Precap: Billo is holding the gudiya. Tanveer comes and takes it away and stares at Billo. Tanveer checks it and Gudiya speaks something.
On the other hand, Dilshad with Zoya, Najma are going somewhere on a scooty.

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