Parvarish 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 14th March 2013 Written Update

the episode begins with lucky giving the car keys to rocky telling him to drive. rocky refuses saying he’s not responsible enough to drive a car. lucky is pleased to know his son’s sense of responsibility. he takes him to a park. rocky is confused with whatever is happening.

they both sit on a bench. and lucky starts the convo. he says he knows about him and rinku. rocky is taken aback. he doesnt know what to do or say. lucky says he has no problem with love neither with his friendship with rinku. lucky puts across his thoughts very beautifully.

he says he knows such things happen in this age and he has no problem with it. he tells rocky that in order to be close to a some one spl he’s going away from his family still he (lucky) has no prob with it since all this is natural. Then he comes to main topic… Lucky says his main prob is that the girl is Rinku –his best friend’s daughter to whom he had promised that he would take good care of her and will keep her protected. but now he won’t be able to face his friend with the same respect and dignity…

then lucky adds on saying he wants to have a solution to all this in a way that nobody is hurt. rocky is happy to see his father’s concern and understanding. he tells his dad how much happy he is to have a father like him who understands him so much. rocky then tells him that he doesn’t wants to keep rinku in dark and neither wants to take a decision all alone; he wants to give rinku an equal chance too to think about all this.

@alhuwalia house:
sweety is in the drawing room… ginni is also there. rinku comes inquiring about rocky. ginni teases rinku and sweety as usual snubs her. rocky and lucky enter… rocky tells rinku that his parents wants to talk to them about something…rinku gets the point straight away.

lucky tells ginni to go to her room.. she teases rocky but then softly requests lucky not to scold his sweet brother

they all sit down for a “garam-a–garam” chat. sweety as usually comes straight to the point inquiring if they have crossed any limits as well?? rocky n rinku are bit surprised. lucky interupts like a sensible man and tells sweety to calm down. rocky says thay have not done anything that they would regret in near future or would put down the family’s esteem.

lucky starts… he says he’s well aware that no one has any control over love and falling in love—- and that’s exactly what love is!! and neither does he wants them to break up.

he says he just has to make one suggestion… the suggestion being to put hold on this love and give more priority to their future, career etc. love which is there will remain forever but if they fail to make something good of their life due to love then they both will curse each other for each other’s failure in life.
he then asks rinku if she would ever love a rocky who is a total failure in life? she says no
lucky asks the same question to rocky and he gives the same ans as rinku.

lucky then comes to the crux of the entire topic saying “Love may be an essential part of life but at this stage one cannot make it one’s whole life…so its better to wait for a few years”

sweety questions both of them asking who started all this. rocky says he was the first one to confess…

and then enters rinku’s dad who is shocked as hell and angry like anything… he starts humiliating lucky saying he has lost his trust and respect. he goes on and on with his anger..he refuses to listen to anyone… rocky tries to intervene and gets slapped


Update Credit to: neha

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