Rab Se Sona Ishq 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with ranveer is sitting and doctor comes and gives him water.. Ranveer says that everybody here is misunderstanding and i m not mad.., my name is ranveer singh.. My wife is critical and she is pregnant., i need to save her.. Doctor says u r in trauma so that u r saying this.. What happened to ur wife., he says that my wife is pregnant and doctor asked me to get medicine within an hour.. Doctor says ur name is chetan pujara.. And u r here from last night.. Ranveer is shocked nd starts screaming that i need to save sahiba let me go…ward boy comes and puts him on the bed.., doctor thinks that he loves sahiba a lot.. Thats why he can’t accept that his wife is dead.. I hope i can help him…daljeet comes home and says to malika that i can’t find anything.. Malika says from where do u get so much strength to do anything for sahiba.. He says that love is a strength… Then malika talks about some family as well.. It was a promotion of pavitra rishta…doctor goves ranveer medicine and ranveer is feeling sleepy.. Doctor says u will feel relaxed.. She says that give me ur house address i will find out that u r ranveer or not.. He starts writing but can’t write.. Doctor says medicine has started workin so u r feeling sleepy.. Ranveer says gurudwara.. Sahiba… Doctor says u sleep right now we will talk later..everybody goes.. Ranveer writes something and get uncoscious…

Sahiba comes home and frels little pain.. Ranveers mother asks what happened she says my baby kicked.. They both starts remembering old days and starts crying.. Ranveer wakes up and doctor is there.. She says r u hungry.. He says yes.. She unties his one hand.. Ranveer sees fork and thinks sumthing.. He starts telling her about him.. She smiles and starts searching sumthing on the file.. Ranveer steals the fork.. Doctor shows ranveer a pictures where he is wearing turban and says see this is ur pic and u r chetan pujara.. U should accept this or else u will get the electric shocks.. Ranveer is upset.. She says to eat food and goes from there…he picks up fork and starts doing sumthing…ranvers father comes and says to switch off the light.. Destroy everything.. I have seen my sons dead body.. Everybody is shocked..ranveers mom asks what r u saying.. See that i lit that lamp for ranveer and its still the same.. He says to that ranveer was a liar.. He said he will do business and will become an international businessman.. But left us alone.. Stop that lamp.. Sahiba stops him and says that nothing is gonna happen to ranveer.. Bebe says to sahiba to remove red bangles and sindoor..sahiba is shocked..

Precap: sahiba says to her family that he will come.. Ranveer runs away from asylum and is in very bad condition.. Sahiba says he will come and knock the door.. Someone knocks at the door..

Update Credit to: camjs

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