Qubool Hai 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
razia is embarassed and begs tanveer not to do this, while she stands tensed. tanveer doesnt believe her innocent claims, while razia keeps pleading. finally tanveer snatches her with the head, and her wig falls off, revealing her partially bald head, embarassing her in front of everyone. All start laughing at her. tanveer too smirks at her, and tells her not to enter this house again, and return back where she came from. all go inside, while she stands tensed.

In her room, while sanam eyes her parents’ pic, with the locket, she breaks into tears, thinking about the old man’s words. Ahil comes in and finds her distraught and upset, and gets concerned. But he doesnt show it, and sits down on the sofa, and hears her muffled screams. He hears her say, that there must be some link that would get her to connect to her parents’ past. ahil gets tensed fir her, and asks what happened. she is startled to see him, and denies that nothing happened. he asks why is she crying. She again says nothing and asks why is he even asking. As she rushes out, he says that he is her husband after all. sanam is overwhelmed and urprised, and stops. Ahil comes upto her.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Faiz asks haya to stay happy, if she wants dilshad to get better. haya gets emotional. he asks her to try it. She gives a big smile to dilshad, taking her hand in hers, thinking that she shouldnt bother, as she is okay, and that she is smiling too. haya is shocked to find her hands clasp around hers. haya is very happy and tells faiz and rahat, who has just entered about the same. All are happy for dilshad. as haya kisses dilshad, both eye her longingly.

Meanwhile, rahat is about to talk his feelings to faiz, he comes in excitedly saying that he has something very important to share. Rahat asks him top go ahead first. rahat is happy to find from faiz, that he has finally fallen in love with a girl. faiz clarifies that he is in love with haya so much so that he wants to marry her. rahat is distraught, apalled, and shattered. As faiz continues on his rant for haya, and his love for him, rahat tries to advise haya to take marriage responsibly, while faiz says that he would lose his carelessness, if he gets married ti haya, as her concern would make him serious. rahat is shattered. Faiz asks for his permission tobe with haya. rahat says that faiz must first know whats in haya’s mind. faiz requests him to talk to haya on his behalf. Rahat stays silent, while he is distraught. Faiz then asks what he wanted to talk about, but rahat ignores it. faiz leaves, while rahat is immersed sadly in his memories with haya.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam finds a cake, and wonders who got it. she asks ahil, who’s also there in the room working quietly on the laptop, if he was behind this. he complies. Ahil says that the differneces maybe between them, but that doesnt mean he cant respect her parents, as any other elderly people. He says that he didnt know what happened with her parents 20 years ago, but knows that its her birthday and that she should be remembered. Sanam is overwhelmed while ahil eyes her concernedly. She turns around to the cake and sits glancing at him, who turns away just in time, so as to pretend that he doesnt care. sanam wishes zoya a happy birthday, saying that she would always regret not knowing hr. She says that on her anniversary, she promsies to find out everything about them, and if their murder was a conspiracy and if it was, she would find out the deepest secrets about it. she prays to the lord to give her strength, while ahil also prays with her for her mission. she blows off the candle, and cuts the cake. The screen freezes on her emotional face.

Precap: As rahat asks haya if she is ready for marriagfe, she shys away, but then is surprised, when she lipreads that he is talking about faiz. Rahat is apalled too. meanwhile, in the middle of the night, while sanam is sleeping, on a desolate road somewhere, an old lady gets hit by a car, which is actually seher, sanam’s long twin sister, and she falls on the ground. Creating the twin repurcussion in sanam, she too falls off ther bed, and wakes up with a startle, as she finds blood coming out of the corner of her head.

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