Ek Boond Ishq 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
pundit ask mj and tara to take pheras, tara says that you were ahead of me in pheras while i was terrified by marrying you as i didn’t know that i am going on a beautiful journey, we took pheras, tar extends her hand says take pheras with me, we did this before too, don’t be afraid, be with me, mj holds tara’s hand, tara gets happy, tara starts taking pheras, flashback of earlier is shown, mj stops in pheras, tara looks at him, mj leaves tara’s hand, mj says i cant do this, tara says no you can do this, this all will make you remember memories, please try atleast once, she ask officer to give camera, she gives camera to mj, he says i don’t know who to use it, tara says you know it, take my picture from it and i know you can do this, she says you will run this camera, you used to take my pictures from camera, take my photo. mj brings out camera’s flash, tara says look you know it, now take my picture, mj focus on her face and takes her photo, tara says look i told you, you know how to use camera, take my photos, he takes, tara starts crying loudly, mj comes close to her and wipes her tears, she holds her hand, mj says my bride doesn’t look good in tears, these tears are pearls so don’t waste them, from this marriage you will become strong, marriage happens in jail or mandir, its always a marriage, tara hugs him and says i knew it that you will remember our marriage, mj jerks her away and says that your marriage was unique but i didn’t remember anything, tara says how can you forget our marriage, it happened, you have to remember it, mj says your story touched my heart but i didn’t feell that i am connected to it, i don’t remember anything, i don’t think i married like this, tara ask him to try to remember, mj says no, we tries a lot and i think we should stop and go back to home. tara is crying, vidant comes there and ask whats all this? tara wipes her tears and says i want to open ad agency so i was shooting mock shoot, vidant says i told you i wont be in police station, tara says no i just came to do my work, also i had camera so everything went fine, vidant says what, you were clicking pictures, i remember you only take pictures with om as he used to hold your hand with love and now you are asking to take your pictures, tara says i was getting bored in house so i came here as i had good idea in my mind but nobody helps me here, i will not come here from now on. vidant looks at mj and says you are sia’s new guard.tara nods in yes, vidant looks at mj and says we met before? mj says yes you stopped me as i was driving fast, vidant says i put those in lock-up who breaks rules, he looks at tara and then says i was joking, tara says my shoot is done, now we will go back, she ask mj to change his clothes.
laado calls mannat, mannat is frustrated and takes the call, she ask laado why you called me? don’t disturb me, laado says listen carefully, come to laal market, mannat says why will i come? i am not your servant, laado says come here by your own other wise my men will bring you here.
vidant says to tara that we will meet tomorrow as tomorrow is rakhi, i used to wear rakhi on my hand only as you were in coma, tara leaves from there.
laado is waiting for mannat, mj’s car stops there in terrific jam, mj comes out of car and starts scolding men, laado sees him and says he got lottery by becoming guard, she sees women in back seat of car but cant see her face as covered by hairs, wind blows and tara’s side face is seen, laado is shocked to see tara sitting in car, she says this cant happen, car goes from there, laado says that cant be tara as i killed her with my hands.

Scene 2
mj is thinking that how can anyone marry in jail anmd if that was the case then was i criminal in my earlier life too, pari comes there and acts like she got best actress award, she says my balli used to says to work hard and you will get the reward, mj smiles looking at her. mj ask why this drama, pari promotes life ok awards on independence day. mj says you are my favorite heroine, pari says tell tara that you will be busy that day, mj says we 3 will watch together, pari ask mj how was your day, mj recalls what happened in jail, pari says that i can see you are in tension, mj says you are my only support, all are mad here, pari says yes i knew it, if we stay here then we will become mad too, mj starts playing with pari.
mannat comes to laado, laado says you made wait a lot, laado ask tell me balli is of whose guard? mannat says he is guard of my sister in law, she ask from when she is your SIL, mannat says she is my SIl from 7 years, laado thinsk then how can she be tara, laado says listen to the main talk, i need place to hide and only you can send me there, she ask where you want to go, laado says i want to hide in your house only, mannat says this cant be done, laado says you know what i can do, think what if om knows that you gave me order to kill his wife, mannat says are you blackmailing me? laado says no i was just telling your value, i will tell you when i reach your house, mannat goes from there, laado says that if that girl is mannat’s SIL from 7 years then she cant be tara but i have to ask balli about her before going to that house, also i have to ask him who was with him car.

PRECAP- vidant ask tara to tie rakhi on his hand, tara says i will not tie rakhi to you, om says this is not good to say no to your brother, tara says i will not tie as i am not his sister sia but i am tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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