Jhalli Anjali 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

ANJALI washes face in washroom.Maitreyi comes…Anjali tells she is feeling bad because Maitreyi is ignoring her…Anjali tells she know all truth Mitreyi gets shocked and asks what Anjali tells she know that She broked from.Inside…Anjali tells that its good that she is Yuvraaj group as he takes always her side…Maitreyi tells she have to go Anjali tell she have to meet Yuvraaj and tell him sorry…as he was right..
ON another side…Yuvraj tells his all plan failed…kiera tells not to worry as he will win…Anjali comes along with Maitryi tels Yuvraaj not to take light Amisha as she is a tough compeditior.Yuvraaj tells what anjalinis doing here . ANjali tells herself to break yuvraaj group…Anjali tells she came her to tell sorry and Thankyou for helping Maitreyi…kiera tells for what she will help..Anjali tells she will help to become CR of college…Yuvraaj asks why Anjali is showing such goodness..Anjali replies to ask Maitreyi..as he help Maitreyi in tough time..and he is not bad guy…Anjali tells Yuvraaj that Amisha fought with her thats why she is on his side…Prateek tells Yuvraaj..may be Anjali is right..Anjali tells even Yuvraaj help in gettin Scholarship to Maiytreyi tels he is a good guy he deserves to become CR.. Anjali tells Yuvraaj to give Scholarship to Maitreyi by his hands..Prateek and Yuvraaj is impressed tells its a best idea for publicity..
Anjali comes in classroom tells infront of whole classroom that she think Yuvraaj..arrogant..irritating..usedless..Yuvraaj gets angry Anjali tells noo tells he is a sweet and good person..All students claps…Anjali clicks a picture of Maitreyi and Yuvraaj..Yuvraaj giving Scholarship to Maitreyi..Amisha comes and Snatches it..Anjali tells it is Trick no 3..to gain trust of enemies..Amisha tells that Maitreyi is not eligible for gettin scholarship as she is preganant..it is college rule…Amisha tells two people suspended Dhruv…Yuvraj tells Dhruv is suspended and tels principal gave scholarship to Maitreyi ..Yuvraaj asks what is her problem..Anjali tells because of dhruv…Both Amisha and anjali fight..Anjali asks students whom they wil give vote a stupid fashion doll or Good yuvraaj Students tells Yuvraaj….Anjali tells Yuvraaj that he will become CR and suggests to make maitreyi her poster girl..kiera feels jeoulous..Anjali laughs……..Yuvraaj..and his group along with Anjali walk in campus..Yuvraaj tells all is impressed no one can stop him to become CR..prateek tells because of Anjali..Kiera tell no because of his charm..Anjali suggests Yuvraj to roam with Maitreyi for sometime.because he will get votes..Yuvraaj agrees…Anjali tells Maitreyi to sit in front seat of car…kiera pushes her ..Maitreyi falls..Anjali tells kiera why she pushed…Kiera tels that loser maiyteri took her place…both fights Kiera calls Maitreyii moron..b*t*h..Yuvraaj says to stop the catfight…tells kiera to say sorry to Maitreyi..kiera tells that Maitreyi will never take her place and she will never tell sorry to middle class Maitreyi…Kiera goes…Maitryi thanks Anjali as she helped her in her difficult time..Anjali says its ok….Yuvraj too thanks her…Yuvraaj and maitreyi goes….VP and Amisha comes tells they she has become a good actor….Amisha…VP…laughs…they go outside Dhruv”s house..
..Anjali goes secretly into Dhruv”s room…Anjali sees all Dhruv stuff and tells that Dhruv is very good boy because Maitreyi cried She mis understoodd Dhruv…Anjali sits on the bed.. Anjali recieves text message sees Angad and sheena picture and scolds them…Dhruv comes and sits on bed…He realizes that he sat on someone..He takes bat and tries to beat .Anjali is sleeping gets up…Dhruv shouts at her and tells his father if she didnt leave he will call police…Dhruv asks anjali how she came home without permission…Anjali goes…
In house Amisha is sitting Anjali comes Amisha asks if Dhruv got ready to come to college Anjali says no….Chunni calls Anjali tells that Angad sold his bike..and Angad”s father called him and said that Angad fight with his father and gone…Anjali she doesnt care…Chunni tells ok and cuts the phone..anjali tells okey and keeps the phone thinks that if Angad is really in a problem…Amisha tells to stop thinking about that loser Angad…..

Angad is sitting on a chair tied shouts Anjali,tells she is still a Loser,Anjali shouts to shut up as tommorow she will prove Dhruv’s innocence

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. awesome epsiode thanks for the update,,,keeep updatin Miss Ansari

  2. Anjali ur a genius ,,,Thanks for the update

  3. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very Very Very Good…….

  5. Vow what a episode

  6. hahaha Anjali slept in Dhruv”s house

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