Dil Dosti Dance 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ishika’s shirt tear upon Raghv’s holding.
Huma takes Karma to the wall and asks what the hell. She says now you know how it feels to get someone like this. He says this position seems good at boys. She gives him his money. He asks when she got this money; you stayed out of home last night. What are you upto? She says none of your business. This time Karma gets her to the wall and warns her that she has only two weeks.
Ishika was angry at Raghv hiding under the table. Raghv comes to apologize; he says that I was to hold your hand. Ishika says I will complain about you. He says everyone is on strike. He asks her not to complain as the news might get to Gabbar. She asks who that Gabbar is, he says no one. She asks how she will manage this torn Kurti in the whole college. Raghv says that he will take her to shopping, she can buy new clothes and dress for dancing as well. Ishika leaves and tells him to follow.
Sharon thinks about Swayam and dances vigourously. She comes into Swayam’s hands. He caresses her face, removing her hair. They both dance together. She goes away from him, he asks are you angry. She says yes. He says I am sorry. She asks for what? He says I know you are upset because of me. She says atleast you accepted. She takes her belongings; he stops her and says I always accept my mistake. He says I am really sorry for the big mistake. I was wrong in past too but I don’t want to lose you. She says I know you are sorry and there will be mistakes in future too. But I am hurt. You don’t have time for me, since your academy started. I am also running an academy. He says our situations are different, I don’t want to give an excuse but I want to make for it. Sharon says I am fine, but my birthday has ended. Swayam hugs her.
Raghv and Ishika come to a store. Raghv keeps trying hats, goggles and ties on Ishika and makes pictures of her and his own selfies. He then gets a traditional saree for Ishika. Ishika was in the trying room, he calls her to come out. She steps out reluctantly but he says it is a bit loose. He brings her to a mini, he says that you may buy what seems right to you. She says I must not have come shopping with you but Vishnu.
Raghv sends Ishika with a sales girl.

The sales girl says she looked great in the dress. Ishika goes with her bags and stops to see a black top. The sales girl offers her to try it. Ishika comes draped in it, the sales girl says you look gorgeous and brings her to mirror. Ishika smiles looking at herself. Raghv watches her keenly from behind, she says thank you and goes to change.
Nil asks should he do MBA or dance. Vicky says that there is no wrong in taking MBA for Simmi. Nil says you must see what is happening to Sharon and Swayam. I ll dance whole week and take MBA classes in the evening.
Sharon comes to the class, she asks who is missing. Someone asks where is Raghv and Ishika. Raghv enters and comes near Sharon. Sharon says next time don’t even think about entering the class when you are late. She asks about Ishika. Ishika comes dressed up in the class. She calls here I am. Sharom and everyone look at her. She was nervous.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam announces in their respective academies about the group and couple dancers for Dance Mania.

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