Qubool Hai 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Part 1

Its morning, Rehaan wakes up and finds himself alone in the room. Right then Sehar enters after having showered. He drools on her as she sets her wet hair. He recollects the moments spent with Sanam. Sehar notices him staring at her and asks if she is looking very pretty. Rehaan says no. Sehar fumes what. Rehaan stammers. He stares at her and asks about her clothes. Sehar asks why.. are they bad. Rehaan says they are nice. Sehar says.. the guests who stayed before.. left it back. She says.. i dont like old clothes. Rehaan asks how can it fit so well on you. Sehar says my body type is such that all clothes fit. Sehar asks done with interview.. lets have breakfast. Rehaan asks from where. Sehar says .. we have to make this .. i made it. She hides the packets. But ends up tripping and Rehaan holds her in time. Rehaan asks where did all the cooking stuff come from. Sehar says ur name should be ..question mark… what did u think . .i went stealing shops in the morning. I searched it and found it. Rehaan stares at her. Sehar says.. u are staring at me with so much doubt.. do u think i steal.. all u do.. is doubt on me. She starts to cry. Rehaan says.. no nothing like that.. sorry. He leaves from there. Sehar says.. in entire life.. havent acted so much.. as have to now… from where did this 007 come in my life. All i want is to steal ..and he is busy eating my head. My patience is running thin.. wanna clean up his locker. Rehaan tells Sehar.. u stay back here.. i have to go for a meeting. I will lock the office. Sehar asks.. if u lock office.. how will i work. Rehaan says fine.. come along. Sehar is taken aback. Sehar wonders.. how much more efforts do i have to put to steal this sawalo ki dukaan ki tijori..!

Sanam wakes up and wonders where is Ahil. She recollects Ahil tossing and turning and goes out of the room and asks Latif where is Ahil. Latif says ..went for a meeting. Sanam turns and finds a lady in veil ..staring at her. Its Dilshad but she can only stare at Sanam ..unable to talk. Sanam asks Latif who it is and he says.. Razias relative.. she is paralysed. Dilshads hands are shaking.. she is trying to reach out to Sanam. Razia comes and notices. She goes to check the matter and sees Sanam leaving from there. Razia smirks …so seeing ur own blood . .u got active too Dilshad. She says.. it is Sanam .. ur grand daughter. Razia says.. there is something interesting about ur grand daughter and only i know it. She tells Dilshad.. ur grand daughter is alive .. not this one.. the twin.. Sehar. Dilshad is taken aback and stares blankly at Razia. Flashback shown of Dilshad playing with the kids and the gruesome attack.

Sehar is talking on phone and says.. that am 200 kms off from Bhopal… the moment i get mauka. .will maro chauka. Rehaan comes back in the car and asks who u talking to. Sehar says .. family. Rehaan says .. u said ur family is upset with u running away. Sehar says.. mom dad are upset .. have .. bro .. sis. Rehaan is about to drive when a guy comes in front and Rehaan puts brake. Sehar says.. lets leave. Rehaan says .. the guy must be hurt. Sehar says.. look at the way he is lying down. .. he is a thief .. we cant see his hands. .what if he has a weapon. We shouldnt help anyone on deserted street. Rehaan says i found u on deserted street too. He gets out of car to check on the person while Sehar ..cribs .. people like these cant have brains.

Part 2

Rehaan finds himself surrounded by thugs and asks what do u need. The thugs say.. pay up. Sehar prays to God and gets out of car. Rehaan assures to pay up. Sehar says.. this is money earned by hardwork .. no way are u giving this up. Sehar asks the thugs.. who is ur boss. One of the thug says. .am the boss. Sehar asks him to come aside. Rehaan asks Sehar to go sit in the car .. Sehar says u din listen to me. .so i wont listen to u. Sehar asks the thugs..what drama is this.. The thugs say.. robbing him. Sehar starts to punch the guy but he is unaffected. He holds her hand and slaps her. Rehaan is furious and beats up the thugs. Sehar is taken aback. She says.. thought .. he is PREM of Maine Pyaar Kiya but he turned into Pandey ji from Dabang. He beats up all the thugs. Sehar asks the boss of the thugs.. so how u doing. He asks. .why din u tell us .. he is our boss. Sehar says.. so u found out.. now..wait. Sehar slaps the thug and they run away. Sehar gushes to Rehaan about his bashing the thugs but he fumes on her and asks her to get in the car.

Part 3

Ahil is on his way back and looks at his mobile, missed calls from Sanam. Right then someone from Lawyers office comes with papers for Tanveer. Ahil takes the papers and reads them. Its Property papers of Ahil. Ahil recollects Sanam caring for him. Ahil rues.. why does the things we are scared of always come infront of us. Sehar asks Rehaan if he is fine. Rehaan says small injury. Sehar notices his neck bleeding and says.. lets go to doc. Rehaan says.. go in my cabin and get the first aid box. Sehar smirks and goes. Rehaans moby rings.. its Tanveer. She asks him where he is…and why he wasnt receving her calls. Tanveer says. .am ur mom .. i care for u. She asks Rehaan if all is well and he is well placed. Rehaan stays quiet. Tanveer tells Rehaan ..i know ur upset with me. .but am under compulsion. Till i get the property papers. .have to listen to Ahil .. u know how much i love u .. dont u. Ahil overhears the whole convo.

Precap — Ahil tears the property papers. Later.. he and Sanam are decorating a model of a house with lush green fields. Sanam tells Ahil that she wants a small but beautiful and open place for her dream home. Ahil says .. he wants a room where there are no bad thoughts and one that has thick walls so the noise of hunter doesnt pierce thru them. Sanam looks at him caringly.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  2. oh wow seher resemble zoya lot.rehaan and seher scene r awesome and also ahil aur sanam in precap was extraordinary.ahil jaldi tanveer ka truth jano naa yaar.

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  8. I jst soooo much love AAHIL AND SANAM…especially when their bg tune plays during a romantic scene-And rehaan nd seher also match perfectly.

  9. I prefer Aahils first look in qubool hai…his hair style nd moustache looks dashing

  10. well i did luv the scenes bttw REHAAN N SEHER

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