Dil Dosti Dance 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karma keeps her bag on the side and asks everyone for the practice. Swayam gets back to the rehearsals.

Ishika places her bag inside the rickshaw, she struggled with the bag while the driver said to hurry. Someone holds her bag, it was Raghv. He scolds the driver to not being able to help the girl and pays the rent. He asks why this bag is so heavy, have you left the house? She says that she will manage it. Raghv attends a call of Vishnu, and accepts it. Vishnu says that she is so character-less he didn’t know about it, she will leave with her new boyfriend in one night only. Ishika says that it didn’t matter to him where she was at night, so it must not matter now. She hangs on and begins crying. Raghv comes to ask herthe reason. He turns her around and asks why is she hiding from him. She shouts that she doesn’t have to tell anything. He takes a bottle of water and spills over her head; laughs and asks her to cool down and tell him.

Sharon is shocked looking at Huma. She recalls Swayam had gifted the same dress to her, as she is wearing. Huma says Hi to Simmi. Sharon says that you copy people well. Huma says that it is a gift for me. Huma says that she doesn’t want to copy her. Sharon says that her dress is more expensive and branded. Huma says that it is a gift from her mummy, and cheap are the people who shows off. She leaves. Simmi asks why she said so much to her? Sharon get worried that she doesn’t understand what happens to her looking at Huma.

Ishika shouts at Raghv that you insists me to tell you what it is all about, and that Vishnu wants me to leave dance. She says that she doesn’t want to leave dance, no matter she has to leave Vishnu. Raghv throws further water on her and asks her to calm down. She leaves with her bag, while he runs behind her.
Sharon comes to Huma and says sorry to her quietly. Huma calls the crowd and announces that Sharon is saying sorry to a middle-classed girl like her. Sharon shouts what she is doing? Huma says it is the same she did, embarrassing her. Sharon says I am sorry I came here, I must not have come here.

Raghv stops Ishika in the corridor, and asks will she keep on walking the same way. Ishika says that she has been out for the whole night. She tells him she stayed with Huma, hidden from her parents. Raghv invites her to his home and tells her that his Dida is looking for a paying guest. Ishika says that Huma will talk to her mother today. Raghv appreciates her dare and tells her to go and change.

Swayam comes to Sharon, and tells her he came to take her to a coffee date. He shows her the diary said so. They were about to leave, when Sharon’s mom calls her. Swayam goes to text Swayam to pick the CD’s from his home. Sharon’s mom tells her she is in office, and calls her inside. Sharon says that she is with Swayam and will come an half an hour later.

Vicky comes to take the CDs, he notices women’s sandals and lipsticks. The scent is also ladies, and there are hair-roller’s on dressing table. Vicky calls Simmi and tells him a girl is staying at Swayam’s house. They all gather around phone, Vicky asks does Sharon keep her things at Swayam’s place. Simmi says why would she? Nil suggests it must be Swayam’s aunt’s, but Vicky tells them that some girl stays here in Swayam’s room. Simmi asks is Swayam cheating Sharon? Nil also says that he isn’t behaving normal these days. Bharat sides Swayam, and they have an argument. Simmi says that she must talk to Swayam and ask how he can cheat her friend. The boys were least interested.

The teacher makes an announcement about a surprise test in class. Ishika asks Huma did she talk to her mom, Huma says that her mom forbid. She suggests she can stay here hidden. Raghv says that for PG, she must talk to Dida about the rent. Ishika says she doesn’t understand if he is nice.

Sharon’s mother scolds her about neglecting her academy and hanging out with her garage friends. Sharon resists. Her mom tells her she has to go and pack as she is leaving today for Banglore to sign some contracts with NYU. These may take some days, and she will take care of academy herself.

PRECAP: Swayam says I love you to Sharon. She says the same.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Luv ishika n raghav!
    Best jodi!

  2. Karma the best..
    But the annoying fact is how can swayam be a retard like ur accusing karma for the wrong things and u expect him to be understanding on the other hand rather than apologizing to him u r saying karma is wrong he shud be the one to show his dedication….instead of persuading him and making it all rite by showing how wrong they were he is judging karma….swayam was my favourite but he is loosing his calm :\ :\

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