Sinhasan Battisi 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya searching for ritvik dhaj,ritvik dhaj is then seen in an old fort praying to yoginin to arrive listening to his prayers yogini arrives in front of ritvik dhaj yogini says that they have asked ritvik dhaj not to come here as it may take away his life they request him to go away but ritvik dhaj refuses to go back and agress to bear pain to get gold coins in return. Ritvik dhaj then asks yogini to start beating him raja vikramaditya is still searching where ritvik dhaj is so as to save his life ritvik dhaj then fells down due to pain then a devi comes out of flame offering ritvik dhaj gold coins he asks him to come and take coins but he cant as he is not able to get up raja vikramaditya arrives in the fort and the yoginis and the devi disappears
Back told fort raja bhoj says that ritvik dhaj didn’t get either of the good life he then tells devi sacrifice that sacrifice is considered only when it is earned by self and not by others and asks how does raja vikramaditya helps ritvik dhaj then raja vikramaditya is seen with ritvik dhaj he tells ritvik dhaj to be alive and tells him that he will bring back thegold coins for him and he approaches the flames and suddenly yogini stops him and tells him that he has time till tomorrow morning and if he is late ritvik dhaj will die then in the old fort raja bhoj tells to devi of sacrifice that what raja vikramaditya is doing is right as he himself is great sacrificing personality then devi of sacrifice tells that raja vikramaditya enters the flame and arrives at the suvarndwar where he confronts a big animal and fights with him to survive he then hits hard with his sword on the animal and the animal dies and disappears and arrives a man who welcomes raja vikramaditya intheir empire where raja sees that people are hold hostage and are forced to work and are hit hard physically to earn money rajan asks where he has arrived is this the worl of gold (suvarn lok) The man then tells raja that to earn the gold coins he has to go through the pain and then only he can get that gold coins for which he is here some more soldiers come running and tie cuffs in raja vikramadityas hands the yakshdutts then take raja vikramaditya away into the old fort now devi of sacrifice tell raja bhoj that this how the life is to earn then raja bhoj asks devi of sacrifice tat suvarnlok is mainly for those who are greedy then y raja vikramaditya has to go through this devi of sacrifice tells him that this was raj vikramadityas test to sacrifice his work his anger

Raj vikramaditya holds a butter fly in hand and hopes tat the butterfly will show him way further from that butterfly arrives a devi in front of him

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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