Qubool Hai 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 11th March 2013 Written Update

Ayan calls asad sautela
Asad in tears turns to him ayan closes window and leaves

Shireen decide to plead dilshad
Ayan says asad will not listen to yer
He remembers zo telling about gudiya and decide to find it
Rasia hears this worried

Asad sad tanu comes with guitar asks him to play and come out of his dard
asad plays zindagi ki

Tanu asks him to smile and he sings
Dilshad comes
Tanu Calls truce between them asad hugs dilshad and cries
Zo watches teary eyed the 4 hug

Zo turn to leave tanu holds her makes her join them
Asya eyelock

Rasia calls billo tells herto find gudiya soon

Tanu next day tells dilshad that she liked her kheer
Asad Comes for breakfast
Zo tanu set the table
Tanu says she remembers his choice
Zo says thisreminds her of rahul dravid
Tanu says asad loves jam

Tanu asks where is jam
Najma says he stopped for health reasons
Asad serves bread to tanu
Zo waits if he will serve herbut no
tanu ougs asadgives water
Zo too coughs asad not bothered najma gives water
Asad leaves with tanu zo hurt

Zo spying following asad tanu
They keep discussing childhood and shayari
Zo says she loves shayari and starts a silly one
Asad irritated says her shayaris are silly and they wre speaking of serious shayari whichbshe can’t understand

Billo says gas got over
Tanu offers help zo says she will do
Dilshad asks how she knows when she stayed in usa
Zo says she will use ipad
Tanu says she speaks so sweet
Asad says she speaks over

Zo spills in kitchen
Tanu offers help
zo says she is cleanliness freak
Tanu says she too as she learnt from jammy

Zo says she dhanged fylinder and leaving with najma
So says dilshad loves me a lot and najma yer best buddy
Asad comes but doesnt react
Dilshad going to doc
Tanu tells jamjy to go with dilshad
Asad asks if she will stay alone
Tanu says she has work

Asad offers to drop
Tanu gets call says meeting cahcelled
Billo searching for gudiya
Billo comes to tanu room who gets doubt on ye4
Rasia asks Billo to find doll somehow

Precap :
zo asad tanu dilshad in kitchen
Gas is leaking
Tanu says some weird smell
Dilshad lighhts match stick

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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