Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2013 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th March 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Mohit taking Emily to a side to do all the talking and says how come Emily is here.

Suraj says to Sandhya that she has danced amazingly well in the program, and says he is saying truth and holds her hand for promise, Sandhya shyly tells that everyone will see. Suraj says when she was fighting for Suraj with Bhabo then everyone saw dance then so why she is shying at this stage and smiles.

Emily says to Mohit that why Mohit hasn’t talked with her about their marriage as it is already time and why he told a lie. Mohit said about Bhabo and how he feared that Bhabo will come to know

Emily straightaway asks Mohit whether her religion is posing a problem for her to initiate convo with Bhabo and says if he has so much problems about her being a Christian then why he made her his girlfriend in first place, and cries, says she will herself go and talk with Bhabo if Mohit is fearing so much.

Mohit again pulls Emily back and asks for 24 hours time, says in this 24 hours, he will surely talk about their marriage to Bhabo and asks Emily to have this much faith at least.

Emily says she believes in Mohit and is going to believe whatever he says after all she loves him so much.

Sandhya could only see Emily and heard Emily’s words, she calls her and Emily comes out from the narrow alley, and appears before Sandhya, Sandhya asks her about who her boyfriend was and says as she is here that means her boyfriend is from Hanuman Gali only, and asks her name and details as to why she was crying.

Emily says she has an urgent work and goes away. Mohit goes away also camouflaging him between various people and Sandhya couldn’t spot him

Bhabo and Dhaisa has an argument as they both have decided the same date to have the godvarai rasam for their respective DILs, and both invites all the neighbors.

The neighbors says they are in a fix as they are unsure whose house to go and whose not.
Sandhya suggests a possible solution and says whether both can have the rasam at a fixed place which is common, Bhabo says in her house the rasam will be held, and Dhaisa was resisting it, but the other neighbors are trying to convince her.

At last Dhaisa got convinced and agreed on going over to Bhabo’s house but she made some plans with DIL to do something at Rathi house

At house, Bhabo is busy with the arrangements for the rasam, and makes the necessary preparations. Sandhya is helping her, Bhabo asks her to fetch something from store-room, and Sandhya went to store-room, but couldn’t reach a bag which is kept on the top of an almirah, now Suraj comes and lifts her up a little to do the job properly, but after the job is done and when Sandhya lifts the bag, Suraj lost his balance and fell down over the sacks of food-grains, with Sandhya on top of her.

While in that posture, Sandhya was trying to get up but she fell again as her feet couldn’t grip the floor properly, Suraj now expresses her desire to cut a cake and celebrate on the occasion of their 1st Anniversary, and asks whether she can find some time before 12 o’clock. Sandhya says it will be hectic as Bhabo has given her lots of work but then says she will try to do the work rapidly and find time for him.

Sandhya was again going to get up when she couldn’t, now Chaturi entered the store-room and saw SurYa in that fashion, quickly closed her eyes and left the store-room. Now Suraj gets up and lifts Sandhya.

Sandhya is busy doing works, packing things for Bhabo’s trip to Ajmer, and Suraj is waiting for her impatiently in the balcony and watching the proceedings, wondering when her work will get over.

Sandhya completed all the works and was about to go upstairs when Bhabo asks her to clean the kitchen and Sandhya again went to kitchen and started cleaning it, but got late and the clock is already showing 12:05

Hastily Sandhya went to GG room to find Suraj in a sad mood, and says now what is the use of celebration when the day is already over.

Sandhya praises the arrangement and now in order to make Suraj happy, brings the clock, turns it backwards and makes it show 11:55 and says there is still time left and tries to manofy him by saying that and holding his hand, finally Suraj cools down and both cuts cake together.
SurYa feed each other cake and wishes Happy Anniversary and a SurYa hug ensures.

SurYa, Bhabo and others are in Ajmer and spots Emily lying on the road, unconscious, they all tries reviving her..

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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