Qubool Hai 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and in the hospital
Sanam gets tanveer back to the house, and she expresses her desire to rest and leaves hastily, boggling sanam. sher is about to leave herself, when she is called by rehaan. Rehaan tells sanam that he needs to talk to her urgently. Sanam asks whats the matter. He says that he found something about her parents. rehaan tells her that a mad man near the masjid told him that asad used to stay here only, and was a very nice man. Sanam thanks him, and asks if she can meet him. He says that he would himself take her to meet that person. sanam thanks him profusely by holding his hand. Ahil again gets the wrong message seeing them both

like this and is frustrated, and leaves from there. sanam says that its of great importance to her, this piece of news, and that she is very happy to know so much about her parents, and again thanks him. she leaves. rehaan eyes her emotionally.

Sanam enters the room. Ahil corners sanam, and pins her against the wall, by blocking her, and asks where was she with rehaan again. Sanam shockingly asks him whats he doing, and demands to let go of her. But he doesnt comply, scaring her. She gets angry with ahil’s doubts. she clarifies that she went to the hospital with tanveer. Ahil keeps accusing her. Sanam asks him to go and check from tanveer, and asks him to let go of her hand. ahil says that when rehaan holds, she doesnt want to let go of his hand. sanam is shocked, and says that when a person’s thinking is bad, she cant help it. She says that she doesnt want to talk to him, and he says that he wants to, and holds her still. sanam asks what difference does it make to him, that where is she going, and with whom, and why is he so concerned, as after all what does she mean to him. ahil is shocked to hear this and left speechless. He lets her go, but whgen she is about to leave, he blocks her ways from either side, by placing his hand, and eyes her, while she looks at him angrily, that he is jealous of rehaan, and their increasing friednship. he gets angry at this mention, and says that he is doing this, since tanveer wants them to behave like a couple for the property and he wants to keep her happy. sanam rebukes him, saying that he is acting as if he doesnt care. He says that he does, hence he married a girl like her. she starts venting out her frustration at his stupid choice of girls, and the way they were all over him. he asks the same question from her, asking if she is jealous. she is shocked into silence and forced to think. she composes herself, and asks why would that happen, as this marriage doesnt mean anything to him. He asks what about her. she changes the topic and demands to let go. He complies. He says that its final, that they both dont care for this marrige. sanam speechlessly eyes him. She begins to go, but he catches her and holding her near to him, says that for the world, they have to behave like a couple. Sanam says that right now, there’s noone to see, hence he doesnt need to do this. she leaves angrily.

Tanveer talks on the phone, to Razia, saying that right now, the time has come to put her to sleep, asking her to be very cautious. razia asks tanveer that she doesnt understand one thing, whats going in her mind, and she is puzzled why she chose her. tanveer says that she doesnt trust anyone other than her. She asks razia to administer the injection. Razia asks what would happen with this injection. tanveer says that which didnt happen 20 years ago, and informs her that it contains poison. Razia complies, and asks for the room number. sanam enters and finding her busy on the phone, she comes in and keeps the clothes on the stand. She overhears tanveer giving directions to someone to some particular room. sanam is boggled. razia begins searching for dilshad’s room, and finds it closed. tanveer asks her to open it, also saying that she shouldnt be seen by anyone, and asks her to do only what which she tells her to do. Sanam is puzzled and startled. razia stealthily enters and gets inside, and bolts it back, and finds a patient lying on the bed, draped in the sheet. she eyes the injection ready to administer it. Just then, on her way out, sanam collides into the table, and creates a noise, which prompts tanveer to ask who is it, and when sanam identifies herself, tanveer is frustrated. meanwhile, razia approaches the bed, and decides to see dilshad’s face first and when she takes off the dcrapes, she realises that it isnt dilshad. She is shocked. just then, a nurse comes in, startling her, and she hides the injection. The nurse asks whats she doing here. razia says that she came to see a patient, but entered the wrong room probably. tanveer gets angry at sanam, asking why didnt she knock, before entering. sanam apologises and gives the excuse of her talking on the phone. She tells sanam that she isnt a servant now, and should know such things. she asks her to leave. She gets razia’s call, who tells her that she isnt there. Tanveer is shocked, and asks if she went to the right room. sanam is tensed. tanveer is frustrated, while sanam expresses her concern and asks if she is alright. tanveer asks her to get lost as she was just doing business. sanam asks her not to take tension, as it isnt good for her health. sanam says that dilshad says that if something doesnt happen to her choice, that means its happening according to the lord’s choice. She leaves, but tanveer composes herself, and asks how is her badi ammi now, and expresses her desire to go and see her tomorrow. sanam says that she forgot to tell her that dilshad has already been discharged. Tanveer is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya comes and finds rahat unpacking, and insistently helps him to put his clothes in his wardrobe. As she does so, he eyes her, while she asks him to wear bright red which would look good on him. he says that he doesnt wear such clothes now. She asks him to have a change of clothes. When he denies, she gives the cloth to him, and leaves sadly. Later, she is happy wqhen she finds him coming down in red, the colour that she had chosen. he shyly smiles, while she says that he looks very good. Faiz too sees him and compliments. haya and rahat eye each other.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer composes herself, expresses her happiness, and asks if she is out of coma. sanam tells her that she isnt out yet, but would soon regain her senses. She is pleased and tells sanam, that they can get dilshad to live here, so that she can be nicely taken care of. sanam thanks her and adds that haya has already taken her with herself, along with rahat, in their new house.

Scene 4:
Location: Rahat’s residence
As the nurse attends to dilshad, haya thanks rahat for doing so much for her, as its due to her that she could bring dilshad here.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam expresses her thankfulness, to tanveer, that due to her, dilshad is getting better. She leaves. tanveer is super frustrated with herself. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam tells tanveer what rehaan told her about her parents. Tanveer is irritated and says that she has told several times that she doesnt know anything about her parents and leaves. Sanam wonders how is this possible that they stayed so close and yet tanveer didnt know her parents. Later, Sanam tells latif that she feels if she tried the hardest, she would definitely be able to find out everything about her parents. tanveer overhears this and thinks that sanam is desperate now to find her parents’ secrets, and hence she would have to be stopped somehow, before she goes any futher. Meanwhile, rahat is happy to find from faiz, that he has finally fallen in love with a girl. faiz clarifies that he is in love with haya so much so that he wants to marry her. rahat is distraught, apalled, and shattered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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