Nadaan Parindey 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi giving good news to Mangal that Purab and Minty like each other. Mangal is happy and says he is a good guy. Meher comes to talk to them. She says Nimmi she is doing wrong, as Minty will not be happy with Purab. Nimmi asks whats bad in Purab, every girl would like to marry Purab, he is a respectable officer. Meher says army has suspended him. Mangal says we did not know this. Meher says ask Channi about this. Mangal says end this matter here. Nimmi defends Purab and asks Meher not to interfere in their house matters. Meher says I m telling this for my sister’s good. Nimmi taunts her and says she is jealous of Minty.

Nimmi asks Meher to say whats bad in Purab, what did she see in him. She thinks about Bebe’s words not to tell anyone. Nimmi scolds Meher and asks her to go home. She says Minty will be married only to Purab. Channi asks Purab where did he go, Minty was with you. He says no. She says don’t lie. He says if you know, why are you asking. He asks her to be away from his matters and be silent this time without playing any game. Channi is angry as Nimmi and Minty got after Purab now and did some black magic on him.

Bebe is working at the Dhaba. Bebe tells Hira about Sukhi’s letter, its Baljeet who grew up and is getting married now. Angrez comes and says Sukhi’s son Baljeet got killed. Bebe thinks about Sukhi’s words and cries being shocked. Bebe says she is alone now, he did his roka last week and this happened today, everything is over. Sukhi cries and Bebe comes to meet her. She hugs Sukhi. Meher tells Iqbal how Nimmi said she is jealous of Minty. He asks what happened. She says Purab is taking revenge from Minty and Nimmi is blaming me.

He says Purab was drunk that day. She says how can you tell this, when he did this with your wife, I can’t forget it. He says can we tell anyone. She says I can’t play with Purab’s parents’ respect. She asks him to help her and stop this marriage. He says I don’t want to get into this matter, and you also forget it. She says its about my sister’s life, I won’t let her get into Purab’s trap, I won’t ;et this marriage happen. Purab flirts with Minty on phone. Minty laughs and says she loves him, he has made her mad. Purab sees Meher and makes her hear what Minty is saying.

Meher takes the phone and scolds Minty, asking him not to talk to Purab. She asks Purab to be away from Minty. He asks whats this, you also stay away and now keeping your sister away. He asks her to come to him and he will be away from Minty. Meher scolds him and calls him cheap and shameless, as she is now his brother’s wife. Purab says he is not my brother, you are not married to him, I don’t regard that as marriage, if you were my brother’s wife, even then I would have told you this. You are only mine Meher, only I have right on you.

He says I love you since childhood, why don’t you understand. Meher asks what right, who gave this right. He says I gave this to myself. Purab says I asked Lord to give you to me since you were small, did you not see my love, now you got away and want me not to see anyone else, Minty is dying for me, why should I leave her. He says your sister will pay for everything, I swear on you I will take revenge from Minty. You have kicked me love. Meher says if you have courage, take revenge from me.

Purab smiles and says you can still rectify your mistake. He opens his arms and asks her to come to him, and save Minty. She scolds him and goes to slap. He goes her hand and says you will regret and cry a lot. I won’t pity on you now, you will come to know what Purab is all about. He pushes her and asks her to leave. Meher looks at him.

Bebe asks Iqbal why did he come here. Iqbal asks what will you do knowing it. Bebe aims a gun at him and says I should know your motive as I m killing you.

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